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Food and Fun Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 21 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 Food and Fun Revision Notes with Solutions

Chapter 21 of Class 4 EVS teaches students about the way we eat food. Friends have fun while eating together in a hostel even though the food is not up to the mark. They also rush to the hostel mates who bring homemade food. This chapter also explains how food is made and distributed in Gurudwaras for free. From the Food and Fun summary, you will understand how food binds us and how we enjoy eating with our beloved friends and family.

Get the context of this chapter simplified in the Food and Fun revision notes. These notes are prepared to offer guidance while studying this chapter. It will help you to overcome doubts and formulate accurate answers to exercise questions.

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Summary of Food and Fun

  • This chapter is about having food together at the langar, and Gurudwara’s Langar.

  • In gurudwara, it’s a belief that having food together and working together creates social harmony and peace.

  • A small story of Gurnoor will help us to understand this more.

Story of Manpreet and Family

  • Gurnoor met his friends Divya and Swastik who came back from hostels.

  • They all headed to Gurudwara with Gurnoor to meet his parents.

  • All the way to the Gurudwara, the kids were chatting.

In the Gurudwara

  • They cover their heads there.

  • They entered the Gurudwara's kitchen.

  • There was a lot of activity going on there. Huge vessels were used to cook the food.

  • The Channa and urad dal were boiling on one side.

  • The cauliflower and potato vegetables were prepared in a separate vessel.

  • Manjit Singh, Gurnoor’s father was preparing kadhah prasad.

  • In a big kadhai, roasting the flour in ghee takes a lot of effort.

  • Manpreet and Gurnoor’s mother was rolling Chapatis. 

  • Everyone in the Gurudwara helps and contributes to the langar.

  • Everyone picked up their plate and placed it in a large drum after finishing their meal.

  • Those who were serving ate at the end of the meal.

  • They sanitized the area and washed the dishes.

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Image: Food making in Gurudwara

The Theme of the Chapter

  • The main theme of the chapter is to show the importance of unity.

  • Teamwork can make anything possible

  • Langar at Gurudwara is for everyone.

  • Having food together brings happiness and prosperity.

Practice Questions

Q1. Fill in the blanks:

  • _________and ___________ had come from the Boarding school.

Ans: Divya and Swastik

  • The Kadhah Prasad is a kind of ___________.

Ans: Halwa

  •  ____________ was making Kadhah Prasad.

Ans: Manjeet Singh

  • The vegetable of ___________ and ______________.

Ans: Cauliflower and Potato

Q2. Name the ingredients used to make Kadhah Prasad.

Ans: To make Kadhah Prasad we need flour, ghee, and sugar.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 Food and Fun

Chapter 21 is about eating food with friends. It starts with friends visiting another friend’s house. They went back to their homes from the boarding school. They start discussing the food in the hostel. It is not on par with the homemade food but eating with friends has a different charm.

The kids were happy to visit a Gurudwara. They found people are cooking food for others. Some are making chapattis and some making curry. Everyone in the Gurudwara was happy to work together. All were cooking and eating together and participating in the holy cause.

This chapter intrigues the students to think of the way food is prepared every day in the holy place of Sikhs. It also explains how people work here as a team to selflessly cook food and eat together. Learn what type of dishes are prepared in this place of worship from this chapter.

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Jump into the fun world of Vedantu's notes for Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 - "Food and Fun." Created by super smart teachers, these notes make "Food and Fun" super easy to understand. Learn about yummy foods, where they come from, and how they make celebrations awesome! Explore why different foods are important and discover the cool side of knowing about healthy eating. With these notes, getting ready for studies is super easy, and you'll become a pro in understanding the fantastic world of "Food and Fun" in no time!

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FAQs on Food and Fun Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 21 (Free PDF Download)

1. Who serves the food in Gurudwaras?

The people who come to worship in the Gurudwara cook the food there. They serve and eat together with other pilgrims. It is a ritual that has been practised for centuries in these holy places of Sikhs.

2. Does everyone contribute to a Gurudwara?

Everyone visiting a Gurudwara will contribute in every way possible. Some arrange the cooking material, some donate money and some cook different types of food for others to eat.

3. What exciting things will I learn in Class 4 EVS Chapter 21 - "Food and Fun"?

In this chapter, you'll discover the amazing world of different foods, where they come from, and how they add joy to celebrations. It's like a delicious journey into the world of tasty treats and fun!

4. Why is it important to understand the connection between "Food and Fun"?

Understanding how food adds joy to our celebrations and daily lives helps us appreciate the importance of healthy eating. It's like discovering the secret recipe for staying happy and energized!

5. How can the notes from Vedantu's NCERT Solutions help me in learning about "Food and Fun"?

The notes are like friendly guides created by smart teachers. They make understanding "Food and Fun" super easy, breaking down tricky parts. These notes help you prepare for studies efficiently, making the exciting world of food and fun simple and fun to explore!