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Anita and the Honeybees Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Exam - Focused Revision Notes for CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 - Anita and the Honeybees

Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 is the story of a brave girl named Anita. She wanted to study at school and gather knowledge. Her parents were against this idea. She eventually went to school and made it on her own. This story tells us that if we have dedication and perseverance, we can do anything. Anita was a strong-willed girl who used her school education to make her living. Read Anita and the Honeybees summary on Vedantu.

Get a detailed explanation of this chapter and understand its context from Anita and the Honeybees revision notes. These notes are prepared by our subject experts at Vedantu to offer proper guidance to students in preparing this chapter for the exams.

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Access Class 4 Environmental Studies Chapter 5: Anita and the Honeybees Notes

Summary of Anita and the Honeybees

  • The chapter Anita and the honeybees summarise that there was a girl named Anita Kushwaha (Girl star) who lived in Bochaha village, Bihar.

  • She lives with her parents and two younger brothers and also finished college. 

  • She used to teach the young children and also keep a honeybee.

  • She struggled to go to school and convinced her father of the same. 

  • Her father has a mindset like girls should not go to school.

  • At a certain stage, Anita started to teach other children and paid the fees for her education. 

  • She also convinced the parents of other children and explained the importance of education.

  • Anita one day even started beekeeping. 

  • She undertook a government course on beekeeping. 

  • She found out that October to December is suitable for beekeeping since bees lay their eggs during this period.

  • Anita’s parents also helped her a lot with beekeeping whenever Anita had to go to college. 

  • Apart from this Anita used to go to meetings in her village so as to create awareness among the people about the significance of education.

Anita and the Honeybees

  • This chapter talks about the true story of a girl called Anita (Girl star) in the Bochaha village, Muzaffarpur district, Bihar.

  • Anita was accompanied by her parents and two younger brothers. After so much struggle and endurance, she convinced her parents and started to go to school.

  • Anita’s father had a conventional mindset of girls should not go to school. 

  • She studied in college. She also keeps honeybees.

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A Dream of School

  • One fine day Anita went to school and sat in a classroom silently. After which she was very much interested to learn.

  • She gathered the courage and went home to talk to her parents about the same. 

  • One of her teachers from the school explained to her parents why it is important to study.

  • Somehow her parents agreed with her and the next day Anita started to go to school. 

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Staying in School

  • Till class 6, Anita need not spend her money. But for further studies she needs money. 

  • Her parents were not able to give her the money and told her to stop going to school.

  • Upon which Anita begins to teach other young children. With the help of this money, she was able to study further.

  • Even her parents started to understand her dream and helped her a lot.

From School to bee-keeping

  • The village in which Anita lived had a lot of litchi trees to which honey bees are attracted.

  • Anita had an idea for bee-keeping. So, she took a government course on bee-keeping.

  • Honeybees deposit their eggs from October to December, according to my research. The finest moment to start beekeeping was now.

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Becoming a Bee-keeper

  • After the course completion, Anita started to keep her own bees.

  • With the money she got from teaching other children, she used to buy boxes for keeping bees.

  • With the balance amount, she will buy sugar for making syrup and medicines to clean the beehives.

  • Apart from all the above works, Anita used to attend all the village meetings and talk about the importance of education.

  • She even wanted to become a wholesaler so that she could help the villagers to get the right amount for the honey they make.

The Theme of the Chapter

This chapter teaches us about the following topics:

  • The chapter talks about the girl Anita and her dream to go to school.

  • It tells how Anita struggled and convinced her parents to go to school.

  • It discusses how Anita teaches other children to compensate for her fees for school.

  • The chapter emphasizes the importance of education.

  • The chapter also talks about how Anita did beekeeping.





An institution for the education of youngsters.


Honey bees are flies that obtain pollen and nectar for the entire colony's diet and pollinate plants in the process.


A government is a collection of individuals or an agency that looks after or administers a country or state.


Education encompasses both the act of passing on knowledge to others and the process of receiving it from others.

Interesting Fact

  • The RTE ACT 2009 has a number of benefits, one of which is educational equality.

  • RTE is abbreviated as RTE (Right to Education).

  • Every child from 6 to 14 years old has the right to free and compulsory education.

  • It is critical to raise educational standards.

  • The Right to Education Act of 2009 prohibits all forms of discrimination based on gender, caste, class, and religion, as well as screening procedures for children's admission to capitation fee-paying schools.

  • The Right to Education Act of 2009 calls for the creation of a curriculum that ensures each child's holistic development. Enhance a child's understanding, human potential, and talent.

Practice Questions 

Q1: How much money did you spend on your books this year?

Ans: I spend almost Rs. 5000 each year on books.

Q2: What kind of school uniform would you like to wear?

Ans: I would like to wear a pink Pino form, pink pants, white socks, black shoes, and a jacket.

Q3: Do you know someone who wanted to study, but could not do so? Talk about them in class.

Ans: Yes, I know a young girl who lives in the neighborhood. Selvi is his name. She desired to study but was unable to do so owing to family issues. She needed to work in order to make ends meet. Although child labor is illegal in our county, her situation is unique. She had to take on the responsibility of caring for her family at such a young age.

Solved Examples 

Q1: Have you seen any insects near flowers? Find out their names and write.

Ans: Yes, I've noticed insects in the vicinity of flowers. Butterflies and honeybees are the species.

Q2: Why do you think they come to the flowers? Find out.

Ans: They visit the blooms to gather the nectar that the blossoms produce.

Q3: When honey bees fly, there is a kind of sound. Can you try to copy this sound?
Ans: Yes, when they fly, they make a buzzing sound, which we can try to imitate.

Q4: Is honey used in your house? What is it used for?

Ans: Yes, honey is being used to sweeten foods in my house. Honey and bread are my favorite foods. In addition, my father consumes one spoonful of honey each morning to maintain his health.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita and the Honeybees

The story pivots about a small girl named Anita. She wanted to go to school but her parents did not want their girl child to attend one. She was adamant. One day, sneaked inside a school and understood how beautiful it is inside. Studying with friends and enjoying gathering knowledge is something marvellous.

After long persuasion, her parents agreed. She studied in the school and reached Class VI. She provided tuition to young boys and girls to earn money and continued her studies. She grew up and started campaigning for the other girls in the village. She wanted them to go to school like her and become independent.

Eventually, she learned to rear bees and invested in apiculture. Her journey from school to apiculture and being independent is motivating. To understand the inner meaning and moral of this story, refer to the revision notes. Find out the uses of honey for Class 4 and other fundamental concepts covered in the chapter to answer questions easily.

Benefits of Anita and the Honeybees Worksheets and Revision Notes

  • A concise presentation of the entire chapter along with a summary in simple language will help you study this chapter easily.

  • Learn how the small girl crossed all the hurdles to become independent in this story. Find the answers to questions such as two uses of honey for Class 4 from these revision notes.

  • Learn several new things about apiculture and honey. Find out the different colours of honey from these notes. Learn how to draw a picture of honey bee from the chapter using these notes.

  • Solve the worksheets and check your understanding of this chapter.

Download Anita and the Honeybees Worksheets and Revision Notes PDF

Download the free PDF of Anita and the Honeybees Class 4 EVS worksheets answers and make your study sessions more productive. Learn how our experts have brilliantly answered the questions to help you score well in the exams. Use these PDF files at your convenience to complete preparing this chapter before the exam.

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Vedantu's Anita and the Honeybees Class 4 Notes for CBSE EVS Chapter 5 offer an invaluable resource for young learners. The free PDF download provides comprehensive and engaging content, allowing students to grasp the importance of honeybees in our ecosystem. Through Anita's captivating journey with the honeybees, children gain insights into environmental conservation, biodiversity, and the significance of pollination. The notes facilitate a deeper understanding of the interdependence between humans and nature. Vedantu's commitment to making education accessible to all is commendable, as these notes empower students to excel in their studies while fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

FAQs on Anita and the Honeybees Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

1. What is the rearing of honeybees called?

The rearing of honeybees is called apiculture. It can be seen mostly in the villages where there is an abundance of trees and flowers.

2. What did Anita do after completing Class 5 studies?

She taught students of lower classes to earn and continue studying. She wanted to become independent and it was her first step.

3. What do we learn from Anita and the Honeybees?

We learned that Anita is a strong-willed girl. She always wanted to be independent and education gave her the wings. She went to college and started earning by rearing bees.

4. What are some of the things that you learn about bees from the chapter?

You learn that bees are very important insects for the environment. They help to pollinate flowers, which is essential for plant reproduction. You also learn that bees are social insects and they live in colonies.

5. Where can I find the PDF of the chapter?

The PDF of the chapter is available for free download on the Vedantu website. You can also find it on other websites that offer free PDF downloads of NCERT textbooks.