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Reaching Grandmother’s House Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

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Reaching Grandmother’s House Revision Notes and Worksheets For Complete Preparation

Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmother’s House explains about the last phase of the travel journal of Omana. She was writing this journal for her friend Radha. Both of them were supposed to go for a vacation in Kerala but Radha met with an accident. This part of the journal describes how Omana reached her grandmother’s house. She took an auto-rickshaw, a bus, a boat, and to reach a small island. Get Reaching Grandmothers House summary from the revision notes compiled by the experts.

These revision notes for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 will help you comprehend the entire journey after getting off the train. Find out what type of vehicles she used to reach her grandmother’s house. Complete your study material by adding these Reaching Grandmothers House revision notes today.

Download CBSE Class 4 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Access Class 4 Environmental Studies Chapter 8: Reaching Grandmother’s house Notes

Summary of reaching Grandmother’s House

  • This chapter describes how two best friends, Omana and Radha, were looking forward to a train journey to Kerala. 

  • Omana took her family to her grandmother's house, and Radha took the family on vacation.

  • Radha’s family had to cancel her vacation due to an unexpected accident with her, which broke her right leg and was stuck for six months. 

  • The incident disappointed two best friends because there were so many plans for the trip. 

  • Radha’s mother suddenly came up with a great idea. She encouraged Omana to keep a diary throughout the tour and elaborate on all the incidents. As a result, when Omana returns, Radha can read her diary and never miss a train. 

  • Omana kept her promise to Radha and wrote about all the little things she saw and experienced on her train journey.

  • In this chapter, Omana talks about how she reached her grandmother’s house from the railway station.

Omana’s Journey (17th Night)

  • Omana, Unni, and their parents reached Kottayam. They went to Valiyamma’s house using an auto-rickshaw.

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Image: Auto-rickshaw

  • Omana was too tired because of the trip and went to sleep after taking a bath and did not eat anything.

  • After a little sleep, Omana’s and Valiyamma’s families started to go to Omana’s grandmother’s house by bus.

  • Since the bus was too crowded, they shared their seats. At last, Omana thought she reached her Ammumma’s place but the bus dropped them along the riverside.

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Image: Bus

  • There came a boat (ferry) which was used to carry people along the riverside and drop them on the opposite side of the river.

  • People have to pay the fare to get a ride on the ferry. Once the ferry became full, it started to take off.

  • Omana did not get a seat to sit but she found a place along the railing. Along the river, there were coconut trees on both sides of the river.

  • Along the river banks, some people are fishing, washing clothes, and bathing.

  • Just before it became dark, the ferry reached the Island.  At last, Omana reached her Ammumma’s place.

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Image: Ferry

Railway Time table

  • The railway timetable displays the information regarding route and fare of every train.

  • It includes the departure and arrival of all trains and the distance covered by the train.

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Image: Railway timetable

The Chapter's Central Theme is:

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

  • This chapter describes your friends Omana and Radha’s vacation in Kerala. 

  • It explains how Radha’s breach prevented her from participating in her journey. 

  • It explains how Omana kept a diary of her journey for Radha to read and enjoy. 

  • This chapter emphasizes the value of the friendship between Omana and Radha. 

  • In this specific chapter, Omana talks about how she got to her grandmother's house.

Practice question

Q1: Omana travelled by different kinds of transport after she got down from the train. Can you remember what these were?

Ans: Once Omana reached the Kottayam railway station, she took an auto-rickshaw to go to Valiyamma’s place. Then she took a bus to travel to the river. Finally, she took a ferry to go to her grandmother’s house.

Q2: On which vehicles have you travelled?

Ans: I have travelled by auto, train, bus, boat, scooter, bicycle, car, metro, aeroplane, etc.

Q3: Which ride did you enjoy the most? Why?

Ans: I always used to enjoy a bike ride.

Q4: Omana left Ahmedabad on 16 May. How many hours did it take for her to reach Ammumma’s place?

Ans: Omana ported Ahmedabad on 16 May at 11: 45 am and got to her Ammumma’s place on 17 May at 11: 30 pm. It took 36 hours for Omana to reach Ammumma’s place.


Solved examples

Q1: Have you ever been on a long journey? Where did you go?

Ans: Yes. I have been on a long journey which took more than 15 hours. I went from my native (Chennai) to Tirunelveli.

Q2: Sometimes we need to buy tickets to enter a place. Can you think of such places?

Ans: We need to get a ticket for going to places like the zoo, cinema, etc.


Importance of CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmothers House

This chapter is the continuation of Omana’s train journey. This is the last phase of the travel journal she was making for her friend Radha. She got off the train with her family and took an auto-rickshaw. After completing the first phase of the road journey, her family boarded a bus and reached the seashore.

They then took a boat to reach a nearby island. Her grandmother lives on an island with other families. The last phase of her journey was fascinating. It depicts the use of different means of transport. Every sentence in this chapter contains the information about what Omana experienced after getting off the train with her family.

Focus on how she wrote everything she experienced on the way to her grandmother’s house. Use the revision notes to jot down her experiences so that you can answer the fundamental questions easily.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Reaching Grandmothers House PDF Worksheets and Revision Notes

  • Download the free PDF versions to study this chapter better. Refer to the notes made by the experts by maintaining the CBSE Class 4 standards. Understand every aspect of her journey to her grandmother’s house after de-boarding the train.

  • Find out the answers to all fundamental questions related to the comprehension part of this chapter. Get my grandmothers house lesson plan and make your study schedules more productive.

  • Proceed to solve the worksheet provided with the revision notes and make your preparation better. Learn how the experts have answered the questions in these worksheets. It will help you to formulate answers on your own.

Download Reaching Grandmothers House Worksheet and Revision Notes

Get the free PDF versions of these notes and worksheets to complete your study material. Study the easier version of the notes to understand this chapter well. Resolve doubts on your own and evaluate your skills by solving the worksheets. It will help you to score well in the exams.

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Vedantu's free PDF notes on CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 8, "Grandmother’s House," provide a valuable educational resource for young learners exploring the intricate relationship between humans and the environment. These notes align seamlessly with the CBSE curriculum, offering clear explanations and insights into the chapter's themes. Vedantu's commitment to quality education is evident in these notes, which simplify complex environmental concepts and foster a sense of environmental responsibility among students. By utilizing these CBSE Class 4 Notes, students not only enhance their environmental knowledge but also develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the need for sustainable living. These notes serve as a foundation for instilling eco-consciousness and responsible citizenship in young minds.

FAQs on Reaching Grandmother’s House Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

1. Where did Omana’s grandmother live?

Omana’s grandmother lived on a distant island in Kerala. It took three different means of transport to reach her grandmother’s house after getting off the train. The last part of the journey was a fascinating board ride.

2. Why did Omana write all her experiences of the journey?

In Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 Reaching Grandmother’s House, Omana’s friend Radha was supposed to join her on the Kerala trip with her family. But unfortunately, Radha fractured her leg in a bicycle accident. She had to cancel the trip and had to stay home to rest. Therefore, Omana’s mother gave her the idea to write down a travel journal for her friend.

3. Where did the boat take Omana?

The boat ferried Omana and her family to a nearby island.

4. Where can I find and download these Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 notes for free in PDF format?

Students may inquire about the source or website where they can conveniently access and download these notes in PDF format.

5. Do these notes cover all the key concepts and topics in Chapter 8 comprehensively?

Students might wonder if these notes provide a thorough understanding of the chapter's environmental themes and concepts.

6. Are these notes suitable for self-study, or should I use them alongside my textbook?

Many students ask whether these notes are designed for self-study or if they should be used as supplementary resources alongside their EVS textbook.

7. Do these notes include practical examples or activities related to the environmental concepts covered in the chapter?

Students often seek to know if the notes include practical examples or activities to reinforce their understanding of environmental science.

8. Can these notes be helpful for preparing for exams effectively?

Students may inquire whether using these notes can contribute to better exam preparation and academic performance in EVS.