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Spicy Riddles Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 25 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Learn the Importance of Spices for Dishes with Class 4 EVS Spicy Riddles Revision Notes

For students of Class 4, EVS Chapter 25 is quite an interesting read. Spicy Riddles, the chapter is in the form of a poem written through the eyes of spices. It represents how spices are important in making dishes, giving a sense of aroma and rich taste. From cumin to cloves, and other items, the poem is quite interesting. The poem's upbeat tone and amusing verses will make learning even more enjoyable for kids. Moreover, Spicy Riddles revision notes created by Vedantu’s subject experts make the process easy and handy to understand. After learning the poem, you might have a thought about ‘let us try making a spicy potato chaat’.

However, for some students, it is quite difficult to understand the theme and revise for the exam. To assist students of types of intellectual capability, Vedantu offers a Spicy Riddles summary providing complete information in a crisp manner. The entire revision notes and summary is created as per the NCERT standards which can be very fruitful.

Download CBSE Class 4 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Access Class 4 Environmental Studies Chapter 25: Spicy Riddles Notes

Summary of Spicy Riddles

  • This chapter helps us to know about different kinds of spices present in our surroundings.

  • In this chapter, spices have given riddles and we must solve the riddles to get the correct name of the spices. 

  • Also, this chapter explains the recipe for making aloo chaat.

Red Chilli

  • I can be finely powdered.

  • To make food spicy and hot,

  • If there's too much of me, it'll be too much.

  • I make you gasp – shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Your eyes and nose start to tear up.

  • And you weep!

  • Think about it and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

(image will be uploaded soon)


  • Granny mixes me in oil to make your meal seem yellow, so grind and powder me.

  • I heal all wounds - big and tiny – swiftly when applied to them, which is why I am so popular!

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  • Think about it and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

Black Pepper

  • When I'm whole, I'm small and round like a pearl, and I'm black.

  • I might be finely powdered or coarsely powdered.

  • My taste is intense and spicy; whether salty or sweet, I am added as a special treat; think and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

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  • I'm a skinny young man.

  • When I'm roasted, I'm brown and black, and when I'm added to heated oil and ghee, I spread my scent all over the place.

  • Curd and jaljeera are two of my favourite foods.

  • Think about it and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

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Fennel Seed (Saunf)

  • Though I am green, I resemble Zeera.

  • I always aim to keep your stomach healthy.

  • You will notice that when you eat me after your meal, I refresh your mouth.

  • Think about it and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

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  • I have the appearance of a nail, yet I am a bud, with a chocolate brown colour and a powerful odour.

  • I relieve the pain in your mouth when your toothache makes you scream.

  • Think about it and tell me who I am.

  • Please tell me who I am in a hurry.

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Activity to Recognize the Species

To class, bring some whole spices. In the table, write their names. Close your eyes and try to smell and touch each spice one at a time to identify it. Put a (tick) in front of the ones you're familiar with. Put a (cross) next to any you don't recognise.



Name of the Spice









Name of the Spice



Uneven surface








Uneven surface








Uneven surface


Let’s try making a spicy potato chaat


  • You'll need boiled potatoes for this, enough for everyone in the class.

  • To taste, add salt, red chilly powder, mango powder (Amchur), or lemon juice.

  • If feasible, roasted cumin seeds (zeera), black salt, and garam masala.

  • Coriander leaves, fresh

Procedure for Making

  • Cut the boiling potatoes into tiny pieces after peeling them.

  • To taste, season with salt, red chilli powder, mango powder, or lemon juice. 

  • Add some roasted cumin seeds, black salt, and coriander powder to your chaat to make it even more wonderful. 

  • At the end, a pinch of garam spice can be added. 

  • Mix the potatoes thoroughly. 

  • Hurrah! Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. 

  • It's time to devour your hot chaat!

Word Meanings

  1. Spice: Generally speaking, a spice is any seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant material that is used to flavour or colour food.

  2. Weep: shed tears

  3. Grind: Crush something to make it into tiny pieces or powder.

  4. Pearl: a hard, lustrous mass that forms inside the shell of a pearl oyster or another bivalve mollusc and is highly prized as a gem. It is typically white or bluish-grey.

  5. Coarsely: into hefty, erratic-shaped pieces

Practice Questions

Fill in the blanks:

  •  ___________ is used to make the food look yellow.

Ans: Turmeric 

  •  ____________ is small and round like a pearl.

Ans: Black pepper

  •  _________ keeps the stomach healthy.

Ans: Saunf

  •  _________ looks like a nail.

Ans: Clove

  •  __________ has many gardens of spices.

Ans: Kerala 

Answer the Following:

  1. Why spices are added to the food?

Ans: Spices are used to add colour, flavour and taste to the food.

  1. Which spice brings water in your eyes and nose? Why?

Ans: Red chilli brings water in my eyes and nose when it is added in large quantities as it makes food hot and spicy.

  1. Which spice is used for healing wounds? How?

Ans: Turmeric is used for healing wounds. When turmeric mixed with oil is applied in wounds, they heal quickly.

Importance of Class 4 EVS Chapter 25 Spicy Riddles Worksheet

Chapter 25, which is in the form of a poem, is something that is quite interesting for students to understand the importance of spices. Spices are important ingredients when it comes to cooking any items, including curry. The poem defines how these spices, especially cloves, are very important health-wise. Having spice-less dishes isn't the right way to prepare food and it becomes tasteless. Black pepper, red chilli, cardamom, and other such spices don't just add taste but amazing aroma. Overall, Spicy Riddles defines no food as complete without any of the spices mentioned.

Students in Class 4 learning the EVS subject will not only find this poetry relatable, but will also be able to grasp the content of the poem quickly. The Spicy Riddles class 4 EVS worksheet is created in an exceedingly precise and organised manner. It will allow students to gain a lot of knowledge using these notes. The experts' primary goal at Vedantu is to ensure that students understand each chapter and that they do not miss anything. As a result, these revision notes are ideal for achieving that goal.

Benefits of Using Vedantu’s Spicy Riddles Revision Notes

The Spicy Riddles summary and notes are created by Vedantu's subject matter experts keeping in mind the need for efficient study for students. Some benefits that students will get by reading Spicy Riddles revision notes are as follows:

  • You can revise the chapter early on with the notes instead of having to re-learn the full lesson from the start. This will be extremely beneficial to you while you prepare for your exams.

  • In case you miss attending the lesson teaching session, the revision notes will be enough to explain the chapter as well as decode complex terms and questions in the exercises.

  • At the end of the chapter, try the key Spicy Riddles question-and-answer exercises and cross-check your answers with the worksheet.

Download Spicy Riddles Class 4 EVS PDF Online

If you want to get sufficient help in completing questions and answers, then download the Spicy Riddles class 4 EVS PDF file from Vedantu. With the detailed summary offered in the revision notes, you can easily memorise the chapter and achieve good exam scores by answering questions correctly.


NCERT Solutions are vital for Class 4 exam prep. Begin by reading the chapter, then solve NCERT questions for Class 4 Chapter 25 - "Spicy Riddles." Detailed solutions on Vedantu, following CBSE guidelines, are available for free download. Explore "Spicy Riddles" to unravel the secrets behind aromatic wonders and get an appreciation for spices. Young learners discover the flavorful roles of spices, making the chapter delightful. It encourages curiosity and sensory exploration, making learning about spices fun for Class 4 students. Vedantu's expert-reviewed answers guide exam preparation, ensuring a tasty and successful journey through "Spicy Riddles."

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FAQs on Spicy Riddles Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 25 (Free PDF Download)

1. When to use the revision notes for Class 4 EVS Chapter 25?

Once you complete studying Chapter 25 Class 4 EVS, you can begin studying the revision notes to learn more about the chapter's details. It will make it easier to remember essential concepts and themes, and understand important meanings.

2. What is Chapter 25 Spicy Riddles all about?

The Spicy Riddles is all about different spices found in India and how they are not limited to cooking, but also beneficial for health purposes. Without these spices, food doesn't have that taste.

3. How interesting is this Spicy Riddles poem?

What makes this Spicy Riddles poem interesting is the way how it is presented. Each stanza is presented from the point of view of spices and how they are used.

4. What will I learn from Class 4 EVS Chapter 25 - "Spicy Riddles"?

In this chapter, you'll dive into the aromatic world of spices through intriguing riddles. Discover the secrets behind different spices, their flavours, and the roles they play in our daily lives, fostering a fun and flavorful learning experience.

5. Why are spices important to learn about in "Spicy Riddles"?

Learning about spices in "Spicy Riddles" helps young learners appreciate the variety of flavours and understand how spices enhance our food. It encourages sensory exploration, fostering an early understanding of diverse tastes and their roles in daily cooking.