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Chuskit Goes to School Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 27 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Make Your Learning Interesting with Class 4 Hindi Chuskit Goes to School Revision Notes

Class 4 Hindi Chapter 27 Chuskit Goes to School introduces students to Chuskit and also to learn about the difficulties faced by her to reach school which is across the river. It shows how Chuskit’s friends and headmaster, along with Abdul help her to reach school by bringing a wheelchair. It further states, how she dreams of going to school like other friends and learning to score good grades. The Chuskit goes to school summary gives students an overall idea about this class 4 chapter with proper explanation.

The Chuskit goes to school revision notes are designed as per the guidelines of NCERT. Due to the simplified descriptions provided in these notes, students will have an easier time understanding the ideas. These notes also include Chuskit goes to school worksheets to complete in order to assess your understanding abilities.

Download CBSE Class 4 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Summary of Chuskit Goes to School

  • Chuskit is a ten years old girl who is unable to walk.

  • She saw the other children playing on their way to school.

  • She wanted to go to school but she could not as her wheelchair could not move on the uneven road.

  • Her friend Abdul had a good idea and they made a plan so that Chuskit could bring her wheelchair on the road.

  • Leveling on the road was done by one group while the other group made the area near the river even.

  • They made a small bridge with flat pieces of wood so that Chuskit could cross the river in her wheelchair.

  • Chuskit had a special day when she went to the school for the first time.

Chuskit’s Dream

  • Chuskit is a ten years old girl but she had never gone to school before.

  • It has been her dream.

  • She belonged to the Skitpo Pul village.

  • Her school was not very far from her home.

  • She could reach the school by just walking on the big road then along the lake and crossing the river.

  • She could not use her legs since birth.

Chuskit chair

Chuskit Chair

  • Chuskit used to spend her day sitting by the window and drawing pictures.

  • She was happy when she was drawing.

  • One day her father brought a wheelchair and it made Chuskit very happy. She quickly learned how to sit on it and move it. 

  • Now Chuskit could come outside of her house on her own.

  • She saw other children playing and going to school, which made her sad as she could not move her wheelchair on the uneven road.

  • She was very eager to go to school and study and play with other children.

A Good Idea

  • Her friend Abdul explained Chuskit’s situation to the school teachers and made a plan so that Chuskit could come to school.

  • Everyone wanted to help Chuskit come to school.

  • They planned to level the uneven road.

  • To cross the river, they made a small bridge with flat wood.

  • All the work was completed by the evening.

  • Chuskit was very happy her dream would finally come true.

Solved Examples

1. Who all helped Chuskit to reach school?

Ans: Abdul, the Headmaster, teachers, and children of the school helped Chuskit in reaching school.

2. If you were Abdul what would you have done?

Ans: I would have done the same thing that Abdul did.

3. At last, Chuskit could reach school. Do you think that she may face some difficulties in school? What kind of difficulties? If you were Chuskit’s friend, how would you help her?

Ans: Yes, I believe she would face difficulties, such as moving up and down stairs. She will be unable to play like other children. I would assist her in getting around and would support her in any way I could.

4. Do you have ramps in your school on which a wheelchair can move?

Ans: No, we do not have such ramps. But, a wheelchair can move on the verandah and the roads around the garden in the school.

Practice Questions

1. Do you know any child near your house who cannot go to school because of some difficulty? 

Ans: Yes, one of the children who lives nearby does not attend school due to his blindness.

2. Would you like to help such a child? How will you help?

Ans: Yes, I would definitely like to help such a child. I'd like to convince his parents to send him to the blind school. I would read him lessons and stories.

Important Points to Remember

  • We should always lend a helping hand to those in need.

  • We should encourage our friends when they are sad.

  • We should not treat children with difficulties in a different way. We should ensure that they are treated the same way as normal children.

Importance of NCERT Class 4 Chuskit Goes to School Notes

This chapter created by Vedantu introduces students to a young girl who is physically handicapped and wants to study in school but is unable to reach. Students will also get to learn more about how one can stay positive about going to school and learning.

Further, the chapter defines how one can fulfill dreams to achieve something in life. Chuskit dream is of going to school which is across the river and want to study. To help Chuskit to reach school her friend, teacher, Abdul, and headmaster help in getting her the wheelchair sitting in which she can reach her school. Like Chuskit there are other students too who want to achieve, and this chapter will help such kids to follow their dreams and be confident.

Benefits of Using Vedantu’s Chuskit Goes to School Class 4 Notes:

To grasp the real context of the chapter, look for the simplest explanation created in the summary by subject experts. Learn about how to gain confidence right from a small age, also people help Chuskit to reach school. This chapter works as the groundwork for students to understand and practice. Make use of chuskit goes to school class 4 notes as needed to make your study time more productive. Some other benefits are-

  • Use the revision notes to help you understand these topics and to answer any issues you may have. 

  • You can examine how the experts finely explained the parts to come up with your own responses.

  • You can even download the Chuskit goes to a school pdf file so you can study and practice anytime you need.

Download Class 4 Chuskit Goes to School pdf

With Vedantu, you can download Chuskit goes to school pdf for free, as well as exercises to assess your abilities. Prepare this chapter using the notes as a guide and outperform your peers. Follow the descriptions provided by the topic specialists to effortlessly learn about how Chuskit is keen on going to study.

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FAQs on Chuskit Goes to School Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 27 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why you should learn Class 4 Hindi chapter Chuskit goes to school?

One of the reasons to read this chapter and learn from its notes is to see how a small girl who is unable to walk, wants to go to school and study. However, her friend Abdul, Headmaster, teachers, and children help her to reach the school. Chuskit chair is a big support in helping her to reach the school and sit to learn.

2. Are there many kids like Chuskit who face issues attending school?

Yes, there are kids like Chuskit who are unable to walk and find it hard to attend school. It is important to help such kids and get their education done.

3. Was Chuskit able to fulfill her dreams?

Yes, she was able to fulfill her dream of attending school.