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CBSE Class 4 English Revision Notes 2023 - 24

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 4 Chapter-wise English Notes - Free PDF Download

Class 4 English has vivid chapters based on the marvellous work of famous authors, poets, and story writers. These chapters need the utmost attention from the students to prepare. This is where the concise CBSE English Notes Class 4 will be very useful. These notes are compiled by the experts following the latest syllabus. Students will find out the simpler version of the contexts of the chapters and will be able to prepare the chapters faster.

The 4th standard English notes PDF copies provided by Vedantu are an excellent resource that will surely help students in CBSE Class 4 reach their English preparation goals. These revision notes have been created by our subject matter experts who have looked particularly into the simplicity of language and ease of understanding for kids in Class 4.


Any good revision resource should cater to students’ need for clarity and retention. The easy-to-download PDF format is a plus. Students who study these CBSE Class 4 English revision notes will definitely have a greater chance of scoring desirably in their English exams.

Detailed Overview of Class 4 English Revision Notes





Number of Chapters:

  • Marigold Chapters - 9

  • Marigold Poems - 9


Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:




Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • NCERT Solutions

Download CBSE Class 4 English Chapter-wise Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

The following table shows the chapter-wise solutions for Class 4 CBSE English Marigold textbook and the revision notes related to each individual unit and its chapters. We would request students to go through the syllabus properly to have an idea of how they should go about studying and revising for their upcoming English exam. You can also download the notes, chapter-wise, from the links given below.

CBSE Class 4 English Revision Notes - Free PDF Download

English Grammar Notes for Class 4 - Syllabus

The following is the syllabus for Class 4 English grammar: 

Sl. No.

Name of Topic












Conjunction, Preposition, and Interjection








Prefix and Suffix


Silent letters


Vowels and Consonants




Story Writing


Antonym and Synonym




People and their work


Family relation to vocabulary


Degree of comparison




Features of Class 4 English Revision Notes

The following are some of the features of the Class 4 Revision Notes for English. 

  • Students can easily read and understand the concepts that have been laid down in an easy language.

  • These notes cover all the lessons, from poetry to Class 4 English grammar.

  • Some interesting images and illustrations in these revision notes make English learning easy for kids.

  • CBSE Class 4 students can utilise these revision notes to complete their revision without missing out on any important topic or concept.


Benefits of Studying the 4th Standard English Notes by Vedantu:

Listed below are some of the benefits of studying from Vedantu’s CBSE Class 4 English revision notes:

  • These notes have been created by a team of expert teachers.

  • They cover each and every chapter from the textbook.

  • The notes are created in an easy-to-understand language.

  • Any kind of knowledge gap can be accessed by students using these materials.

  • Students can easily learn the subject because it is precise and clear.

  • The Class 4 English Revision Notes PDF copies by Vedantu are absolutely free.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 English Revision Notes

There are nine prose and nine poems in the Class 4 English syllabus. All these chapters have been handpicked by the CBSE board with the sole intention to develop concepts related to the English language and comprehension. Studying these chapters will also enlighten the students regarding the marvellous masterpieces created by the best authors of different eras.

To complete preparing the chapters, students can use the revision notes developed by the experts. They have studied the chapters and designed a concise version of each of them to deliver the right context in a simpler version. Hence, these notes will act as the perfect companion for revising these chapters and proceeding with the preparation of an exam.

These notes can also be used to recall what students have memorised in a chapter. For instance, once they have completed the first chapter and answered the exercise questions, they can use the Class 4 English Chapter 1 Notes to recall. This is a great way to revise a chapter later before an exam and gain confidence.

Advantages of CBSE Class 4 English Revision Notes

  • All 18 chapters have been addressed individually. The experts have compiled individual files for all the chapters and prepared a list. This list will help you access specific files at the right time by following the exam syllabus.

  • The notes can also be used to resolve your doubts. You can do it on your own by reading the notes and understanding the context of a chapter. In this way, you can completely prepare a chapter and proceed with your exam syllabus.

  • The concise format of the chapters has an accurate explanation of what the authors want to express in their masterpieces. These notes will help you understand the context easily and let you focus on your preparation better.

Download CBSE English Notes Class 4 PDF

Perform the Class 4 English Notes PDF download and get the notes for the respective chapters. Provide attention to the chapters and follow how the experts have explained them properly. Learn to keep your answers short and precise by following the simple language the experts have used to describe the context of the chapters. Gain confidence by studying these notes and recall faster to score more in the Class  English exams.

Important Study Materials for CBSE Class 4 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 4

CBSE Worksheets for Class 4

NCERT Books for Class 4

CBSE Syllabus for Class 4

CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 4


Students in Class 4 will find their best English revision friend in the CBSE Class 4 English revision notes by Vedantu. These notes will help them revise and retain all the necessary information on different chapters, topics, and concepts. We advise students to download these notes for free and make the best use of them in revising their Class 4 English syllabus.

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 English Revision Notes 2023 - 24

1. What is the best way to score high marks in CBSE Class 4 English?

In order to score good marks in Class 4 English, CBSE students should follow the NCERT textbooks closely and be prepared with all the questions present in these books. They should revise the topics after studying and understanding the concepts and practise grammar and vocabulary regularly. 

2. How difficult is CBSE Class 4 English?

If you study the syllabus and cover all the chapters and topics with proper understanding and revision, and if you have daily practice in grammar and vocabulary, you should find CBSE Class 4 English pretty easy. 

3. Are there any tips for preparation I can follow in the Class 4 English exam?

Firstly, you need to work on your question paper scanning methods and manage time smartly. To do this, first read the paper and decide which sections or questions you are most comfortable answering. After you’ve done that, quickly get down to solving them and be done with the section/sections. Try to keep the reading section for the last leg since it is generally time-consuming.  

4. From where can I download the CBSE Class 4 English revision notes?

You can easily download the free copy of Vedantu’s revision notes for CBSE Class 4 English from Vedantu’s website and use them to finish your revision with best-in-class study materials curated by the best teachers and industry experts. 

5. What is the best way to study from the revision notes for CBSE Class 4 English?

Firstly, study and learn all important concepts and topics from the syllabus. Next, discuss with your teacher about the doubts you may have in order to clarify them. Finally, you can use our revision notes to revise before your exam to build complete confidence before the test.