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Going to Buy a Book Class 4 Notes CBSE English Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Score Better with Class 4 English Revision Notes on Going to Buy a Book

Class 4 English Chapter 8 Going to Buy a Book is a beautiful poem on two kids who are excited to buy books with the money given to them by their grandfather. They are excited and could not find out where to buy good books. Eventually, they choose a small book shop and have their time choosing the perfect books to read and buy. Going to Buy a Book summary depicts how fascinating the moment of buying a book is for kids.

To understand the meaning and context of every line in this poem, refer to the Going to Buy a Book revision notes prepared by top subject experts of Vedantu. These notes will help you prepare this chapter faster by resolving all your doubts.

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The following table shows the chapter-wise solutions for Class 4 CBSE English Marigold textbook and the revision notes related to each individual unit and its chapters. We would request students to go through the syllabus properly to have an idea of how they should go about studying and revising for their upcoming English exam. You can also download the notes, chapter-wise, from the links given below.

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Going to buy a Book Revision Notes

  • One day, two siblings received money from their grandfather to purchase some books. 

  • Being a reader and for the love of books, the children were overjoyed to get this money.

  • In their excitement, they began to consider whether they should go to the bookshop today or tomorrow, and they decided to go right away.

  • Then they began to consider which bookstore the one in the big market or the small shop. 

  • They thought about whether they should bring someone with them. 

  • Finally, the children decided to go on their own to a small bookshop. They appreciate the small bookshop that even though small and has many books of all kinds.

  • The children felt comfortable in the small bookshop as the store owner liked them.

  • He introduced them to different types of books when they were confused about what to buy, a picture book, a storybook, or a thin book. 

  • The store owner led them to a display of books on animals, machinery, and so on. He told them they could take anything they wanted.

  • The children picked books for themselves and sat on the floor, while his brother sat in a chair, and they continued reading the books.

  • After a few peaceful hours, they both decided what kinds of books they wanted to acquire. The youngster picked a large book with many stories, whereas his sibling chose a large book with images. The store clerk smiled and handed them the books.

  • Finally, they dashed to their grandfather's bed and got into it. The grandfather wrapped his arms around them, and both sons read the book to him cheerfully.

Moral of the Story - Going to buy a Book

  • This story depicts the delight and astonishment of a tiny kid who visits a bookstore to select a book. It illustrates the compassionate thoughts of tiny children who love to share even the most insignificant things with others.

  • The author shows us in this chapter that even a modest activity like buying a book can be joyful since youngsters live in the now. This narrative also highlights the warm bond between a grandfather and his grandkids.

New Words Meaning with Examples 





Being by oneself on own.

I love to be alone with a book in a library or in my room.


A shop that sells books.

My friends always visit a bookshop anywhere we go.


An equipment that uses mechanical power that works specific purpose to complete a certain task.

Machines surround us in our everyday lives.


After a lengthy period of time, usually when there has been trouble or delay.

We could finally enter the Disney channel show. 


Go up from a lower place.

He carefully climbed into the car after an accident.

Going to buy a Book NCERT Questions Answers

Reading is Fun

1. Why did grandfather give the children money? 

Ans: The children’s grandfather was happy that his grandkids were good readers and he gave them money to buy some books.

2. Where did they go to buy books?

Ans: They thought a lot about whether they should go to a big market or some other bookshop and they finally went to a small bookstore.

3. Did the girl buy a picture book?

Ans: The girl did not buy a picture book, instead she bought a book with many stories and is a fat book. 

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of Going to buy a Book Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Do you like books?

Ans: Yes, I love books and I love to read them every day after school. My favourite kind of books is the ones that have both stories and pictures.

2. Why did the children go to the small bookshop?

Ans: The children found the small bookshop to be more interesting as it has different sizes and types of books. And the children felt comfortable and liked by the bookshop owner who also helped them to choose the books they would like.

3. How did the children choose the books?

Ans: The children sat with the books and read for hours before finally deciding that the girl chose the fat book with stories and the boy chose the book with pictures.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 English Chapter 8 Going to Buy a Book

This is a beautiful poem depicting the ecstatic joy of two kids who just received money from their grandfather. They want to buy books with that money. They cannot hold their excitement and cannot decide when and where they want to go.

They want to go today or tomorrow or later. Then, they decided to go right away and find a bookshop. They looked at many shops and stopped to enter a small one. Going to Buy a Book is really an exciting journey for these kids.

They spend two hours looking at the different books stacked on the shelves. After reading and checking many books, they decided to buy a few and return home. After returning home, they sat with their grandfather to read the book on the bed. They had a lot of fun in the shop. They continued to enjoy reading the same books at home too.

Benefits of Going to Buy a Book Revision Notes and Worksheets

Explore the advantages of using "Going to Buy a Book" Revision Notes and Worksheets! These resources enhance understanding, facilitate quick revision, and provide valuable practice, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of Class 4 English Chapter 9 concepts.

  • The free Going to Buy a Book Class 4 PDF for worksheets and revision notes will complete your study material for this chapter. Refer to the notes at your convenience and make your study sessions more productive.

  • Resolve all doubts on your own using the simpler explanation of this poem compiled by the experts.

  • Find the accurate answers to all the exercise questions. Learn how the experts have answered fundamental questions such as where did they go to buy books easily.

  • Use the worksheets to test your comprehension skills. Check the solutions and find the answers to all the questions to refer to.

Download Class 4 English Chapter 8 Revision Notes and Worksheets

Add these free PDF files to your study material and learn how to answer questions such as why grandfather give the children money. Formulate the best answers on your own by preparing this chapter well. Use the summary and concepts shared by the experts and score well in the exams.


NCERT - Class 4 Chapter 8, "Going to Buy a Book," is your helpful guide from Vedantu's experienced educators. These notes simplify the chapter, making it easy to understand, especially for last-minute revision. Dive into these notes to prepare efficiently and grasp new concepts. You'll not only be ready for exams but also develop a deep understanding of the subject. The chapter focuses on the joy of picking a new book, understanding how to buy it, and enjoying the magic of literature. It aims to make acquiring and reading books a delightful experience, nurturing a love for literature and excitement for reading.

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FAQs on Going to Buy a Book Class 4 Notes CBSE English Chapter 8 (Free PDF Download)

1. Did the girl buy a picture book in Class 4 English poem ‘How to Buy a Book’?

In the poem Going to Buy a Book, the girl got a fat book with many stories. On the other hand, her brother got a book with a lot of pictures.

2. In Class 4 English poem How to Buy a Book, what did the kids do after reaching home?

In the poem How to Buy a Book, the kids shared the experience with their grandfather after reaching home. They sat on a bed and read the books they got with their grandfather for hours.

3. In Class 4 English Chapter 8, why did the grandfather give them money?

The grandfather wanted his grandchildren to buy books. He gave them money so that they can go to a nearby book shop and buy books of their choice. He wanted them to feel the joy of looking at new books.

4. Why is "Going to Buy a Book" an important chapter for Class 4 students?

"Going to Buy a Book" is crucial as it introduces young learners to the joy of selecting and buying a book. It not only enhances their reading experience but also fosters a love for literature, encouraging enthusiasm for the reading adventure.

5. How can NCERT Solutions aid in understanding "Going to Buy a Book" for Class 4 students?

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 8, "Going to Buy a Book," break down the chapter into simple sections, making it easier to understand and navigate. These solutions, available on Vedantu, ensure efficient preparation and a profound understanding of the subject matter.