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Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Maths 2024-25

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 6 Maths Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Class 6 Maths has a vivid syllabus covering the important topics included by the CBSE board. Studying all the chapters is mandatory for the development of a conceptual foundation among the students. To make it better, download and practice the Class 6 Maths Term 2 Important Questions with Solutions for all the chapters and proceed with your preparation. Focus on how the solutions have been defined by the experts to grow your knowledge and perception of this subject.

The students of Class 6 enter the secondary level and face a change in the syllabus. The syllabus becomes a little more conceptual and informative. Hence, the learning pattern changes. Fundamental subjects such as mathematics should be studied very carefully as all the chapters in the syllabus are added to create a foundation of knowledge. This foundation of knowledge will then be used in the advanced classes for learning advanced concepts of new chapters. To strengthen your knowledge in mathematics, download the chapter-wise Class 6 Maths Important Questions from here.

All these questions are designed by the top mentors of Vedantu following the CBSE guidelines for the benefit of the students. Every question comes with a properly-formatted answer. Studying these Important Questions for Class 6 Maths will help you learn more question patterns. You can also prepare the chapters better and check your answering skills by following the solutions. Every NCERT Solution is provided to make the study simple and interesting on Vedantu. Subjects like Science, Maths, English, Hindi will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 6 Science, Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects.

Download CBSE Class 6 Maths Important Questions 2024-25 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 6 Maths Important Questions chapterwise.

CBSE Class 6 Maths Important Questions

Chapter 1 - Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 2 - Whole Numbers

Chapter 3 - Playing with Numbers

Chapter 4 - Basic Geometrical Ideas

Chapter 5 - Understanding Elementary Shapes

Chapter 6 - Integers

Chapter 7 - Fractions

Chapter 8 - Decimals

Chapter 9 - Data Handling

Chapter 10 - Mensuration

Chapter 11 - Algebra

Chapter 12 - Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 13 - Symmetry

Chapter 14 - Practical Geometry

Class 6 Mathematics Important Questions and Solutions: Summary

When you progressed to Class 6, you will find your syllabus expanded. Every subject has become more elaborate. Hence, you need to study hard, as well as, smart. You should make find proper study material so that you can study the chapters and then test your answering skills. The same stands true for mathematics. Without practice, problem-solving skills are lost. The best way to do this is by downloading the Maths Question Paper for Class 6 for all chapters and solve them once you are done with the exercise.

All these questions focus on the conceptual development of the students. Once a chapter is complete, you can proceed to use a question paper suggested by the expert teachers and solve all the questions. Take your time to use the concepts you have learned in the chapter. After completely solving the question paper, seek reference from the Class 6th Maths Question Paper solution. You will find excellent ways of solving mathematical questions as per the CBSE norms. These solutions will help you identify your faults and gaps. You can work on them immediately and make your preparation better than anyone in the class.

Experts suggest solving questions based on the mathematical concepts apart from the NCERT textbook. This step will give you an excellent platform to judge your preparation and your problem-solving skills. Find out some time to solve these papers during your study schedule. Download these Class 6 Maths Important Questions and solutions. Solve the problems chapter-wise and become better.

Why Should You download Important Questions for Class 6 Maths PDF?

The prime reasons for downloading the Class 6th Maths Question Paper are mentioned below.

  • Fast Assessment of Your Problem-Solving Skills

Find out the best tactics to solve a question in a mathematical question paper. This Maths Question Paper for Class 6 for each chapter has been composed by the top teachers. They know the question patterns and trends followed by the majority of the schools. Hence, learning these patterns and getting habituated to the solutions will be an ideal part of your preparation.

This subject needs a regular evaluation of skills and knowledge. Find out whether you remember the concepts, formulas, and techniques to solve different out-of-the-book questions or not. Your honest assessment with the help of NCERT Class 6 Maths Important Questions will benefit your academic year.

  • A Challenge to Face

These questions will be a little different from that of the textbook. You will get a chance to test your skills. It will be like a challenge that you need to overcome by solving a Class 6 Maths CBSE Question Paper. Before you proceed to buy a reference book for Class 6 Mathematics of another author, it is better to check your skills by using these question papers. When you think you have mastered the book, as well as the sample questions papers, you can proceed to buy a new book.

  • Learning How to Manage Time

One of the biggest hurdles a student faces is to manage time while solving a question paper in an exam. There will be different types of questions to solve. You need to develop a strategy to tackle a question paper efficiently. The only way to do this is by solving a CBSE 6th Maths Question Paper one after the other. You can overcome the anxiety of the exam hall and can manage time without any hassle.

Why wait then? Download the Class 6 Important Questions for Maths for all chapters today. Access them offline for testing your skills and learn how to manage time efficiently. Get the syllabus completed without leaving any flaws or weaknesses. You will be able to score well in your upcoming exams.

Significance of CBSE Class 6 Maths Term 2 Important Questions with Solutions

The Class 6 maths Syllabus comprises 14 crucial chapters that cover the important topics of geometry, arithmetic and algebra. Students will get introduced to new topics and concepts in this syllabus. They will learn these new topics and practice the exercise questions to master the skills.

Apart from the exercise questions, students can use the important questions framed by the experts to practice and make develop exclusive mathematics skills. These questions come with proper solutions designed by the subject experts by following the CBSE guidelines to deliver the optimum methods for solving such questions. Following these solutions will enable students to learn how to attempt such fundamental questions and focus on completing and preparing all the chapters perfectly.

The Important Questions for Class 6 Maths Board Exam will also act as an evaluation tool that will guide students to find out which chapters need more attention. They can compare their answers to the solutions and focus on developing their conceptual knowledge for particular chapters accordingly.

Advantages of CBSE Important Questions for Class 6 Maths Board Exam

  • The questions for all the chapters have been framed individually to form separate files. Students can download these files and add them to their study material for better preparation.

  • These questions can also be used to prepare a syllabus before an exam. The solutions given to the important questions can be solved after preparing the chapters. These questions are thus the ideal tool to revise a chapter.

  • The solutions will also help you resolve doubts on your own and proceed with the preparation of an exam syllabus. Focus on how the experts have solved the problems and follow the stepwise methods to become better in this subject.

  • Follow the answering format of the solutions suggested by the experts. Practice these simple methods and learn to complete attempting all the questions in an exam.

Download CBSE Class 6 Maths Important Questions with Answers PDF 2024-25

Get the Class 6 Maths Important Questions with Answers PDF for all the chapters and find out where you need to study more. This is how you can develop your foundation and become better at solving Class 6 Maths questions. Stay ahead of the competition by practising these questions accordingly. 

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FAQs on Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Maths 2024-25

1. Why Should You Prefer Vedantu to Download Maths Question Paper for Class 6 CBSE?

Ans: Vedantu is a popular online portal for Class 6 students. They get every study material for all subjects. The maths teachers have prepared the best 6th Class Maths Question Papers along with the accurate solutions for you to follow.

2. How Can You Benefit From Solving a Class 6 Maths NCERT Question Paper?

Ans: When you need to check your skills regarding a particular chapter in Class 6 maths, solve a Class 6th Maths Important Questions in a sample test paper to check your skills. Find out your doubts to resolve them.

3. Is it necessary to use the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths?

Ans: It is not necessary to use the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 however, they help you understand the complex solutions in a simple manner. You can evaluate your solutions step-by-step with the help of NCERT Solutions which helps you gain confidence in your preparation. They also aid in revision as you can flick through the already solved questions when on a time crunch. It saves you time and energy while preparing for Maths.

4. Which chapters of Class 6 Maths require more practice?

Ans: All the chapters in NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths hold importance for the exams. Nonetheless, the students should focus more on practicing the chapters they find troublesome. It is beneficial to strengthen yourself on the basics of all the chapters and revise intensively the ones you are already sure about. Students can divide their preparation time according to the difficulty level of each chapter which differs from person to person.

5. How to pass Class 6 Maths with less effort?

Ans: Preparing Maths in minimum time with less effort is not a good game plan. Though if you have to do it, you can refer to NCERT Solutions along with solving all the important questions for each chapter. This will give you a fair idea about the combination of problems under every topic and how to tackle them in the examinations. You can solve the troublesome questions more than once so you learn the formulas and methods used to solve them.

6. Which chapters of Class 6 Maths are easy to practice for exams?

Ans: Mathematics in Class 6 has a total of 14 chapters. Each student has their own definition of easy so you will have to flock through the chapters and find the ones that seem uncomplicated to you. Though, chapters like Symmetry, Data Handling, Fractions, and the first three chapters: Knowing Our Numbers, Whole Numbers, and Playing with Numbers are relatively simpler to comprehend. With a disciplined study schedule, you will be able to finish the course in time.

7. What is included in ‘Important Questions’ for Class 6 Maths?

Ans: Vedantu offers the students ‘Important Questions’ in PDF form individually for each chapter free of cost. These questions are selected by experts to help you with your revision before the examination or preparation in a short time. The questions are one of each category that the chapter includes so you do not miss out on any topic or type of question for the exams. Solving these twice or thrice will be beneficial for remembrance. You can also download these important questions from the Vedantu app.