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Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly and Its Importance

Royal jelly is described as a gelatinous substance that is produced by honeybees in order to feed the queen in their hive as well as her young. The uses of royal jelly are not yet conclusive. Yet, products of royal jelly are constantly sold as a form of dietary supplement which can help with the treatment of different physical ailments as well as chronic diseases. While traditional medicine has used the royal jelly for a very long time, the inclusion of this component in western medicine is controversial, to say the least.

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What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly can be defined as the milky secretion that is produced by different worker honeybees belonging to a hive. There is about 60% water, 12-15% proteins, 3-5% fats, 2-3% vitamins, amino acids, salts, and 10-16% sugar present in the royal jelly. However, the composition of the jelly might be varied according to the climate and the geographical location. The name royal jelly comes from the main reason for the production of the jelly. Royal jelly is created by all the worker honeybees in order to feed and nurture the queen bees. Some people have been using royal jelly in the form of medicine as well. It has been recommended that royal jelly must not be used with beeswax, bee pollen, or bee venom.

Royal jelly is one of the components used to deter the symptoms of menopause. Not to mention that it is also used for treating premenstrual syndrome and diabetes, along with some other medical conditions. However, forever royal jelly benefits remain inconclusive since there isn’t any proper evidence to prove whether these uses are legitimate or not.

Royal Jelly Uses: Benefits of Royal Jelly

Due to the need for specialized nutrition, the queen bees tend to be different from the worker bees. The queen bees have a much larger size and they lay almost 2000 eggs every single day. The queen bees live about 5 to 8 years in total which is about 40 times more than the worker honeybees. These differences between the queen and the worker honeybees have actually led people to believe that by ingesting royal jelly, humans will be as benefitted as the bees.

Several connections have been made to the royal jelly benefits in improving fertility, increasing size, enhancing longevity. Not to mention that in most countries, royal jelly is actually used as a medicine supplement and health food. Royal jelly is generally used for different purposes such as the creation of medicines like antibiotics, antitumor medication, blood pressure medication, and much more. Royal jelly is also said to boost the immune system.

Are There Any Royal Jelly Side Effects?

Despite the concerns of the FDA, royal jelly is still considered to be a well-tolerated and safe product when the use is appropriate. There are certain studies that show that royal jelly may be consumed in regular doses every single day. The dosage should be about 1000mg in total. If the proper dosage is followed for a period of three months, there are no side effects seen due to royal jelly. With that being said, there are rare cases when royal jelly has been found to cause certain allergic reactions in people. These allergic reactions ranged from mild symptoms and discomfort in the nasal section to anaphylaxis which is life-threatening. Now in these cases, the allergic reactions could be to royal jelly or to the ingredients that were present in the supplements such as bee pollen or beeswax. That is why it has been concluded that royal jelly must not be mixed up with these ingredients to avoid any further risks.

Forever Royal Jelly Benefits

There are many supposed benefits of royal jelly. While these benefits range from healing properties to medication development, there are certain areas where the effectiveness of royal jelly has not yet been proved. In any case, these are some benefits of royal jelly.

  • Royal jelly is created with a lot of proteins, fats, carbs, amino acids, and many other nutrients. This chemical makeup is said to have good effects on the health system of people who consume royal jelly.

  • It has been claimed that royal jelly reduced oxidative stress and inflammation in people. There are specific amino acids present in royal jelly that help in the process.

  • Royal jelly supposedly has a positive effect on cholesterol levels as it assists in bringing those down. Hence, royal jelly could be a potential factor in the reduction of heart diseases in people.

  • One of the royal jelly benefits is that it might help with skin repair and wound healing.

While the uses of royal jelly have been praised in the practices of traditional medicine, it is not fairly accepted in western medicine. This is due to the lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of royal jelly. No one can fully comprehend if royal jelly is actually effective in treating. However, people have claimed that it might be an effective form of treating menopause and premenstrual syndrome in women.

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FAQs on Royal Jelly

1. What are some precautions for taking royal jelly?

In the case of children, royal jelly can be possibly safe if it is ingested through the mouth. The children must be between the ages of 5 and 16. However, in the case of pregnant women, there is no reliable information that royal jelly is safe for use or not. It is recommended that ladies shouldn’t use royal jelly when they are breastfeeding. For those who have asthma or certain allergies, using royal jelly might not be a good idea. Some people are allergic to the products. It can cause certain serious reactions and sometimes death. Royal jelly might also make the case of dermatitis worse. Royal jelly also might lower blood pressure. Hence, for someone who has low blood pressure, the products of royal jelly are not recommended.

2. Does royal jelly regulate blood sugar?

Royal jelly might also have a very important role to play in the improvement of blood sugar levels in the body. It also assists in regulating insulin sensitivity with the help of reduced oxidative stress as well as inflammation in the body. Several animal studies have actually shown that the diabetic rats that are treated with some royal jelly tend to have an increased sensitivity to insulin. Apparently, it also has a protective effect on the liver, reproductive, and pancreatic tissue. Another study done on humans over a period of six months showed a 20% decrease in the levels of fasting blood sugar in people who had a daily dose of royal jelly. However, since there is not enough significant research done on the products, the knowledge is limited. 

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