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Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 8 Science Chapter wise Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Class 8 Science is a very crucial subject that needs proper attention from the students. Preparing all the chapters in this subject will help students to boost their overall scores in the exams. This is where students will need the assistance of Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers PDF for all chapters. Apart from the exercises, these important questions can boost the preparation of the students. The experts have solved all these questions to assist in preparing this subject properly.

If you are currently studying in Class 8, consider it one of your school life milestones as you start entering into in-depth studies related to Science. You need to solve Class 8 Science’s important questions apart from studying the Science book in such a scenario. You can expect your syllabus to comprise different aspects of scientific studies. The question papers with the solution can be the best support for those who are weak in Science or fear facing the challenge of learning complicated concepts of higher-level Science. The NCERT Class 8 Science important questions and their CBSE solutions can act as the students’ study materials.

You can also download NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science and Class 8 Maths to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Download CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers 2024-25 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions for chapter-wise PDF for other chapters:

Class 8 Science: Chapter-wise Important Questions

Chapters Included In Class 8 Science NCERT Book

As a student, you must know about the chapters included in the Science book of Class 8 NCERT Science book. Moreover, the relevance of some chapters in their everyday life is given here in brief:

Microorganisms: While studying the chapter on microorganisms, you will acquire knowledge regarding life under a microscope. Moreover, here you will understand which are friendly to us and the ones which are not.

Materials and Their Nature: The chapter dealing with materials and their nature is covered in one of the chapters of the Science book. You can read the book and refer to the study materials of Vedantu to understand all about the matter in detail.

Light: A chapter in the Science book for Class 8 deals with the concepts of light. You can understand how light travels and how you can split and converge white light. In the Science book, you can also find the basic experiments that you can do with light. The NCERT Class 8 Science important questions with answers come from this chapter.

Coal and Petroleum: While studying the chapter coal and petroleum, you can know about the mines and get a clear picture of how a mine works. Moreover, you can also know the places in India where the mines are found. The information about the revenue earned by the country from the coal mines is also mentioned in the chapter.

Sound: Sound is another most important chapter which you can study in detail with the NCERT Science book of Class 8. There are different experiments that you can know about from the book. Expect to learn the numerics related to the chapter also.

So, it is clear that the Science book of Class 8 has a combination of the chapters that belong to its main streams like Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Solved Examples

Q1. What is the Difference Between a Virus from Other Organisms?

Answer: The main difference between all other microorganisms from a virus is that it grows inside a host cell. All other unicellular organisms grow independently.

Q2. What are the Types of Reproductions that Occur in Living Organisms?

Answer: In all living organisms, there are two types of reproduction such as asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction mainly happens in lower class organisms, where the higher ones reproduce sexually.

Significance of CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers PDF

There are 18 chapters included in the Class 8 Science syllabus that covers vivid topics related to pollution, astronomy, light, natural phenomena, sound, force, friction, etc. These chapters need the highest attention from the students to complete preparing the syllabus. To reinforce the concepts and scientific principles, students can use the Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers for all chapters.

Class 8 Science Term 2 Important Questions with Solutions have been compiled by following the latest CBSE syllabus to cover all the essential topics in the chapters. These questions are formulated by following the question patterns and formats of the CBSE board. In fact, the solutions are framed in a more straightforward tone so that students can easily comprehend the context behind the questions and can relate to the answers.

These Important Questions for the Class 8 Science Board Exam can be used as an evaluation tool by the students. They can solve the questions once the chapters are completed and compare their answers to the solutions. This way, they can spot the gaps in the preparations and focus on the important sections of the chapters further.

Advantages of CBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers for Board Exam

  • The questions have been compiled for individual chapters. Hence, the list contains separate files dedicated to all the chapters. It will become easier for the students to find the files and add them to their practice sessions.

  • The solutions provided with the questions are framed in a comprehensive way so that students can memorize them easily and recall them during the exams to score more.

  • Resolving doubts will be much easier when you have the Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers PDF in your hands. Refer to the solutions and clarify your queries instantly to proceed with your preparation.

  • Follow the standard answering format of the solutions to keep your answers at par with the CBSE Class 8 standards and score more.

CBSE Class 8 Science Study Materials

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The Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers provided by Vedantu offer valuable insights in simple language. These resources aim to enhance understanding and retention of key scientific concepts among students. By presenting essential questions and providing clear, concise answers, Vedantu helps learners grasp fundamental principles effectively. The emphasis on simplicity ensures that students can easily comprehend complex topics, fostering a strong foundation in science.

Get the free PDF version of these questions and solutions for all the chapters. Practice answering these questions and develop your concepts better. Learn how to attempt to answer such fundamental questions by following the solutions and gaining confidence to stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs on Class 8 Science Important Questions with Answers

1. What is the relevance of practising extra questions of Class 8 Science?

Ans: You can enjoy a lot of perks while solving more questions that are generally available on the Vedantu website. It can help you write different answers for a common question as per the right concept that can fetch good marks. The best you can do is consult with the experts of Vedantu and go through the papers available on their site. Moreover, the Vedantu question papers can help you to revise a chapter after completion. Mostly, you can enhance the language and presentation style of the answers while solving the papers. Make sure to draw the diagrams wherever needed as it can boost up the chances of getting marks.

2. Why is it important to find CBSE question papers for preparing a Science chapter, and where can we get them?

Ans: You should always get the CBSE question papers for solving as it can help you know the examination pattern. So, you can get questions in a familiar language while facing the examination. You can visit the site of Vedantu and get all the question papers. There are links where you can click and see the questions based on years. Remember to pick up random question papers from the Vedantu site and solve it multiple times in the intervals of short periods. Access to the question papers is free and you can easily download the pdf versions from the site.

3. What are the chapters included in the NCERT book of Class 8 Science?

Ans: The NCERT book of Class 8 Science consists of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1–Crop Production and Management

  • Chapter 2 –Microorganisms: Friend or Foe

  • Chapter 3–Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

  • Chapter 4–Materials: Metals and Non-Metals

  • Chapter 5–Coal and Petroleum

  • Chapter 6–Combustion and Flame

  • Chapter 7–Conservation of Animals and Plants

  • Chapter 8 - Cell- Functions and Structure

  • Chapter 9–Reproduction in Animals

  • Chapter 10–Reaching the Age of Adolescence

  • Chapter 11–Force and Pressure

  • Chapter 12–Friction

  • Chapter 13–Sound

  • Chapter 14–Chemical Effects of Electric CurrentChapter 15–Some Natural Phenomena

  • Chapter 16 - Light

  • Chapter 17–Star and The Solar System

  • Chapter 18–Pollution of Water and Air

4. How can I develop the best study plan for Class 8 Science?

Ans: To develop the best study plan for Class 8 Science obey the given points:

  • Managing time is very important. Therefore, create a timetable so that you can focus on every chapter.

  • Use the NCERT book for reading the chapters as the content of the book is prepared by professionals.

  • Take the help of Vedantu’s website for downloading the important questions of all the chapters.

  • Work out on the sample papers and previous years question papers to have a strong grip on the topics.

5. What is the method that students follow to download the important questions of Class 8 Science?

Ans: Beneath are the steps that will be helpful in downloading the important questions of Class 8 Science:

  • Visit the link of Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 Science, Chapter wise Solutions - Free PDF Download.

  • As the link will open, the official page of Vedantu will appear on the screen of your device.

  • This official page will provide you with the list of the chapters of Class 8 Science.

  • Select the chapter you want to download for the important questions.

  • Then hit on the “Download PDF” option.

  • The important questions will get downloaded in PDF format.

6. What are the benefits of downloading and studying important questions of Class 8 Science from Vedantu?

Ans: The perks of studying or downloading important questions of Class 8 Science from Vedantu are:

  • The content is prepared by the subject matter experts.

  • Important questions of all the chapters are available.

  • These problems are based on the NCERT syllabus. 

  • Vedantu allows you to study offline by giving the option to download the important questions.

  • These important questions are available in the form of PDF files. These solutions are available at free of cost on Vedantu( and mobile app.

  • Vedantu also allows you to ask your doubts through online chat.

7. How to achieve good results in Class 8 Science?

Ans: Below are the points which will help students in getting a good result in Class 8 Science:

  • To start with your preparation, first know about your syllabus.

  • Study every chapter from the NCERT book.

  • Make use of mock tests and previous years sample papers to get a hint about the exam pattern.

  • Have a habit of writing. This will improve your writing speed and help you to learn things faster.

  • While giving the exam, try to solve those questions first whose answer you know.

8. What is the most important chapter in science class 8?

  • Cell Structure and Function: This lays the groundwork for understanding living organisms.

  • Chemical Reactions and Equations: Understanding chemical reactions is crucial for various scientific concepts.

  • Light: This chapter forms the basis for understanding optics and other phenomena.

9. How to get 100 marks in science class 8?

While aiming for a perfect score is commendable, the focus should be on thorough understanding rather than just marks. However, here are some tips that might help:

  • Grasp concepts deeply: Don't just memorize facts, strive to understand the "why" behind them.

  • Practice consistently: Regularly solve problems, answer practice questions, and revise concepts.

  • Pay attention in class: Actively participate, ask questions, and clarify doubts with your teacher.

  • Manage time effectively: Create a study plan, schedule revisions, and avoid last-minute cramming.

10. Class 8 is very important?

Class 8 acts as a bridge between the foundational concepts learned in earlier grades and the more complex topics introduced in higher classes. It's crucial for building a strong foundation in Science and other subjects.

11. How to top in science exam class 8?

While "topping" isn't the only measure of success, here are some strategies:

  • Follow the tips mentioned above to get high marks.

  • Focus on understanding the exam format and marking scheme.

  • Practice mock tests and previous year papers to manage time and get familiar with the question pattern.

  • Seek help from teachers or tutors if you face any difficulties.