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ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper - 2018 Board Examinations

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Previous Year Biology Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 Board - 2018 - Free PDF Download

Class 10 Biology is a good way for the students to rank up their marks and get an overall good score in their board exams. Class 10 biology focuses on teaching the students about the basic anatomy and physiology of humans as well as plants. The course for Class 10 focuses entirely on the working of the human and the plant bodily functions. The course, however, is introduced first through an introductory unit teaching the students about basic biologies such as cells and their structure, etc. 

Vedantu offers its students a free downloadable syllabus for Class 10 ICSE Biology which can help them get an idea about the chapters in the course and make the process of forming a study schedule easier. These easily downloadable PDFs make it very convenient for the students to access the syllabus from any device, online or offline. The syllabus for Class 10 Biology contains 3 separate units, all of which contain several chapters of their own. Unit 1 and Unit 2 are part of the Semester One syllabus and are tested for a combined total of 40 marks. Unit 3 is tested in  Semester 2 for 40 marks and both the Semester exams of 40 marks each are combined with practical marks to form the Internal Assessment marks i.e., 20 marks in total. These 20 marks are added to the 80 marks of the final board exam to achieve the complete 100 of the total biology marks for Class 10. 

Since the Class 10 Biology syllabus contains several important theoretical concepts, students need to understand these topics and their concepts very well and have a deep knowledge of the same to solve the exam questions and do well. Students can also refer to the Class 10 ICSE Biology Solutions for Concise Selina to help them clear any doubts they may have about the textbook exercises. 

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ICSE Class 10 Biology 2018 Board Examinations Question Paper

The chapters of the biology Class 10 ICSE syllabus are as follows:

  •  Unit 1: Basic Biology

  1. Cell Cycle: The chapter focuses on teaching the students about the different phases involved in the reproductive cycle of a cell. The students are also taught about terms such as mitosis and meiosis etc. 

  1. Structure of Chromosome: This chapter’s only concept is to teach students about the basic structure of chromosomes and impart knowledge about other related terms such as chromatin, chromatid, centromere, etc. 

  1. Genetics: Students are introduced to the three laws of Mendel and learn about the basics of genetics and gene transfer from one parent to the child. Monohybrid cross, as well as genotype, phenotype, gene and allele, etc terms, are also taught. 

  • Unit 2: Plant Physiology

  1. Absorption by Roots: Students are taught about the process of imbibition, osmosis, and diffusion through roots by the pants to intake water and other nutrients.

  1. Transpiration: The chapter focuses on the process and significance of transpiration along with the factor affecting it and the experiments connected to the process.

  1. Photosynthesis: Students are taught about the importance, process, and products formed during the phenomenon of photosynthesis. The chapter also takes a look at the formation and release of carbon dioxide and oxygen. 

  • Unit 3: Animal Physiology

  1. Circulating System: This chapter focuses on the formation and flow of blood and lymph in the human body along with the working and structure of the heart and the blood vessels. 

  1. Excretory System: The chapter teaches the students about the structures involved in the excretory functions of the body and their locations. 

  1. Nervous System: Students are taught about the structure and function of neurons and the significance of the working of the ANS and CNS.

  1. Endocrine System: This chapter involves the functioning and structure of endocrine glands including the Adrenal, Pancreas, Thyroid, and Pituitary.

  1. Reproductive System: This chapter talks about the reproductive system of both males and females and the process of fertilization.

  1. Population: Students learn about the environment around them and the effect that the growing population has on them.


Previous Year Biology Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 Board - 2018 - Free PDF Download

10th 2018 Biology question papers are provided by Vedantu. The ISC biology question paper 2018 includes step-by-step explanations and shortcut techniques for solving questions efficiently. Students can also access free PDF downloads of these Class 10 online board papers and follow their reading with a revision of Class 10 Biology for better understanding. By practicing Class 10th Biology question paper 2018 to score more marks in your examination. Free PDF download of ISC 2018 Biology Paper Class 10 question paper with solutions solved by expert teachers on Vedantu. 

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper - 2018 Board Examinations

1. What is the paper pattern for the Class 10 ICSE Biology Board Exam?

The Class 10 Biology question paper for ICSE board final exam consists of two sections worth 40 marks each that need to be solved by the students in the time limit of two hours. The paper consists of Section I and Section II both of which are 40 marks each. Section I has numerous short answer-type questions while Section II contains 5 or 6 questions out of which students only have to attempt any four. All the four questions attempted in this section by the student are worth 10 marks. The final board exam paper contains questions from all the units across both semesters of the Class 10 syllabus. 

2. What are the benefits of downloading Class 10 ICSE Biology Solutions for Selina Concise from the Vedantu website?

Students can download Class 10 Biology Concise Selina solutions for all chapters of Biology from the Vedantu website. These solutions created by the subject experts provide an alternative approach of study to the students and help them get a deeper understanding of the topic. The solutions also provide students with a brief outline of the certain topic the question is about and thus helping students to revise the chapter. These solutions also come in handy when students need to get any doubts cleared. Solutions for all subjects of Class 10 ICSE are available for download free of cost by Vedantu. 

3. Why is it important to download the Class 10 ICSE Biology Syllabus beforehand?

The students must download the Class 10 Biology syllabus beforehand from the Vedantu website before they start their exam preparation or the beginning of the academic year itself to help them guide and schedule their studying better. It also helps them follow the right sequence of chapters when preparing for the exam and makes them aware of which chapter carries the most weightage and helps students to accordingly give sufficient time to the particular chapter. If the students don’t follow the Class 10 ICSE biology syllabus, they might miss out on an important chapter that might help them score well in the exam. 

4. Which is the largest unit in the Class 10 Biology of ICSE Board Syllabus?

The largest unit for the Class 10 Biology syllabus is the Unit 3 Human Physiology which contains 6 chapters namely Circulating System, Excretory System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Reproductive System, and Population. The unit also carries the most marks in the final board exam with the chapter Reproductive System within the unit consisting of the most marks as well i.e., 15 marks. This unit aims to teach students about the various functions of the systems of the body and make them aware of how the body works. 

5. What is the marks distribution for the Class 10 Biology for ICSE Board Syllabus?

The Class 10 Biology syllabus is divided into several units, each containing a certain number of chapters. The chapters are divided into certain marks that they hold in the final board exam question paper. These marks remain constant every year unless there is a change in the syllabus as issued by the ICSE board or the CISCE. The following chapters contain the following marks in the Class 10 BIology board exam:

  • Reproductive system – 13 marks

  • Pollution – 10 marks

  • Chemical coordination in plants – 9 marks

  • Nervous system – 9 marks

  • Photosynthesis – 8 marks

  • Endocrine system – 8 marks

  • Genetics – 8 marks

  • Transpiration – 6 marks

  • Excretory system – 6 marks

  • Sense organs – 6 marks

  • Human evolution – 6 marks

  • Cell cycle – 5 marks

  • Absorption by roots – 1 mark

  • Population – 1 mark