CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2022-23

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CBSE Class 12 Biology Revision Notes - Free PDF Download

Biology is an interesting subject, and the plus two Biology revision notes come in handy to prepare you well for the Class 12 exams. Class 12 Biology NCERT notes made by experts at Vedantu cover the latest CBSE curriculum, and these are the well-researched CBSE notes that let students understand the topic clearly. Biology Notes for Class 12 are beneficial for a quick review because the subject matter experts make these. Students can refer to these notes online or even download the PDF version and refer to the Biology revision notes Class 12 whenever they wish to.

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Class 12th Biology Notes PDF

Class 12 Biology notes help students to brush up on the important topics before the exam. The revision notes of Biology Class 12 let students make the most of their time and prepare well for the exam. The revision notes Biology is available in PDF form, and students can download it and refer to it at their own pace. The notes PDF can be downloaded for free, and students can access it even without an internet connection. The Biology Class 12 revision notes can also be downloaded and printed to keep notes in a hardcopy format and to revise the topics on the go.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Weightage 2022-23 








Genetics and Evolution



Biology and Human Welfare



Biotechnology and its Applications



Ecology and Environment





CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Class 12 Biology

Chapter 1 – Reproduction in Organism – Our revision notes cover the vital concept of how species can live and survive through reproduction. It explains how reproduction is essential for the continuity of any gene.

Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants - The crucial notes covered in the chapter explains morphology, the structure and the process of sexual reproduction in the flowering plants and how the parts of the flower are formed.

Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction – Our revision notes cover the male and female reproductive system details. It explains the structure of the sperm and how chromosomes get formed.

Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health - Our revision notes cover details about the reproductive health issues and its strategies, birth control and population explosion.

Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation – Our revision notes cover hereditary, genetic disorders, sex determination in humans and the definition of the chromosomes.

Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance – The crucial notes covered in this chapter talk about the genome, a cookbook of life.

Chapter 7 – Evolution – The notes that are covered in this chapter are crucial as it explains the concept of Evolutionary Biology, which is the study of the history of the life forms on earth. It explains the origin of the universe and also talks about the theories through experiments.

Chapter 8 – Human Health and Disease – The crucial notes covered in this chapter tell everything about human health and diseases. It explains how the recent advancement in science and technology have been able to decrease the rate of mortality.

Chapter 9 – Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production – Our revision notes cover animal breeding, outbreeding and various topics like animal husbandry and germplasm.

Chapter 10 – Microbes in Human Welfare – Our CBSE Class 12 Biology revision notes explain how microbes are beneficial and detrimental to the welfare of human beings. It also explains how microbes are used in vaccination and how they also act as biocontrol agents.

Chapter 11 – Biotechnology: Principles and Processes – Our revision notes cover how biotechnology is useful to the welfare of human beings.

Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and its Applications - The crucial notes covered in the chapter talks about how Biology is used to develop technologies and products. It explains the use of Biology in agriculture and other spheres of life.

Chapter 13 – Organisms and Populations – The crucial notes that are covered in this chapter builds on the students' understanding of the relationship between the organisms and the environment that it stays in.

Chapter 14 – Ecosystem – Our revision notes cover details about the functional unit of nature and our ecosystem and explain how the living organisms interact with each other and the physical environment of their surroundings.

Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation – Our revision notes cover the topics on the magnitude of biodiversity, its levels and the threats to biodiversity.

Chapter 16 – Environmental Issues – Our revision notes for Class 12 Biology is about pollution and how it is a threat to the environment.

For the 12th Biology Board, the Distribution of Marks Are as Follows

  1. The theory paper constitutes total - 70 marks 

  2. Practicals constitute total - 30 marks 


Students use the notes of class 12 biology provided by Vedantu to study as it is reliable and genuine. It is created from a trusted expert in the field and all up to date according to CBSE guidelines. Students can use these notes during the last minute preparation for their examinations and ace their exams.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2022-23

1. How to make the maximum use of the Chapter 12 Biology revision notes?

Once you go through the chapter, you can read through the revision notes of that particular Biology chapter. To make the maximum use of these notes, download the notes on your smartphone or any device that you use in your study. The benefits of downloading these notes are that you do not need an internet connection when you need to refer to them again. You can then go through these notes when you are revising the topic. If you feel stuck on any topic, then the categorized notes let you click on the chapter you wish to brush upon.

2. What is the necessity of the revision notes?

Revision is important, be it any subject. Any learning is not complete without proper revision. For better academic performance, students must do proper revision. Revision helps students to recall information. Those students who do not revise well tend to get confused and commit mistakes in the examination. They may also develop anxiety and stress, which in turn, hinders their exam performance. These revision notes are handy and come in use, especially during the exams. Revision is an important aspect, and once you download these revision notes, all you need to do is go through the topics you struggle with and revise them fast.

3. Which chapter in Class 12 Biology requires time to prepare for the examination?

Chapters like “Evolution” and “Principles of Inheritance and Variation” require more concentration as they are very vast. You have to read these chapters again and again and make notes out of them or you can refer to Class 12 Biology Notes on  Vedantu online which you can print and keep with you. Biology is a theoretical subject and you need to read it thoroughly to understand the topics. Hence, give extra time and effort to these topics so that you can score well in your board exams.

4. Which book should I prefer to prepare for Class 12 Biology?

NCERT Biology book is the best book, from which you should prepare for your board examination. NCERT is exhaustive in itself and it has all diagrams and questions which are asked in the examination. Students generally switch to reference books but they should stick to NCERT as it is sufficient from the viewpoint of exam preparation. Reference books are good, but instead of dwelling into depth, you should refer to Class 12 Biology Notes on Vedantu which will provide you with the concepts easily and exhaustively. Vedantu also provides the NCERT Solutions free of cost which are available on the official website and the Vedantu app.

5. Are learning diagrams necessary in Class 12 Biology?

Yes, diagrams hold a very crucial place in Biology. Without diagrams, you cannot imagine what the texts are. These diagrams allow you to learn things easily as you can imagine all things you saw in that diagram. For example, the human eye is a complicated concept but with a diagram, you can remember the terms which are marked. Also, in the board exam, you need to take care of the length of the answer. With diagrams, you can increase the volume of your answer and it will enhance what you’ve written.

6. Is it important to make notes in Class 12 Biology?

Yes, it is important to make notes in Biology, as the concepts it contains are very vast. These concepts cannot be remembered just by reading the chapter. You cannot retain what you read in the beginning till your examination. That is why notes play a major role in your preparation. By making notes, you can be confident about your preparation. These notes will be helpful for you in the long run as the concepts get extended in future degrees so you can have the basics with you always.

7. Is Class 12 Biology a tough subject?

It depends on your preparation. If you have prepared well then it will not bother you, but if you’ve not prepared then you will struggle writing answers. Though being a theory subject, Biology is fact-based. You cannot write anything on your own. Biology is a mixture of diagrams, theories, and facts. It also has rules, similar to Physics or Chemistry. The best way to learn Biology concepts is to read the NCERT textbook and material that is provided on Vedantu, as everything is written in an easy language.

8. How many chapters have been covered in the NCERT solutions for class 12 Biology?

The NCERT book for class 12 Biology prescribed by CBSE consists of a total of 16 chapters. Talk about various concepts in detail like reproduction, genetics, evolution, environmental issues, and biotechnology, etc. The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology provided by Vedantu cover all 16 chapters with well-explained answers, revision notes, and a list of important questions as well. Students can find the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology here.

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