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Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2015

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Biology - 2015 - Free PDF Download

Biology is one of the most important, interesting, and scoring subjects for the Class 12 board exam and medical exams such as NEET and AIIMS Exams. Students aspiring to excel in the board and other medical entrance exams should have a clear knowledge and understanding of the subject. Solving previous year question papers will help students to get familiar with the exam pattern and regular practice helps you to score high marks. To have a clear picture of the exam, students can access the CBSE Class 12 Biology Previous Year Question Paper offered by us. On this page, you can find the CBSE Class 12 Biology 2015 Board Exam Question Paper for reference.

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Biology Class 12 CBSE Syllabus

In CBSE Class 12 Board Exam, Biology consists of both theoretical and practical papers. In the Class 12 Board Exam, Biology carries 70 marks in the theoretical and 30 marks in the practical exam.

Chapter-Wise Marks Distribution

Serial No.

Chapter Name






Genetics and Evolution



Biology in Human Welfare



Biotechnology and its Applications



Ecology and Environmental Issues





Important Topics in Each Chapter

  1. Reproduction

Reproduction in Organisms, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health, Genetics and Evolution, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants are some of the important  concepts in this chapter.

  1. Genetics and Evolution

Heredity and Variation, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Evolution are the important topics in this chapter.

  1. Biology in Human Welfare

Human Health and Diseases, Microbes in Human Welfare, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production are important topics in this chapter.

  1. Biotechnology

Principles and Processes, Biotechnology and its Application are important topics in this chapter.

  1. Ecology and Environment

Organisms and Populations, Biodiversity and its Conservation, Ecosystem, Environmental issues are important topics in this chapter.

Overall the Reproduction, Biology in Human Welfare, and Ecology chapters are simple & easy to remember. Together these chapters carry 42 marks in the board exam. Genetics and Biotechnology are interrelated to each other; hence they can be learned together for better understanding.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Previous year Papers

Solving the previous year's question paper is one of the best preparation strategies for the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam. The following are some of the benefits of solving the CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers.

  • Students can understand the question pattern, distribution of marks and identify the important topics to learn for the examination. 

  • These papers make the students intelligent and confident to approach the examination. 

  • It helps to analyze the preparation and performance standards of the student.

  • This practice on a regular basis can be helpful to organize their learning and score well in board examinations.

  • Solving more previous year question papers improves the speed and accuracy of answering the questions correctly. 

CBSE Class 12 Biology 2015 Board Exam Paper Analysis

The CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam Question paper was quite easy when compared to previous papers. The paper has only one application-based question and there was no change in the question paper pattern. The paper demands more theoretical answers and there is a lesser need for drawing diagrams. Most of the questions are directly asked and simple to answer. The majority of the paper is completely filled with the Ecology section. One mark questions are quite tricky to interpret. On an overall analysis, the paper is suitable for a high score, as it is low in difficulty level and time-efficient.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu is one the most trusted education technology platforms when it comes to consulting topics for the examination. It has many highly educated teachers, who are directly involved in grooming the minds of children to bring out the best version of them. It provides educational notes for the students through its official website for every subject and every class. The students can also get access to the previous year's question papers, which will help the students in their exam preparations. Vedantu has a team of passionate and experienced subject matter experts. They are always ready to mentor students who are facing difficulty in understanding the subject. We, at Vedantu, offer whatever guidance and tips and tricks students need to get good marks in the subject. Our subject matter experts help students to learn how to write answers that will fetch them more marks.

Vedantu provides top-notch online mentoring services including study materials and LIVE classes by expert teachers. Students of Class 12 CBSE can make the most of our brilliant teachers to be consistent performers and achieve accolades in their academic journey.

FAQs on Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2015

1. Are Diagrams in CBSE Biology Class 12Important?

Diagrams in Biology are very important for both board exams and other medical exams such as NEET and AIIMS. Diagram-based questions are asked on a regular basis these days. For Example, Questions like “How Hershey and Chase proved the DNA is the genetic material?”- Theoretically it is one of the biggest questions but it can be answered using a diagram of the experiment conducted on Bacteriophage by Hershey and Chase too. Even a diagram explanation will get you full marks in the board examination. 

2. Which one is better for scoring more marks in the CBSE class 12 Board Exam- Mock Test or Previous Year Question Paper?

Practicing through mock tests and previous year question papers can be an easy way to revise the entire syllabus for the exam in a quick time. But, solving previous year question papers gives a fair idea of the exam pattern, question type, and difficulty level of the exam. It also provides the experience of actual examination to students, which boosts self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Previous year question papers help to analyze the practice and performance standards of the students to constantly upgrade themselves.

3. How to learn difficult CBSE Class 12 Biology terminology?

The best way to learn and remember the difficult biological terminologies is to write them on a note and practice them on a daily basis. Regular writing helps you to memorize the biological terms. For Example, If you need to learn the genus of a Baculovirus, i.e. “Nucleopolyhedrovirus”- biologically it is a big term, but you can easily learn it by writing the term repeatedly on a paper or note. Writing these terms on a handy note can help you to revise these concepts at the last minute of the examination.

4. How to study through CBSE Class 12 Previous year Question Paper?

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to study through CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Paper.

  • Study and go through the entire question paper first.

  • Create a strategy on how to approach the question paper effectively.

  • Prepare yourself in advance to decide which question to answer first and which question to skip.

  • Answer the questions only when you are more than 90% confident of answering it right. Skip the answers you don’t know.

  • Analyze your paper yourself honestly.

  • Go through each and every incorrect answer and learn them. So as to not repeat the same mistakes in the exam.

5. How to prepare for the CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam at the last minute?

It is advisable to prepare Reproduction, Biology in Human Welfare and Ecology chapters first as these are simple and easy to remember, and together carry a sum of 42 marks in the CBSE board exam and then go for Genetics and Biotechnology chapters, as they are interrelated to each other. Practice more mock and previous year question papers, as they can be helpful to revise the complete syllabus in less time. Revise the syllabus from revision notes taken on the time of live classes, etc.