Revision Notes for CBSE Class 7 Science

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CBSE Class 7 Science Revision Notes

If Science is not made interesting enough, students will fear it. You need CBSE Class Seven Science notes that can help your child to prepare for their exams easily. Experienced and highly-educated teachers at Vedantu have designed the revision notes for Class 7 Science to make the Science subject easy and fun for Class 7 students. Students can download NCERT Solution PDF for all subjects to prepare for their forthcoming exams. Maths Students who are looking for the better solutions, they can download Maths NCERT Solutions Class 7 to help you to revise complete CBSE syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Class 7 Science - Free PDF Solutions

How can Students Achieve Excellent Grades in a Class 7 Science Exam?

Downloading revision notes to any subject is an apt way to go if a student wants to do extra practice before a particular paper. In this site, Class 7th Science notes are made by teachers who have significant experience of the syllabus for many years. Thus, they are well placed to determine what topics are more important than the others and therefore more likely to come in exam papers. Class 7th Science notes, prepared by these well-experienced teachers, try to build a more substantial base for your child so that they find it easier to cope with complex concepts in the higher stages of their education.

Revision Notes Class 7 Science PDF Download

All the notes of Class 7 Science are available in PDF format to download for free. Drafted in simple and easy language, Science Class 7 notes help to strengthen students' fundamental knowledge and empower them to pursue a fruitful career in Science. CBSE Class 7 Science Notes allows students to score better in their exam by highlighting important topics that have high chances to come in exam. These notes also help students to understand the complex topics thoroughly through its short notes and graphical representation.

Revision Notes for Class 7 Science

Chapter 1 - Nutrition in Plants

The chapter talks about some crucial process of plants like:

  • Photosynthesis

  • Symbiosis

  • The different ways in which plants receive nutrients and nutrition.

Chapter 2 - Nutrition in Animals

Chapter 2 Class 7 Science mainly highlights:

  • The distinction between herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, as well as parasites.

  • The digestive process in human beings.

  • Organs involved in the digestion in the human body.

Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric

Revision notes of Class 7 Science Chapter 3 focus on:

  • Types of Animal Fibres- Wool and Silk.

  • Processing of Wool from Fibre.

  • Rearing of Silkworms to form Silk.

Chapter 4 - Heat

Class 7 Heat Revision Notes of Chapter 4 mainly focuses on:

  • Concept of Heat and Temperature.

  • The transfer of heat using practical applications like a land breeze and sea breeze.

  • Clinical and Laboratory Thermometer.

Chapter 5 - Acids, Bases, And Salts

Revision notes of Chapter 5 Class 7 Science explains:

  • Different types of acids and bases.

  • Various indicators you can use to determine the pH level.

Chapter 6 - Physical and Chemical Changes

Revision notes of Chapter 6 Class 7 Science highlights:

  • Characteristics of Physical and Chemical Changes.

  • Practical examples of chemical changes in daily life like Rusting of Iron, Crystallisation, etc.

Chapter 7 - Weather, Climate, and Adaptation of Animals to Climate

Revision notes of Chapter 7 Class 7 Science highlights:

  • Basics of Weather.

  • Different elements of weather.

  • Various factors that affect the weather.

  • Adaptations in animals based on climate change.

Chapter 8 - Winds, Storms, and Cyclones

Revision notes of Chapter 8 Class 7 Science highlights:

  • Air and its Properties: Explain Air Current, Air Pressure, Speed of Air, Cold Air vs Hot air.

  • Thunderstorms and Cyclones.

Chapter 9 - Soil

Revision notes of Chapter 9 Class 7 Science talks about:

  • How soil is formed.

  • Different types of soil: Clay, Slit, Sand and Gravel.

  • Soil Pollution.

Chapter 10 - Respiration in Organisms

Revision notes of Chapter 10, Class 7 highlights:

  • Different types of respiration: Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration.

  • Respiration in Humans.

  • Respiration in Plants & other organisms.

Chapter 11 - Transportation in Animals and Plants

Revision notes of Chapter 11 Class 7 highlights:

  • Circulatory System in Animals and Human.

  • Transportation in Plants.

  • Excretion in Living Organisms.

Chapter 12 - Reproduction in Plants

One of the most important chapters of Class 7 Science. Revision notes of Chapter 12 Class 7 focus on:

  • Pollination

  • Cross-pollination

  • Seed dispersal techniques.

Chapter 13 - Motion and Time

Revision notes of Chapter 13 Class 7 consists mainly:

  • Types of Motion.

  • The concept of Speed.

  • The relationship between distance and time.

Chapter 14 - Electric Current and its Effects

Chapter 14 is a crucial chapter of Class 7 Physics. Revision notes of Chapter 14 Class 7 consists mainly:

  • Electric current.

  • Major components of the electric circuit.

  • The effects of electric current.

Chapter 15 - Light

Class 7 Science Chapter 15 is significant for your higher studies. Revision notes of Chapter 15 Class 7 mainly talks about:

  • Properties of Light.

  • Laws of reflection.

  • Image formation by spherical mirrors.

  • Concave and Convex Lens.

Chapter 16 - Water - A Precious Resource

Revision notes of Chapter 15 Class 7 mainly cover the following topics in detail:

  • Various forms of water.

  • Water Cycle.

  • Reasons for water scarcity.

  • Water management.

Chapter 17 - Forests - Our Lifeline

Revision notes of Chapter 15 Class 7 talks about the following topics in detail:

  • Components of Forests.

  • Importance of Forests.

  • Ways to Conserve Forests.

Chapter 18 - Wastewater Story

Revision notes of Chapter 18 Class 7 cover majorly:

  • Wastewater management.

  • Sewage Systems.

FAQs on Revision Notes for CBSE Class 7 Science

1. From Where can I get the Revision Notes for Class 7 Science Along with Important Questions and Solutions Free of Cost Online?

If you are looking for well-explained revision notes of Class 7 Science, then you can download them in PDF format for free from Vedantu's official website.

2. Which Site is Best for Class 7th NCERT Science?

Vedantu is the best site to refer Class 7th NCERT Science notes. You can get chapter-wise notes of all classes on our official website and also download them in PDF format to access later. All the notes are prepared by experienced teachers and thus highly reliable and useful.

3. Where can I get free NCERT Notes for Class 7 Science?

The notes are easily available on the Vedantu site. You can go through the following steps to avail them -

  • Visit the page Revision Notes for Class 7 science.

  • The webpage with Vedantu’s notes for Class 7 Science will open.

  • To download this, click on the Download PDF button and you can view the notes offline.

Download these free of cost and go through them and you will be able to tackle most of the problems in the exam with ease and with confidence.

4. Which Science Book is Best for CBSE Class 7?

The NCERT book is by far the most important and useful book for concept understanding and exam preparation. In the NCERT Class 7 Science book, the topics are explained in a way that is easy for the students to understand. They can be used by students to answer the questions that they are unable to answer because they are stuck or have doubts. Hence, the best book for CBSE Class 7 Science is the NCERT Science book. To get access to all the study material for Class 7 science students can download the Vedantu app.

5. How many chapters are there in the class 7 Science NCERT textbook?

This textbook has 18 chapters. There are a number of interesting things that kids in Class 7 might study and also be intrigued to learn. This is why you must pay attention to all of these chapters and not miss any of them as all the concepts are interlinked and they also form the base of many topics that you will learn in your higher classes. You must practice the questions carefully if you want to do well for your Class 7 Science examinations. 

6. What is the syllabus of Class 7 Science?

The concepts introduced in Class 6 Science are continued in Class 7 Science. For example, the introduction of topics such as fibres to fabric or physical/chemical changes, electric current, and water was done by connecting them to their basic sections covered in prior classes. In this grade, students are exposed to the ideas of nutrition in both plants and animals, acids, bases, salts, heat, weather, climate, reproduction in plants, light, and motion. Students are advised to learn each concept well. For revision students can visit the page Revision Notes for Class 7 science and download free PDFs of revision notes for each chapter.

7. What is the nutrition in Class 7 answer?

To survive, all living creatures, including plants and animals, must have food. All living organisms, therefore, require nourishment to survive. Unlike people and animals, plants can produce their own sustenance. The basic components of food are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The process of utilizing them is known as nutrition. There are two types - Autotrophic - Plants are the main producers because of their autotrophic feeding. A heterotroph is an animal or human who relies on plants for nourishment.

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