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Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2017

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Previous Year Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2017 - Free PDF Download

When we talk about toughness and more renowned board exams than at that time CBSE board name is at the top of the list. And in every student's mind there must be fear about what kind kind of paper they must be getting. Because of this all students have pressure of completing the total syllabus in their mind and how much time they should devote to completing the syllabus. Only way to compete with this fear is to work hard. As we all know that class 11 is considered as the base of further higher education. So to do well in higher studies we have to put all efforts to do well in class 12 as by this we can focus on both class 12 board as well as other competitive exams. 

CBSE class 12 is considered as a major turning point for all students who want to do well in their further studies. As this is the subject from which students learn basic concepts and theories for further higher studies. So all students should do their best to do well in class 12 CBSE board. 

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 2017

The board’s exams whether 10th or 12th are so crucial for the student's future that they single-mindedly focus on securing good grades in these boards. If you see the level of competition and the toughness of these exams, you would realize that mere reading of NCERTs might not be sufficient for you to achieve your target of getting the highest scores in the exams. 

A team of experts has analyzed all the problems which a student might face before appearing on their boards, some of which are - 

  • Unable to finish the syllabus on time 

  • Unable to finish the paper on time 

  • Lack of clarity of some of the topics

  • The appearance of questions in the papers which are not covered in NCERTs and so on. 

Free PDF of previous year's questions paper for CBSE resolves all of the problems students have to face. Know more about the advantages of using these previous year's papers.

Advantages of Referring Previous Year Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2017 - Free PDF - 

  • Minimize the vast syllabus - With a wide range of study materials and content students often get confused and fail to cover the syllabus. Sample paper will help you sort the important topics. 

  • Understanding the demand of the paper - The structure of the questions and the important topics 

  • Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses - Solving previous year’s papers will help you analyze your understanding of the subject and the areas of concern

  • Targeted study - More time can be devoted to those areas where you need more attention  

  • Analytical skills - With practice students will be able to develop question-solving skills

  • Better time management - Practicing past year's papers will give you an edge over other students. You will be more confident in completing the paper on time in the exam 

  • Quick revision - Before the exams, you can simply go through the past year's papers as your revision notes. Points in the form of questions and answers are better to recollect in the exam hall. 

  • Improve your scores - There will be a lesser probability of committing mistakes after regular practice. 

Strategy of Preparation

As during preparation of class 12 CBSE board there are so many strategic plans which we all should follow like solving previous year question papers, solving sample papers, revising the concepts again and again, doing regular studies and many more. All these solving previous year question papers is considered most important as we can learn the format of paper from where we can make preparation strategy. We can download previous year papers from Vedantu site. 


It's never too late when you are so dedicated towards your goals. So start practising the questions from CBSE Class 12th Board Previous Year Question, once you are over with your syllabus. If you want to learn the best paper format from previous years question papers then you should mainly be focused on the last five years papers before your board exams. By this you can learn the pattern of paper, answer framing ability, types of questions usually asked in paper. By this you can revise your whole syllabus. All these things will make you understand the trend which CBSE follows in forming a board question paper and by this we can score good marks in board exams. 


Instructions for the Students 

Some of the instructions which all student should while preparation are: 

  • While solving question papers one should not be in a hurry while attempting questions. As each question needs full focus as for this thorough study of the question we call 15 minutes which are provided from CBSE side. In this time we can plan strategy in which way we will be attempting questions. 

  • All students should check the proper code number given in the question paper.

  • All students should check the total number of questions in a proper way.

  • While writing answers to the questions you all should be careful about sequencing the question number and their answers. 


Pattern of CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper:

When we start preparation it is necessary to know about the pattern of paper. For this students are advised to understand the paper pattern of CBSE biology class 12, so that we can remove all confusion from your mind. Below is the list of biology paper patterns of  class 12 CBSE board. 


Role of Vedantu

Vedantu provides you with so many sample papers of each subject for both class 10th and 12th along with previous year papers. Vedantu sets sample paper by keeping in mind the pattern and syllabus which CBSE Board covers. We really believe in giving you the quality of content instead of quantity. By solving sample papers you can learn answer framing ability along with time management and all these tricks are going to play a magic point in your exams. The more you practice the more you get adapted towards question paper. So all students are advised to solve previous year question papers from Vedantu site in a regular manner.

FAQs on Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2017

1. What is CBSE?

CBSE ( central board of secondary education ) is known as one of the toughest and renowned boards of India and it is regularised by the central government. And in every student's mind there must be fear about what kind kind of paper they must be getting. Because of this all students have pressure of completing the total syllabus in their mind and how much time they should devote to completing the syllabus. Only way to compete with this fear is to work hard. As we all know that class 11 is considered as the base of further higher education.

2. How Vedantu notes are important for exam preparation?

Notes prepared by vedantu categories concepts of each chapter in a very precise and creative way to make you learn concepts easily. We prepared notes by keeping in mind the mental stability of each student. Going through biology revision notes prepared by Vedantu again and again will definitely help you in performing well in your academics and other competitive exams like NEET, PAT, etc.

3. Is the previous year's biology of 2017 still relevant for the academic year 2024-25? 

It has been observed that the past 10 years' papers are still relevant for the students appearing for the academic year 2024-25. 

The CBSE guidelines and the paper pattern have not seen any major changes as a result the relevancy is still the same. Thus, students should focus on practising the past 8-10 previous year’s papers in order to increase their chance of performing well in the exams.

4. Where can we find all the CBSE Class 12 biology’s previous years’ Papers? 

On the website of Vedantu you will find all the previous years’ papers of CBSE class 12 biology. Along with the question paper, you will also find the solution to every paper. You can compare your answers with the solutions provided by the experts at Vedantu and also add value to your existing study material.

5. How to download the CBSE Previous year Questions Paper for Class 12 biology? 

The steps to download are mentioned below - 

  • Visit the Vedantu website - 

  • On the website go to the options study material 

  • From the given options select CBSE

  •  Select Class 12 previous years’ paper 

  • A list of previous years’ papers will appear on the screen 

  • Select the required set of paper you want to download  

  • Click on the download icon to download the PDF format of sample papers with solution for free

You can also download the previous years’ papers on your mobile through Vedantu’s mobile app.

6. How can I utilize the CBSE Previous Year’s Questions Paper for Class 12 in the best possible way? 

Follow the step mentioned below- 

  • Students should understand the concepts well from the NCERT textbooks

  • Students should try to attempt all the questions and perform all the activities mentioned in the NCERT textbook (seek help from your subject teachers or the subject experts at Vedantu) 

  • Add value by associating the concepts to the real-life Scenario. This is how the teachers at Vedantu clear the basic concepts of students and make them take the idea forward. 

  • Students should take the mock exams from the CBSE Class 12 previous years’ papers 

  • Compare your answers with the solutions provided by the experts at Vedantu 

  • Mark your corrections, make a note of important terms, and keep revising them