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Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2013

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Biology - 2013 - Free PDF Download

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CBSE Class 12 Biology - 2013 Question Paper

Biology is a very important subject for students especially for those who are pursuing Bio-Science in school. Usually the tussle between Biology and Maths can become mentally fatiguing since both require immense concentration, understanding of concepts and equal importance for a good aggregate in the exam. Unlike other Science subjects, Biology involves more unfamiliar and new concepts and vocabulary as compared to that in Std 10. Be it new terms and vocabulary associated with complex processes, initially brainstorming can be very tough. Basic Biology is all about memorising but as the level advances, one has to have a good grasp of certain concepts of Chemistry and Physics like understanding the chemical reactions in our body during the process of digestion. Given that, most students prefer Maths over Biology. The significance of the subject does not lessen in any way. Beyond the Board exams, many students start preparing for medical exams like NEET and AIIMS in which Biology is the most prioritised subject of the lot. So, emphasis on Biology should be based not just to succeed in the Board exams but also to score sufficient marks to be eligible for the above prestigious medical exams. Vedantu provides similar sample/mock papers to students so that they achieve heights and score well in the exam.  

Syllabus for CBSE Class 12 Biology

The CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013) is divided into two parts- the theory paper is of 70 marks and the practical/ assessment is of 30 marks. The syllabus of the theory paper of  CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013) is as follows:

  1. Reproduction constitutes questions of 14 marks

  2. Genetics and Evolution questions of 18 marks

  3. Biology in Human Welfare questions of 14 marks

  4. Biotechnology and its Applications questions of 10 marks

  5. Ecology and Environmental Issues questions of 14 marks

FAQs on Biology Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2013

1. Which chapters should be studied first for CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013) ?

To score well in the Boards paper, all chapters need to be understood properly. But chapters like Reproduction, Biology in Human Welfare and Ecology together constitute 42 marks of the paper and have lots of topics and concepts to cover and hence should be completed first. The other chapters like Genetics and Biotechnology have to be studied together as many concepts are linked to one another and require more concentration. In all, students have to study and revise in a manner such that they understand the pattern and are able to identify the linkage and combination of chapters which need to be studied together.

2. How important are diagrams in the CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013) ?

Visual learning is one of the best techniques of studying extensive subjects like Biology. Biology without diagrams is unimaginable since students understand a whole concept and are often asked in the Board exams. Even in the NEET and AIIMS medical exams, diagram-based questions can be extremely scoring. Students, after completing an answer involving a complex process, can get full marks if the whole process is then described via a diagram. For example if a question is asked to prove a certain theory in Biology, the answer can be substantiated through the diagram of the experiment.

3. Should students look into other resource books apart from NCERTS for CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013)?

The main reason why CBSE has recommended NCERTS for students is because of the clear and self-explanatory chapters and the question banks post the chapters. Even competitive exams like UPSC ask for NCERTS to be studied since basic knowledge can be cleared and understood through them. If one studies too many side books and neglects the NCERTS, the process of learning will only be elongated and more confusing ahead of the exam. Study materials for revision can be used for short notes and are available on Vedantu’s official website in the PDF Format for free.

4. How do we learn the difficult terminologies for the CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013)?

Scientific terms to define various concepts and theorems can be overwhelming and can push the students off the edge. Because most of the terms are unfamiliar and never heard of before, it can act as an obstacle for students who are unable to comprehend the subject solely for this reason. One of the best ways to learn difficult Biology terms is by writing the term many times for easy memorisation. This will not only help during revision but also strengthen the hold over the concept even more.

5. Is Genetics the most difficult chapter in CBSE Std 12 Biology paper (2013)?

Genetics is an integral portion of Biology and can also be the most extensive and difficult chapter concept-wise. Often students struggle with the topic since Genetics cannot be memorised as a chapter.  It is solely based on the understanding of the student and hence is more time-consuming than the rest of the syllabus. Once different concepts of Genetics are clearly comprehensible, it becomes the easiest chapter of Biology. Hence, Genetics and Biotechnology are like two pods of the same pea and have to be studied together.