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ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper - 2019 Board Examinations

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Previous Year Biology Question Paper for ISC Class 12 Board - 2019 - Free PDF Download

Free PDF download of ISC Class 12 Biology 2019 question paper with solutions solved by expert teachers on By practising Class 12 Biology 2019 question paper to score more marks in your examination. Register for Live Online Biology tuitions to clear your doubts.

Biology is a theoretical subject and one of the most scoring subjects in the study of Science. It requires you to learn its terms and definition and also, the key points to score well in your board exams. Textbooks and revision notes can be of major importance during the time in which you are preparing for your exams.

Previous year question papers of Biology for ISC board can also play a major role in letting you attain good marks in the subject of Biology. You can get the previous year question papers of Biology for ISC on the Vedantu app which you can directly install from the Google Play Store or you can also visit its official website. The previous year question paper of Biology not only contains equations but also, contains the answers so that you can thoroughly analyse your level of preparation then and there itself.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Previous Year Question Paper is the Best Strategy for Exam Preparations

In the subject of Biology, textbooks, revision notes and important classes and lectures by your Biology teacher can be sufficient for scoring well in this particular subject but, after grasping the knowledge through your sources you need to analyse the level of acquisition of knowledge that has been imparted to you through your productive sources. For analysing yourself, the previous year question paper can play a major role in letting you learn about the areas in the topic in which you are lagging behind and also, the ones in which you have excelled.

FAQs on ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper - 2019 Board Examinations

1. From where can I get the previous year questions of Biology for Class 12?

You can get the previous year questions from the Vedantu app or by visiting its official website or you can also click on the link provided to you ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper - 2019 Board Examinations. Clicking on this link, you will not only get the questions of the previous year but you also get the solutions to those questions. Those questions are answered by the subject matter experts at Vedantu so, it helps you tremendously with the preparation of exams.

2. What are the benefits of solving the previous year questions for ISC Class 12?

Previous year questions act as a saviour when you are completely oblivious to the exam pattern that you are appearing for the first time in your life. It makes you ready for your ultimate exam and also, it points out your weaknesses which you can improve while you have time to enhance your strengths as well. It also helps you manage your time and get the accuracy during the exams.

3. From when shall I actually begin solving the previous year questions for ISC Class 12?

The best time for you to start solving the previous year questions is to start solving them after you have completed all your revisions of that particular subject. After your revisions are over and you are ready to answer the questions without referring to your textbooks or revision notes, then you can try solving the questions from the previous years.

4. How can I score good marks in Biology in my ISC Class 12 board exams?

Scoring marks in theoretical subjects including Biology is based on the fact of how well and for how long you can remember the key terms and their definitions. Use keywords as much as you can and avoid necessary points that make your answers lengthy, without fetching you any marks and also, takes away a lot of your time. Memorize things in a smart and efficient way and write precise answers in your answer scripts.

5. What are the most scoring chapters in Biology for Class 12?

As far as Biology is concerned, the most scoring chapters are genetics, ecology, reproduction, biotechnology. Try to give weightage to each and every chapter equally and read the important terms and their definitions. These points can give you a very good score in Biology. In theoretical subjects, always make it a point to give emphasis on the important terms, keywords and their definitions.