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ISC Biology Question Paper 2018 Solved for Class 12 Board

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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ISC Biology Question Paper 2018 Solved for Class 12 Board - Free PDF

Class 12 is important in a student’s life. The marks scored in the board exams in the class help the students get admission into colleges and universities of their choice in India and abroad. The ICSE board offers the students a variety of subjects to choose from in Classes 11 and 12. The subjects and syllabus offered to the students help them gather in-depth knowledge of the topic, broaden their horizons and build their analytical skills. The board exam can be highly competitive as all the students want to score good marks in each subject to maintain a high aggregate score. 

The students should be thorough with their syllabus throughout the year. They should be consistent in revising what is being taught at school. This will help them memorize better for the exam. The students should also create a  timetable for the subject and the topics and clarify what all their syllabus consists of. They should set short or daily goals for themselves to keep themselves motivated. The students should prepare notes regularly as well. Especially while preparing for an exam, writing and learning help you memorize better. The notes also help you make a large amount of information in a concise format which makes it easier to revise. Another important task that all the students should perform before appearing for board exams is to attempt as many sample papers as possible. This will help the students familiarize themselves with the pattern of the paper and the kind of questions they should expect. It will help them understand how to answer the questions. The students can analyze their answers by referring to the solutions pdf available on the Vedantu website. Doing so will help them realize what part of the syllabus may need more attention and practice and how well they have performed. Attempting question papers will also help you manage your time and maintain speed while answering the board exams. 

The syllabus for Class 12 Biology includes chapters that talk about the origin of life, cells in plants and animals, genetics, and the application of biology. All the topics give in-depth knowledge on sub-topics like diffusion, osmosis, photosynthesis, reproduction, evolution, etc. for building a strong base that would help the students in their future classes. 

The above PDF consists of solutions to the ISC Biology question paper 2018, solved by the highly experienced teachers at Vedantu. Students appearing for the ISC board exams are always advised to solve and practice the last five years’ questions to score well in the board exams. It helps them get a better understanding of the question pattern and marks distribution of the ISC board examination. The solutions of previous years’ question papers available on Vedantu will help students to make a self-assessment as well. Solving this 12th Biology question paper 2018 within the stipulated time as mentioned in the question paper will help students work on their time-management skills. They may refer to the solutions of the ISC 2018 Biology paper provided in the PDF, to scrutinize their own answers and identify the errors.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

ISC Biology Question Paper 2018 for Class 12 Board - Free PDF Download

Question pattern and marks distribution.


The ISC Biology paper 2018 is subdivided into two parts, namely, Part- I and Part- II and each of the two parts has a separate weightage of marks.



The first part of the 2018 ISC Biology paper carries a total of 20 marks. It is mandatory for students to attempt all the questions in this part of the question paper. Mostly these are short answer type questions and a few multiple-choice questions as well. Some questions in this part of the 2018 Biology question paper have definitions, ‘name the following’ and reasoning type of answers. Biological names of various species, the significant contribution of scientists constitute some of the questions in Part-I of the ISC Biology question paper 2018.    



The second part of the 12th Biology question paper 2018 is further subdivided into three sections: ‘Section A’, ‘Section B’ and ‘Section C’. The first section of this part carries a total of 14 marks. The next two sections carry 21 marks (Section B) and 15 marks (Section C), respectively. All the questions in these three sections are compulsory.


In this section of the ISC 2018 Biology paper, there are questions from the chapter of ‘Fundamentals of Genetics’. The sample answers to these questions (as provided by Vedantu’s subject matter experts) have a detailed explanation for the possible genotypes and phenotypes along with the required Punnett Squares. 


In Section B of this 2018 ISC Biology paper apart from the long answer type questions, drawing labeled diagrams and filling in incomplete tables are also there. 


Section C of the ISC Biology question paper 2018 consists of three questions. There are choices provided for each of these three questions. All the questions in this section are long answer-type questions. So students may closely refer to the sample answers provided in the above PDF and take note of the key points that are to be written.


Referring to the solutions in the above PDF will help students understand the number of points they need to write down in their answers depending upon the mark's weightage. Also, students may download the solved ISC question papers of the last five years for their reference from this website.

FAQs on ISC Biology Question Paper 2018 Solved for Class 12 Board

1. Is it necessary to prepare all the chapters for the ICSE Class 12 Biology Exam?

Yes, the students must prepare all the chapters in their syllabus. The students should thoroughly read through all the chapters and mark important points as well. Making notes from within the chapters will help them understand better and memorize easily. Questions are asked from all the chapters in the exam so it is important that the students know all the syllabus to score well.

2. What is the pattern of the Biology Practical Exam?

The students have to appear for a 3 hours long practical exam which is worth 30 marks. The students may be asked to perform experiments or examine specimens depending on what is asked in the question. Along with this the students also have to submit a project worth 10 marks and the practical file worth 5 marks. This is a part of the total 30 marks attributed to the practical exam. The students should be well-versed with what they have been taught in practical classes throughout the year. 

3. How can students prepare for the practical exam?

Biology is the scientific study of life itself. Practical exams are an important aspect of assessment in such a subject. The students must know their theory well to apply it in practical classes and exams. Theory helps form a strong base for the practical exam. The students should also practice and revise all the diagrams to perform better in the practicals. Make notes while attending practical classes as this will help you during the final practical exams. Recollecting as much from the class will help you revise better as well. The project file and the practical file should be accurate and well made as they constitute 15 marks of the practical exam. 

4. How do you perform spotting in Biology?

Spotting is looking for specific features in a specimen. It is an important part of the practical exam. Students are asked to take specimens from test tubes or otherwise. You can be asked to observe cells, fish, etc under a microscope and identify the characteristics. You have to spot them carefully and write them down. The students must know their theory well to be able to identify the characteristics easily. The external examiner can give you any kind of specimen so you must be thorough with all your theory. 

5. Are PDF Solutions enough for Revision?

The pdf solutions provided by Vedantu for Class 12 Biology are enough for the students to prepare for the exam. But the students should read through all the chapters from the textbook and attempt all the questions. They can refer to the solutions for reference. The solutions are framed by experienced teachers and in a step-by-step manner for the students to easily understand the concepts. The solutions make the revision easier for the students as all the information is in a concise form.