Important Questions for CBSE Class 7 Science

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CBSE Class 7 Science Chapter wise Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Every student gains knowledge to score the highest possible marks in the exams, but due to confusing theories of specific subjects, this objective becomes challenging to achieve. Science is one of the most confusing subjects as it involves a lot of complicated theories. Students who are weak in Science must consider practising important questions for Class 7 Science which will revise their knowledge and make their core knowledge stronger than before. Regular practice of Class 7 Science important questions improves the skills of students. The important questions for Class 7 Science along with solutions can be downloaded from Vedantu for free.

Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. can download NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science and Class 7 Maths NCERT Solutions to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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CBSE Class 7 Science Question Papers Free PDF Download

Students who are in Class 7 and are experiencing that the subject Science is more difficult than they expected and they are incapable of scoring good marks in this subject, they should consider downloading CBSE Class 7 Science important questions PDF that is available for free online. This important questions Class 7 Science PDF helps the students in making their preparation efficient and better. 

Efficient preparation will make the students more confident about scoring good marks in the final exams. While practising the Class 7th Science important questions that are in the PDF, students will gain a lot of knowledge that can help the students in their future career. Students with a strong base knowledge in Science can achieve any objective that they have set to achieve in the Science subject. The free 7th class Science important questions turn out to be of great help.

Class 7 Important Questions Science

Class 7 is an important stage in every student's career because the knowledge a student has gained in Class 7 will act as a base for the higher classes. A student who remains unclear and confused about chapters like  Nutrition in Plants, Nutrition in Animals, Fibre to Fabric, Heat, Acids, Bases and Salts, Physical and Chemical Changes, Soil, Winds, Storms and Cyclones, Respiration in Organisms and Reproduction in plants can't perform well in higher classes. A strong base is mandatory to perform well in higher classes. To make the base stronger, a student should practice Class 7 Science important questions regularly.

Science is a difficult and challenging subject as it involves confusing theories that are hard to remember. Students learn theories like the photosynthesis process, digestive system in humans, how wool and silk are obtained, method of measuring temperature and transfer of heat, the process of neutralisation, crystallisation process, the water absorption process by soil, respiration system in human beings and many more theories in Class 7 Science. Science subjects can act as a barrier for a student in the way of securing good marks in the exams. In order to overcome this barrier, students should consider practising Science Class 7 important questions which will help the students to get an overall view of the subject. 

The solutions to these important questions are solved by some expert teachers who have years of experience in this field and have taught many children in their career which is why they know the technique of making the student understand a complicated solution in a simple way. The experienced Vedantu teachers solve the questions in a well-structured manner and simple language so that it will be understandable by every student who reads it. There are no mistakes committed by the teachers while solving this Science Class 7 important questions, thus ensuring the students that the quality of the solutions is top-notch, and they can be dependent on it The questions that are solved by Vedantu followed the rules and regulations imposed by the board because any deviations from that can cost a student a lot.

Benefits of CBSE Class 7 Science Question Papers

The only thing that a student can do who is facing difficulties while preparing the Science subject is to practice CBSE Class 7 Science important questions more and more. Some of the benefits of solved Science question papers are:-

  • The questions that are solved are explained briefly so that students can understand it clearly and thoroughly.

  • The questions are solved following the format approved by the board because any deviations from that can cost students some marks in the exams. 

  • These questions are most likely to come in the exams, thus making the preparation of students efficient.

  • The questions are solved by some expert teacher who has years of experience in this field.

FAQs on Important Questions for CBSE Class 7 Science

1. What is nutrition?

Ans: All living organisms require food to survive and generate energy for their bodies. The process of utilizing the food for generating energy by a living organism is termed as nutrition. Plants are the only living organisms that produce their food and by themselves initiate the process of nutrition. There are two modes of nutrition which are autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition. Living organisms that make use of autotrophic nutrition produce their own food and are termed as autotrophs. Living organisms who are dependent on other organisms for food are the ones who use heterotrophic nutrition and are known as heterotrophs.

2. Explain the human digestive system.

Ans: The human digestive system includes the gastrointestinal tract and also different organs of digestion such as the tongue, salivary glands, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. Digestion is the process of breaking down the intake food into smaller components so that the human body can absorb the nutrients that are present in the food. The human digestive system has some enzymes which help the body to break the food into smaller parts. After utilizing the food for nutrients, the remaining unused or undigested part is thrown out of the body. Students will learn all about this by regularly practising important questions for Class 7 Science.

3. How can I get free NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science?

Ans:  You can visit Vedantu's website( and download the solutions freely. These solutions are well explained in the NCERT solutions very systematically. The Class 7 students can prepare the subject through NCERT solutions without any confusion. The answers are given in an accurate format teaching the students the method of answering the questions relevantly. The solutions are all given according to the chapter and all the answers from the text are given in an organized way. These solutions are available at free of cost on Vedantu( and mobile app.

4. What is the method to study for Class 7 Science exam?

Ans: Students can easily study for Class 7 Science by referring to NCERT solutions.  The solutions are easy to understand. The notes are very useful and help the students to have a thorough preparation for the exam.

Tips to prepare for the Class 7 science exam are

  1. Read the chapters thoroughly.

  2. Understand the concept.

  3. Be attentive and be focused while studying.

  4. Be thorough with the definitions and formulas.

  5. Start the preparation early so you will have enough time for revision.

  6. Make a study time and be regular and complete the portions accordingly.

  7. Practise writing the answers so that the time management is accurate.

5. What are the topics in Class 7 Science?

Ans: There are a total of 18 chapters in Class 7 science. They are Nutrition in Plants, Nutrition in Animals, Fibre to Fabric, Heat, Acids Bases and Salts, Physical and Chemical Changes,  Winds, Storms and Cyclones, Soil, Respiration in organisms, Transportation in Animals and Plants, Reproduction in Plants, Motion and Time, Electric Current and Affects, Light, Water a Precious Resource, Forests our Lifeline, Wastewater story, Weather Climate and Adaptation Of Animals to Climate.

6. What are the benefits of NCERT for Class 7 Science?

Ans:  The benefits of NCERT solutions for Class 7 Science are as below:

  1. The solutions are according to the chapter organized systematically.

  2. The answers are easy.

  3. The explanations of the chapter are in simple language and are comprehensive.

  4. The topics of each chapter are covered in detail.

  5. The preparation of notes becomes easy with NCERT solutions.

  6. The syllabus is according to the CBSE.

  7. The NCERT solutions are prepared by experts having deep subject knowledge.

  8. The practice of the important questions and the practise exercise will be an added advantage to prepare thoroughly.

7. What are the tips to be perfect in Class 7 Science?

Ans:  Science is a very important subject and has to be prepared well with a thorough understanding. The basics and the fundamentals that are learnt in Class 7 will be useful as the topics will be continued in detail in the higher classes.

Some of the tips below can help you to be perfect in Class 7 Science.

  1. Make a proper study structure and timetable.

  2. Dedicate a study time according to your convenience.

  3. Whatever the portions you have to complete make sure you are finishing the same day.

  4. Read the chapter. When you read the chapter for the first time you might not understand it thoroughly. Read again.

  5. Once you have understood, practise answering the questions and compare the answers if you are right or wrong.

  6. Rectify the mistakes.

  7. Make note of the important points according to the chapter.

  8. Be regular in your studies.

  9. Revise the previous day chapters.

  10. Make your study sessions interesting.

  11. Take breaks in between.

  12. Once you finish the syllabus try to answer the sample question paper.

These are the simple tips and if followed you can surely be perfect in Class 7 Science. You can also refer to Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for all the chapters' answers in detail.

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