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Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 Biology (2024-25)

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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CBSE Class 11 Biology Chapter wise Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Class 11 Biology has an interesting syllabus that covers different topics. The marks distribution of the chapters explains that students will have to prepare all of them with the utmost attention. It will help them to score more in the board exam and rank well in the competitive exams. To make it easier, download and practice solving the Class 11 Biology Term 2 Important Questions with Solutions for all chapters. These questions and their solutions have been compiled by the subject experts of Vedantu with the sole purpose to boost your preparation.

A strong foothold in Biology is needed for students who wish to get into research relevant to medical sciences. It is therefore imperative that students must strengthen their fundamentals in Class 11 with Class 11 NCERT Biology important questions with answers to be able to grasp the advanced concepts in Class 12. This will ensure that they will be ready to grasp and understand the knowledge gained when they make a choice for their undergraduate studies. Biology as a subject requires students to give concise and succinct answers to questions which will convey the requisite points. Vedantu’s online platform now offers the students a facility to learn pre-written accurate answers to questions from important chapters. Important questions of biology class 11 free PDF download is a scripted answer sheet to all vital questions in Biology. Here are some reasons why Class 11 NCERT Biology important questions with answers will benefit students for their board examinations in Class 12:

  • Vedantu is home to one of the best teachers in the country who write the answers in a comprehensible format

  • The questions and answers are recorded after careful research and planning

  • The answers are meticulously written making it easy for students to memorize and recall during examinations

  • Explanations to questions are written in a simple and understandable format

  • Vedantu’s Biology Class 11 important questions with solutions are of great assistance to students and saves a lot of time as they do not have to go through the onerous task of writing answers to important questions

Download CBSE Class 11 Biology Important Questions 2024-25 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 11 Biology Important Questions for other chapters

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Important Questions for Class 11 Biology CBSE Board

Lectures held in school do cover explanations of the concepts of every chapter entailed in the syllabus. However, schools are not in a position to get students to write answers to questions owing to the vast syllabus that needs to be covered. Although students understand the concepts they find it hard to learn from an examination point of view. Vedantu’s important questions for class 11 biology chapter wise serve as a preparatory guide for students during examinations. Practising from the CBSE class 11 biology important questions free pdf download will help students to learn chapters quickly, strengthen their basics and score marks.

Significance of CBSE Class 11 Important Questions Biology All Chapters

There are a total of 22 chapters included in the Class 11 Biology syllabus. The chapters have been added to this syllabus for the development of a conceptual foundation among the students who want to pursue courses related to this subject after higher secondary education.

This is why all the chapters are important to study. For this, students will need a medium to practice answering fundamental questions from these chapters. Apart from the exercise questions, students can use the Important Questions for Class 11 Biology Board Exam for all the chapters and practice to increase their conceptual level.

These questions are compiled by following the latest CBSE syllabus guidelines. They also come with specific solutions to help the students focus on their preparations. Solving these questions and following the solutions will develop the biology answering skills and knowledge among the students. They will become more capable of scoring well in the Class 11 Biology exams.

Advantages of Important Questions for Class 11 Biology Board Exam

  • The questions are compiled chapter-wise so that you can add more convenience to your practice sessions. You can easily find the questions related to the chapter you have finished studying.

  • Resolve doubts related to these questions by referring to the solutions and make your practice session more productive. Save time by finding the right answers to your queries and proceed with preparations.

  • Follow the answering formats given in the solutions to learn how to attempt answering particular questions and learn to score more. The answers are given in a simpler version so that you can easily comprehend the context of the questions.

  • Assess your preparation level by solving the Class 11 Biology Important Questions with Answers PDF and find out where you need to focus on more to prepare better.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu is revolutionising the way students can prepare for their examinations with our unique online resources. Our resources are simple to use, completely free and are extremely reliable. Busy lives, increasing expenses and other factors are proving to be hindrances to parents to source private tutors for their students. Students generally do not need tuitions in Class 11 and can benefit from a guide which will give them a steady direction to study. Vedantu completes this jigsaw by offering important questions of biology class 11 free PDF download as a ready reckoner to students. This kind of support offered to students in today’s technology-driven world have opened new avenues to students.

Download CBSE Class 11 Biology Important Questions with Answers PDF 2024

Get the free PDF versions of these important questions for all the chapters and complete your preparation material. Complete studying chapters in this syllabus one after the other and answer these questions to build your concepts stronger. Follow the solutions and learn how to score more by answering the exam questions faster and precisely.  

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Human Physiology





FAQs on Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 Biology (2024-25)

Q1. Is Class 11 Biology hard?

Ans:  Biology Class 11 is an interesting yet extensive subject. It requires plenty of reading, memorization, and practice of diagrams. The subject is not extremely difficult per se but It does require strenuous hard work on the part of the students. With the correct planning and strategy, students can easily score good marks in Class 11 Biology with the right efforts as they can always turn to Vedantu for help. They can look for Vedantu's important questions, revision notes, NCERT Solutions for added help in their studies.

Q2. What are the chapters in Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Class 11 Biology has a total of 22 Chapters, which are covered in five main units. The five units are:

  1. Diversity of Living Organisms

  2. Structural Organisation in Plants & Animals

  3. Cell: Structure and Functions

  4. Plant Physiology

  5. Human Physiology: Section A & Section B

The marks in the CBSE Examination are distributed as per the units. For the ease of students, Vedantu has listed important questions from all these chapters here.

These solutions are available on Vedantu's official website( and mobile app free of cost.

Q3. What is biodiversity in Chapter 1 The Living World of Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Unit 1 of Class 11 deals with the amazing diversity in the world. Planet Earth contains a phenomenal diversity of living organisms. Chapter 1 "The Living World" talks about the taxonomic categories of this diversity. "Bio" means life and diversity refers to a variety. Hence Biodiversity refers to the variant life forms that exist on earth. It is the number and types of organisms living on earth. 

Q4. What are some good Biology questions?

Ans: Class 11 Biology is a vast subject. Each chapter contains an important set of questions for the purpose of exams.  For example;

  • What is a taxon?

  •  Illustrate the taxonomic hierarchy with a suitable example

 Why are lysosomes called suicidal bags?

These are a couple of good question examples from an examination viewpoint. Students can find many such important questions here. Vedantu has divided important questions from each chapter as per the marks in the examination.

Q5. What are the basic questions in Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Class 11 Biology has some long chapters dealing with important topics. The subject matter is vast and covers various areas of Biology. In exams, basic questions are asked involving important Biological processes, definitions, uses, names of enzymes, etc. For example;

  • How does fat absorption take place?

  • Which glands secrete sebum?

  • What is the function of Leydeig's cells?

  • Define cardiac cycle

Many such basic biological questions are asked in the exams. You can look up such questions here.

Q6. What is the most difficult question of Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Difficult questions depend on the chapters you find difficult. For instance, if you find  Cell and its Division hard, you might find questions related to mitosis and meiosis hard. There is as such no question that is impossible to get right in Biology. It depends on your level of preparation and understanding. If you prepare well and go through all the important questions, NCERT Solution, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers, you won’t find any question overly difficult.

Q7. What is Biology?

Ans: Biology is a field of science that deals with all the aspects of life and living organisms. It deals with naming living organisms, to the intricacies of cellular organisms, animals, and human life processes. It is a vast science. 

Class 11 Biology talks about nomenclature and classification of the biodiversity on earth, cells and their divisions, plants, biomolecules, and various human life processes. Class 11 Biology is definitely interesting and students would enjoy learning about these various topics.