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ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Biology

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Previous Year Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Biology- Free PDF Solutions

The Class 10 Board exam is an important benchmark in a student’s academic journey.  Vedantu, a premier online mentoring platform provides ICSE Class 10 Board exams reference study materials. Students can download Class 10 ICSE previous year’s question papers Biology in a downloadable PDF format. These question papers are solved by subject matter experts to help students practice well for the exam. The solutions given by expert tutors help students understand how to write answers in the exam. Download the solved previous year’s question papers for ICSE Class 10 Biology in free PDF format.

Biology is a very interesting subject that offers a base in many fields in higher studies. Use these question papers to get an edge over everyone else and score amazing marks in the next exam. Using previous years’ papers is definitely one of the most advised methods of revising important topics. They not only help in improving confidence but give you a better idea of how questions are asked in the final exams. Several times, questions are also repeated in the final exams, so the more you solve these papers, the better!

Use them at your group study sessions or practice alone. Make sure that you time yourself while solving each previous year question paper. This will allow you to make the most out of these papers to manage time, improve the quality of the answers and make sure that your answers are spot on. Vedantu has a range of question papers that can be explored for free so that everyone can learn and get better! Vedantu also provides solutions to these papers so that you can evaluate your performance after completing the question paper.

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ICSE Biology Class 10 Question Paper- Free PDF (2019,2018,2017)

Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Biology- ICSE Syllabus

Biology involves a lot of concepts that many students find difficult to remember. Solving question papers help to improve your grades as you become capable of analyzing the paper pattern and difficulty level of the exam by closely following the past year’s papers. 

Biology is an important subject for knowing about lives around us and how they interact with nature. For students interested in pursuing a career in the fields of medical science, it is important to have your concepts of the subject clear from the beginning. We, at Vedantu, provide you with a free PDF of Solved Previous Year Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Biology to help you prepare for the examination in an efficient manner. 

Solving previous year question papers allows smart revision, analysis of the exam pattern, marking scheme, types of questions asked in the exam, give you an idea of the important topics, and allows you to practice in the exam-like scenario. Solving question papers has one major advantage: it increases your confidence level while appearing for the exam. We, at Vedantu, provide solved previous year papers. These papers are solved by experts of the field who are well-versed in the syllabus and CISCE guidelines. Students can refer to these solutions framed in compliance with the Selina textbooks and clear all their doubts related to any particular question. 

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Papers- Free PDF Download

For those of you who plan to pursue a career in the field of Medical Science, cracking the Class 10 Biology paper with good scores is extremely important. Achieving a good score in the Class 10 ICSE paper will set your base and will boost your confidence to take up medical courses in the future. The key to scoring good marks is understanding the entire chapters thoroughly followed by practicing the previous year’s question papers for revision. We provide ICSE Biology exam papers solved by our expert tutors to help you analyze the exam pattern and write answers in the exam correctly. ICSE Biology question papers will guide you to know the difficulty level of the exam and assess your preparation for the upcoming Board exam. 


Free PDF download of ICSE Class 10 Biology previous year question papers is available on our website with solutions for students to refer to them while preparing for the board exam. Students can also sample test papers and Concise Selina Solutions at absolutely no cost. Students can make use of our study materials compiled by highly experienced teachers to score well in the paper. The PDF Solution of Previous Year Papers contains questions asked in the last year's exam along with answers to those questions provided by subject matter experts. Class 10 ICSE Biology is a difficult paper and practicing previous papers will help the students get accustomed to the exam-like situations and marking scheme of the paper. This will, in turn, allow you to plan your strategy for the exam in a smarter way. So, what are you waiting for? Download all the previous year’s test papers PDFs for Class 10 Biology and score well in the exam.  


Vedantu is a pioneer in the field of online mentoring. It is known to provide 100% accurate and reliable study materials free of charge. Get all the reference materials and ramp up your exam preparation with Vedantu. Get Class 10 Biology ICSE question papers with solutions on Vedantu’s site. Register for Live Online Biology tuitions to clear your doubts.

FAQs on ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Biology

1. How do I memorize the diagrams from the Class 10 Biology textbook?

Diagrams play a crucial role in Biology. There are several topics that have many important diagrams which cannot be neglected at any cost. Most students find it difficult to memorize the correct labels and the diagram itself. But, diagrams are definitely a great way to get good marks in your exams. The only way to memorize diagrams is by practicing them several times. The more you draw and label diagrams to challenge yourself, the better you get at stretching your brain to memorize it all. One important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that one must also understand what the diagram is about and what exactly is being talked about when they are drawing the diagram. With gradual practice and a lot of patience, diagrams are bound to be your favorite! You can also refer to animated and conceptual videos on the topic as visual learning helps greatly in remembering the diagrams.

2. How do I prepare in the shortest amount of time for the Biology exam?

It is never advised to leave your preparation for the last few weeks. However, if due to some reason you have failed at preparing for your test early on, then previous year’s papers have to be your number one tool. Make sure to go through Vedantu’s revision and guidance videos on YouTube to understand the topics by our brilliant teachers and then finally put your knowledge to the test by solving these papers. This may not ensure the highest marks but in a short amount of time, you can score very well using our resources. Vedantu’s ICSE Revision Notes for Class 10 Biology is another indispensable tool for last-minute revision.

3. I’m not good at memorizing. How do I score well in Biology?

A common belief is that Biology is all about memorizing. This cannot be more false. Biology is the science of life. The study of the very life on earth definitely has more to offer than just memorizing things. One thing that can make a huge difference is your approach while studying the subject. Focus on conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization. You can also resort to some memorization techniques to remember difficult terms and names. It is not just about scoring well in exams, but it is about developing ideas, comprehending processes, and understanding concepts. Luckily, with Vedantu’s video lectures, this has become very accessible for everyone. With videos and study materials that focus more on the concept and how things work rather than just making students memorize, Biology is easy with Vedantu. 

4. Why do I need to take mock tests during ICSE Class 10 Biology exam preparation?

Mock tests serve as a great way to give you an idea of how you need to strategize to score the most in your final tests. There is no denying that practice makes us perfect. Solving mock tests helps in time management, easier understanding of paper patterns and simply getting acquainted with questions that show up in the exam time and time again. Lastly, but most importantly, they help in taking your confidence to a whole new level as the more you practice, the more confident you get in your abilities to score well. So the next time you have to prepare for a test, never neglect mock tests.

5. I find Biology boring. How do I score well?

It all comes back to the same point. The way we have taught plays a huge role in the way we start perceiving things around us. Biology may not interest everyone, but it definitely can ignite curiosity among people of all ages. There is something beautiful about understanding how we exist and the life processes we exhibit. If you find yourself in a group of people who find Biology boring, then we highly encourage you to check our video lectures out. Vedantu has a different approach towards education. We focus more on making sure that students understand the concept rather than just sit through a long video memorizing the theory. The main goal is to preserve and hone every child’s curiosity to make sure that education does not feel like a burden.