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A Brief on English Grammar Class 5 The Sentence

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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The Sentence for Class 5 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

A sentence is the basic form of any language. When words are grouped to form meaning, it is called the sentence. A sentence always starts with a capital letter, and punctuation marks like a question mark, exclamations, full stop marks, and so on are used at the end of the sentence.

This article will teach you about the sentence for Class 5:  sentence types, parts, and importance. Stay tuned to get a clear idea of the sentence.

There are two main parts of a sentence: subject and predicate. The subject is whom or what the whole sentence is about, and the predicate is the rest of the part of the sentence. Example: George loves to play hockey. Here, ‘George’ is the subject and ‘loves to play hockey’ is the predicate.

Benefits of Learning the Sentence for Class 5

  • Learning the proper sentence structure is essential for learning any language. Without learning the sentence, you won’t be able to write down your thoughts in written form.

  • Structuring sentences by learning the word order properly will help you to learn any language.

Examples of Class 5 the Sentence

The below table shows several types of sentences:




Samar lives in a village.


lives in a village.

Jack is a good student.


is a good student.

The cat is sleeping on the couch.

The cat

is sleeping on the couch.

London is a large city.


is a large city.

Pizza is my favourite food.


is my favourite food.

Watermelon is a food.


is a food.

Today is Sunday.


is Sunday.

Facts about the Sentence for Class 5

There are mainly four types of sentences: assertive, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences.

Assertive Sentence: Assertive sentences express an assertion, proposition, or statement. This type of sentence declares a claim. Events, facts, feelings, views, and beliefs are all assertive sentences. Assertive sentences are the most used sentence type in the English language.


  • It is snowing outside.

  • William is a good badminton player.

  • The dog is sleeping in the corner of the room.

  • We are going to our music class.

Imperative Sentence: Imperative sentences express imperative moods like request, command, advice, or instruction. Imperative sentences don’t require a subject. This type of sentence ends with an exclamation mark or a full stop.


  • Go to your room.

  • Call me tomorrow evening.

  • Stop! (One-word imperative sentence)

  • Don’t throw the ball in the glass.

Interrogative sentence: Interrogative sentences are the sentences that are used to ask a question. Interrogative sentences are useful to clear doubts and gather information about something. An interrogative sentence always ends with a question mark (“?”).


  • What is your current home address?

  • How can I help you?

  • Do you have a pencil box?

  • Why are you late for your swimming class?

  • Aren't you late for your school?

Exclamatory Sentence: Exclamatory sentences are used to express excitement or strong emotions. The exclamatory sentence always ends with the exclamation mark (“!”). 


  • Move fast!

  • How beautiful the mountains are!

  • What a beautiful song it was!

  • How stupid was I!

Important Topics of Class 5 English Grammar Sentence

In this chapter, you will learn about the following things:

  • What is a sentence?

  • What are the parts of a sentence?

  • What are the different types of sentences, and how to write them?

  • Identify different types of sentences.

Class 5 English the Sentence Free PDF Download 

  • The  English Grammar for Class 5 PDF on sentence provides in-depth insights of the topic.

  • The main purpose of a well-prepared PDF available at Vedantu is to develop a basic sense of the sentence for Class 5 students so that students will get a clear vision on sentence formation.

Vedantu provides educational video classes guided by the top educators around the country. The short tutorials are perfect for students to learn English grammar interestingly. We hope the kids will benefit from attending these classes.

FAQs on A Brief on English Grammar Class 5 The Sentence

1. What is the basic structure of a sentence?

A basic sentence has a subject, a verb, and an object. This sentence's basic structure helps you understand who is doing what. 

2. What is the rule for structuring a sentence?

While structuring a sentence, place the object first, then the verb, and then the object.

3. What is the shortest (in word count) sentence in English grammar?

The word ‘Go!’ is English Grammar's shortest (in word count) sentence.