Mother Love Essay

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Essay on Mother Love

500+ Words Essay on Mothers Love

Mother is the most selfless person in this world who starts loving her children even before they come into this world. Nothing could be compared to a mother’s love in this world as it is the purest form of love. Mother is like an angel for her child, who always loves her child and supports him/her. For every child, his mother has a special place in his heart because she is the first person the child sees after his birth. This is the reason why a child and a mother have a special bond between them. But not all people are fortunate enough to have mother love in their life due to many reasons. Those who have their mother with them must love and respect her.

Mother is the greatest gift for a child by God. It is the mother who always loves her children without expecting anything from them in return. It won't be wrong to say that women are an inherently good mother, but they realise the power of mother-love when they become a mother. A mother can do anything to protect her child, and she is the primary support of a child. She not only morally supports the child but also prepares her child to be a better person in life.

A mother plays many roles in her child's life from being her child's first friend to a mentor who always guides him/her, and she dedicatedly plays all these roles without complaining or hesitating.

Mother As a Best Friend

A mother is the first best friend of her child who instantly forms a special bond with the child just after his/her birth. She understands all the needs of her children and always tries to fulfil them. My mother is also my best friend. In fact, I can share all my secrets and desires with him. She always understands me and supports me. We play many games together, and our favourite game is Ludo. Many times she happily loses the game so I can win. She knows what I like and always makes me happy by cooking my favourite food. I am fortunate to have my mom as my best friend in my life.

Mother as a Mentor

A mother is not just a first best friend of a child but also his/her mentor who always supports and guides her children to achieve all the success in life. A great mentor is one who always teaches you what is right and what is wrong. A mentor not only supports you but also become strict with you when required. And we all can see these traits in our mothers. 

My mother is truly my mentor as she not only guide me in every phase of my life but also supports me whenever I need her. When I make any mistake, she becomes strict with me to make me understand my mistake. But soon she showers her love on me and always support me in my decision. She helps me in my studies and asks me to be serious about my career. She teaches me both cultural and moral values. There cannot be a better mentor than a mother because she knows what is right for you and always prefers the best for you.

Mother as a Caretaker

No one can care for us as a mother does. She selflessly takes care of her child since the day he is born. She knows all the needs of her child and can do anything to fulfil them. She is always there for her children. Whenever we get sick or ill, It is our mother who takes care of us without concerning about her health. For a mother, the well being of her children is the utmost important, and she always ensures that her children remain safe and protected wherever they are.

A mother provides all the comfort to her child. It is the mother who makes the home cheerful and safe for children. She is like a superwoman who can manage both household work and her responsibilities towards her children. Talking about my mother, she is adorable and compassionate. She loves all my friends and me. Whenever I get sick, she gets concerned about me. She always takes care of my health and my needs. I love her the most and cannot imagine my life without her.

Mother as a Special Person of Our Life

After God, it is our mother who has the most special place in our hearts and our lives. Since the birth of a child, a mother forms a precious and special bond with him. Without thinking about herself, she thinks about her child and his happiness. She works day and night for her children so that she can make them happy. Motherhood is an integral part of a woman's life, and she selflessly gives her best to it.

A newborn child recognizes her mother from her unique fragrance. And before we start speaking, our mother understands our needs through our actions. This is all because a mother and a child share a special bond, which cannot be described in words. All a mother wants is the betterment of her child and to achieve that, sometimes she supports her child and sometimes becomes strict with him. But her intentions are always pure and honest. She always wants the best for us, and she does everything to give us the best.

When we grow, we want to spend our lives on our terms and in doing so, many times we misunderstand our parents. We become selfish sometimes and fail to understand her love, but she never complains or demands anything from us. All she wants is some respect and love from her child, and every child must provide that to her.


Mother’s love is the purest form of love in this World, and Mother is the greatest blessing for a child by God. As a child, it is our responsibility to value the sacrifice and efforts of our mother because all she wants is the betterment of her child. We are very fortunate to have a mother in our life, and we must respect our mother. We should give her all the happiness and love because she deserves all of that in return for her selfless love for us.