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NCERT Revision Notes for Class 3 English Chapter 7 Poem Puppy and I

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Download Class 3 English Chapter 7 Puppy and I Revision Notes for Free

The syllabus of Class 3 English contains a very interesting poem named, Puppy and I. The poem is very small and has a beautiful concept in it and will definitely arouse the interest of students. They can learn new words and sentences from the poem. Also, with the help of puppy and I revision notes, they can get a better understanding of the chapter.

Class 3 English Poem Puppy and I is one of the most important poems for the students. The revision notes for the chapter have been prepared by learned experts from Vedantu who have an idea about the chapter and hence the answers would be all accurate. With the help of the revision notes, there is no doubt that students will be able to get a grasp of Class 3 English Chapter 7 Poem

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 7 Poem- Puppy and I Notes

Puppy and I Revision Notes 

  • Puppy and I is a poem written by the poet A.A. Milne. 

  • The poet describes the day of a young boy as he was taking a walk. 

  • During his walk he meets with a man, a horse, and a puppy.

  • The boy took a walk to find someone he could play with.

  • At the beginning of his walk, he meets a man and asks, ‘’Where are you going to, man?”  hoping he could play with him.  

  • The man replies saying he is going to the village to buy some bread. Hearing this the boy realizes he cannot play with the man, so when asked to accompany him, he says no. 

  • The boy continues his walk and then meets a horse, with whom also he cannot play because the horse was on his way to the village for hay. 

  • The boy continues walking on the road and then he meets a puppy who was on the way up the hills to roll and play. Upon hearing this the boy immediately agrees go along with him and they become friends forever.

Moral of the Poem Puppy and I

  • The Puppy and I summary properly presents the moral of this poem by Alan Alexander Milne. 

  • It deals with a journey where boy is taking a walk which just like life is where noone knows whom we meet and unexpectedly become best of friends. 

  • One should always be hopeful like the boy in this poem.

New Words Used in the Poem





A rural area away from city, with small houses

I went to the village to visit my grandparents.


A higher area that the land but not as big as mountain

I was standing  on the hills to look for the bike.  


A type of food that is made from flour, yeast and water

We should get some bread for our friends


Grass that is dried and cut to feed animals

There is so much hay left.


Turning over and over in a particular direction to open, throw something or someone falling

Lets roll the carpet.

The car is rolling down the hill.

About the poet 

  • Class 3 English Chapter 7 poem is written by Alan Alexander Milne,

  • He was born on 18 January 1882,  Hampstead, London, United Kingdom and was an English children's book author. 

  • He is best known for his book about Winnie- the - Pooh. 

  • A.A. Milne is also a noted writer, primarily working as a playwright before the huge success of Winnie- the - Pooh. 

  • He is the father of bookseller Christopher Robin Milne, on which the character Christopher Robin is based.

NCERT Solved Puppy and I Question Answer.

Reading is Fun 

1. Who is ‘I’ in the poem? 

Ans: ‘I’ in the poem is the little boy who is walking down the road.

2. Where was the Man going?

Ans: When the boy asked the man, he replied by saying that he was going to the village to get some bread.

3. Why didn’t the child go with the Horse?

Ans: The horse was going to the village to get some hay and was very busy, seeing this the boy decided to not go with the horse.

4. Why did the child go with the Puppy?

Ans: The child decided to go with the puppy as he was going to the hills to roll and play and the child surely wanted to play. 

Talk Time. 

1. Do you have a pet? 

Ans: Yes, I have a pet and it's a Dog named, Bruno.

2. Talk about three things that you and your pet do together.

Ans: I have a wonderful dog and his name is woofy. These are the things which we do together the most. 

  • We sit together on the chair and watch TV. 

  • We go on a morning walk together to the nearest garden and run as hard as we can. 

  • In the evening we play together

3. How do you look after your pet? Tell the class first in your own language, and then in English.

Ans: I have a dog named woofy. My day starts with him waking me up every day. I feed him in the morning and then we go for a walk in the nearby garden. We come back home and he gets tired of all the walking he does in the morning and immediately sleeps for the next 3 hours. The moment he wakes up, he watches his favourite cartoon on television then we go for a walk in the evening. I love him so much.

Importance of Reading Class 3 Chapter 7 Puppy and I Summary

Composed by poet, A.A. Milne, this poem Puppy and I is definitely a very beautiful piece in itself. There are amusing words and interesting interactions between the characters of the poem that children will definitely love. The poem describes the interaction of a young boy with a man, a horse, and then a puppy.

The boy is walking one fine day when he meets a man. When the man is inquired by the boy as to where he is going, he says he is going to the market and asks the boy if he would come with him. The boy politely denies it and goes on his way only to meet a horse next. When inquired by the boy, the horse says that he is going to the village so that he can get some hay. The boy also denies the request of the horse to accompany him.

Finally in the Puppy and I class 3 poem, the boy meets a dog and asks him where he is going. The puppy answers that he is going to the hills to play. That’s when the boy decides to accept the dog’s request of accompanying him and they become friends forever.

What are the Benefits of Referring to Vedantu’s Revision Notes for Class 3 Chapter 7 - Puppy and I?

  • Provides quick, clear summaries of key concepts.

  • Simplifies complex topics for better understanding.

  • Efficient tool for last-minute exam prep.

  • Enhances retention of crucial information.

  • Supports effective exam preparation with key points and tips.

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The notes for CBSE Class 3 provide a clear and thorough grasp of key concepts in English Chapter 7 Puppy and I. The well-organized format supports efficient revision, aiding in better retention. Practical examples and real-life applications enrich the understanding of the subject. These notes are essential for building a strong foundation in Puppy and I chapter and excelling academically. They've proven invaluable in helping students succeed in their studies.

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FAQs on NCERT Revision Notes for Class 3 English Chapter 7 Poem Puppy and I

1. Is it important to read Class 3 Chapter 7 English Poem? 

Yes, the Class 3 English Chapter 7 poem is a very interesting read as it describes the friendship between a boy and a dog. Students will really like the overall story of the poem.

2. What is the poem Puppy and I in Class 3 Chapter 7 all about?

Class 3 Chapter 7 poem Puppy and I talks about the interaction of a young lad with a man, a horse, and finally a puppy. While the young boy denies the request of both the man and the horse to accompany them, he accepts the dog's request to go play in the hills, thus becoming his friend.

3. Where can I download Class 3 chapter 7 notes for revision?

Class 3 chapter 7 Revision Notes can be easily downloaded from the official website of Vedantu. These revisions notes are available for free download in PDF format. These notes are prepared by our experts to help you with your preparation and covers all the important questions and concepts related to the chapter.

4. What is the significance of the poem 'Puppy and I' in Class 3 English?

The poem 'Puppy and I' celebrates the bond between a child and a playful puppy, teaching young learners about companionship, love, and the joys of having a pet.

5. What themes are explored in the poem 'Puppy and I' in Class 3 English?

This poem highlights themes of friendship, care, and the simple pleasures of spending time with a furry friend, fostering empathy and an appreciation for animals.

6. How do these revision notes aid in understanding the poem?

These revision notes provide insights into the poem's meaning, vocabulary, and themes, aiding comprehension and enhancing language skills among students.

7. Why is it important to study 'Puppy and I' in Class 3 English?

Studying this poem enriches children's understanding of relationships, fosters a love for poetry, and encourages appreciation for the emotional connection between humans and animals.