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Little by Little Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 [Free PDF Download]

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Little By Little NCERT Class 3 Chapter 3 English Poem Revision Notes

Last updated date: 19th Mar 2023
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One of the most interesting poems included in Class 3 English syllabus is Little By Little. With the help of Little By Little revision notes, students will be able to understand the poem in a better way.

The Little By Little poem is enlisted in the NCERT Class 3 English textbook. These poems are definitely a great way to teach young kids the English language. This chapter is about an acorn that is growing and spreading both above and under the ground. It depicts the journey of the acorn as it transforms into a beautifully, grand oak tree. Students can learn more about the poem in the Little By Little summary.

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Download PDF of Little by Little Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 [Free PDF Download]

Access Class 3 English Chapter 3 Poem - Little by Little Notes

Little by Little Revision Notes

Below Little by Little summary is provided for the students to refer to for practice before the exam. 

  • Little by Little poem shows how an acorn improves and enriches itself through the time when placed deep inside the earth. 

  • The poem talks about how a plant and a tree grow. 

  • At the beginning of the poem, it is said that the acorn is a seed that is improving little by little 

  • This shows that all big trees were once tiny seeds.

  • When surrounded by proper conditions the seed grows little by little. The first sign of growth is seen when the root and stem grow.

  • After which the growth of leaves can be seen followed by branches and eventually matures into a massive oak tree. 

  • This is to show that these changes do not happen after a day or a week. It takes many days, months and years for a tree to grow fully.

  • Similarly, every child who hopes to grow up and become big like an acorn grew into an oak tree can do so by putting honest efforts little by little each day.

Theme of the Poem

The poet wishes to highlight the importance of even the smallest effort placed in any work in the poem "Little by Little." The poet focuses on the process that helps in the growth of tall trees such as the oak tree. It was a tiny seed that grew into a large tree.

Moral of Little by Little Class 3 Poem

  • The growth of the tree represents the efforts that can lead to great results

  • Little efforts put in overtime result in the success of work.

  • The moral is to keep growing even if it is happening slowly and little by little.

New Words Meaning with Examples





Something that is not directly seen 

He was hiding behind a bush.


One that moves less quickly or at less speed

Walk slowly and carefully on a busy road.


When one moves in a lower direction

The road to the retail shop is downward.


Thin or something in less quantity

That is a slender television set.


Big in size, extreme in nature and powerful

He has mighty strength.


A part of the tree that grows from its trunk

Squirrel was sitting on a branch searching for food.


To be proud 

He prides himself on his honesty


Something or someone getting better

Her improvement shows her hard work.


Drink or take a little taste of something in a liquid form

My dad was sipping his tea when I came home.


A young branch growing from the stem or trunk of a tree

Kids were happy to see shoots growing from the seeds they planted.

Techniques Used in the Poem

Rhyming Words: Rhyming words are words that sound the same when spoken together.

  • Said - Bed

  • Day - Away

  • Grew - Dew

  • Root -  Shoot

  • Year - Appear

  • Wide - Pride

Simile: Similes are used to compare two things using like or as in the sentence.

  • Thread-like root - here the length and size of the root are being compared to a thread.

NCERT Little By Little Questions Answer 

The section below is NCERT Little by Little poem notes.

Reading is Fun

1. Name the tree that the acorn grows into.

Ans: Acorn which is an oak nut grows into an oak tree. 

2. What things do a seed need to grow?

Ans: A seed needs soil, water, and sunlight to grow.

3. How many describing words can you find in this poem?

Ans: There are many describing words in this poem and they are; little, tiny, deep, slender, mossy, wide, thread-like and mighty.

Solved Example Practice Questions

1. What are the other words that rhyme with the following words?

Bed, Year, Day.

Ans: Bed- Red, Head, Said, Dead, Led.

Year- Here, Hear, Near, Dear, Fear, Ear, Bear, Tear.

Day- Say, Hey, Hay, Play, May, Way, Pray, Ray, Okay.

2. Why was the acorn hidden away deep in the earth?

Ans:  The acorn was hidden away in the earth as it is a seed which needs to be planted so it can receive water, light and air to grow. 

3. How did the root and shoot grow?

Ans: The root grew downwards towards the earth while the shoot grew upward away from the earth and was hanging in the air.

4. How did the leaves and branches appear?

Ans: The leaves started to appear little by little and the branches over the years spread far and wide.

5. What do you want to grow up to be? How are you going to become that?

Ans: I want to become a teacher just like my mother. I will start by teaching my sister and brother. 

Importance of Class 3 Chapter 3 Little By Little English Poem Summary

In the summary of the poem, there is a description of the journey that a small acorn makes to turn into a tree. The poem beautifully describes how acorns are growing day by day. Over the years it is buried deep underneath the soil, and the acorn enhances itself. While the root of this plant is growing underneath, the shoot appears above and grows to form leaves. 

Further in the Little By Little poem, the leaves grow more to form strong branches as the tree spreads over the land. Slowly and steadily, a once small acorn is transformed into a fully-grown oak tree. There is a very deep message for the young kids reading the poem. The small acorn symbolizes the children as they grow up to be wise and honest human beings. 

Benefits of Solving Little By Little Poem Notes 

  • The notes have been crafted by some of the learned experts at Vedantu who have enough experience about the subject and hence ensure proper solutions to the notes

  • After solving the notes, students can look at the revision notes of Little By Little Class 3 poems to revisit any question that they want to check. 

  • Students will have no trouble in preparing for their examination once they practice from the notes. 

Students, after completing the chapter, can revisit the poem to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning with the help of little by little revision notes that have been prepared by the experts here at Vedantu. Anyone can download these revision notes easily and that too free of cost. 

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FAQs on Little by Little Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 [Free PDF Download]

1. Is the Little by Little poem notes important for the exams? 

Yes, the notes for this poem titled Little by Little is extremely important for the exams as there might be some questions that are asked from this chapter.

2. What is the main message that the poem sends?

The poem, despite sounding really simple, has a very deep meaning hidden in it. By describing the journey of an acorn into an oak tree, the poem attempts to relate its life with the lives of the young kids and how they will grow up to be wise and intelligent with a lot of strength. 

3. When should I practice my notes for Class 3 chapter 3?

After completing the chapter, students can go ahead and read the revision notes and summary that is provided here at Vedantu. They can also attempt the little by little question answer to know more about the chapter.

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