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Sea Song Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Download Class 3 Chapter 4 English Poem Sea Song Revision Notes for Free

The poem Sea Song is covered in the English syllabus of CBSE Class 3. It is a sweet and interesting poem for young kids. This poem is going to introduce a few new words and phrases that children can learn about when they go through the summary. In a similar way, the Sea Song revision notes will help students learn more about the chapter and the meaning of the poem. 

The revision notes for the poem Sea Song have been prepared by highly experienced teachers at Vedantu. They have used the simplest language for young kids to easily comprehend the meaning of the poem. This little poem in the syllabus of Class 3 English is a fun and exciting read as it describes an amazing story of a little boy who finds a sea shell and discovers something from it. 

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 4 Poem - Sea Song Notes in 30 Minutes

Sea Song Revision Notes

  • The Sea Song poetry tells the story of a young boy who is at the beach with his mother.

  • He finds a seashell on the beach that was covered in sand.

  • The shell felt cold in his hands and he took it home after picking it up.

  • His mother placed it close to his ear when they got home, and he could slowly hear beautiful and sweet singing coming from inside the shell.

  • He was so surprised by the melody and held it closer to hear it clearly.

  • He ends by expressing his wish for everyone to find a good big shell,  hear the beautiful song and enjoy it.

The Theme of Sea Song Poem Class 3 

  • The poem talks about simple things in life.

  • Simple things like taking a walk and finding a sea shell can bring so much joy.

  • The sea song is a beautiful poem about how one can be surprised in ways by listening to the song. 

New Words and Meaning





The hard part of a sea animal Mollusca often has a pearl inside. 

He was so happy to find a shell on the beach.


The past tense of hold, which means to carry something.

The teacher always held a brown bag.


A happy feeling due to a sudden amazing event.

She surprised everyone with her singing.


Something that is or grows in a curvy way.

I love my curly hair.


Something that is easy to see and understand.

The sky is clear after the rain.

Techniques Used In the Poem

Rhyming Words- Same sounding words are called rhyming words.

  • Sand- Hand

  • Ear- Clear

  • True- Too

NCERT Sea Song Questions Answers 

The following sections include Sea Song class 3 notes.

Reading is Fun

1. Where did the child find the sea shell? 

Ans: On his walk at the beach with his mother the child found a sea shell.

2. What did the child do with the shell?

Ans: The child took the shell he found back to his home.

3. What did the child hear?

Ans: The child was surprised to hear a soft and sweet song.

Sea Song Poem Class 3 Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of the Sea Song summary let’s solve questions.

1. Have you ever been to the beach? What did you do?

Ans: I have been to the beach many times with my family. We go there on Sundays to enjoy the sunset and take long walks. We also later go out and have delicious snacks and other yummy foods.

2. Describe the feeling of the child when he found the shell.

Ans: The child was very happy to find the shell and picked it up. He felt the shell to be cold. He was surprised when his mother made him hear the song from the shell that was sweet and soft.

3. Have you ever collected shells by the beach?

Ans: No I have not collected shells. I want to collect shells when I go to the beach next time.

Importance of Class 3 Chapter 4 Sea Song Summary 

In the summary of Sea Song Class 3 English poem, there is a young lad who finds a small seashell right on the shore. After finding it wrapped in the sand and lying by the shore, he picks up the shell and ends up taking it home. Once his mother sees the shell, she holds it very close to his ear and that is when he hears a sweet and soft song very clearly from the inside of the shell. 

While the child was astonished initially, the sea song gradually mesmerized him and then he enjoyed every single bit of the song. The poem ends with the child stating that he wishes everyone could actually listen to something amazing like this and have a great experience as he did. It is a very fun and interesting poem for young kids who are beaming with wonder and amazement. That is one of the main reasons why the Sea Song poem Class 3 is so popular amongst the students.

Benefits of Solving Sea Song Class 3 notes and Revision Notes

  • The revision notes and notes of this chapter have been prepared by the subject experts at Vedantu. Students can get a thorough understanding of the poem by solving the notes.

  • The notes are designed in such a way that students can get a fair idea of the types of questions that can be asked in the exam from this poem. 

  • With the help of these revision notes and notes, students can confidently solve the Sea Song question answer exercises from the textbook. 

  • Studying the revision notes and solving the notes will help students understand the meaning of the poem in the best way. 

Download the revision notes and solutions of Sea Song Class 3 PDF for free from Vedantu. These revision notes and notes are highly beneficial for students’ exam preparation. They can learn and revise the poem thoroughly with the help of these revision notes and assess their understanding by solving the notes.


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The Class 3 CBSE English Poem Chapter 4 notes, "Sea Song," available as a free PDF download, offer a delightful literary journey for both students and educators. These notes immerse young learners in the enchanting world of the sea through poetic verses. With clear explanations and vivid imagery, they not only enhance comprehension of the poem but also nurture an appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the ocean. These free PDF notes encourage language proficiency and ignite the imagination. In essence, "Sea Song" Class 3 CBSE English Poem notes inspire a connection with nature and the power of poetry, fostering a lifelong love for literature and the wonders of the natural world.

FAQs on Sea Song Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

1. Where was the seashell when the child found it? What did he do after finding it? 

The seashell was lying wrapped in the sand, by the shore. Once the child saw the seashell, he took it with him by carrying it in his hands. 

2. What was the sea song in the poem? 

The Sea Song was what the child heard from the inside of the shell once his mother held it close to his ears. It is the wonder and imaginative nature of the child that made the random sounds of the seashell into a Sea Song. 

3. Are the Sea Song revision notes available for free? 

Yes, you can download and refer to the revision notes of the Sea Song poem included in the syllabus of Class 3 English for free. You can read the revision notes to understand the poem and answer questions asked from it in the exam. 

4. Are there any copyright restrictions on the use of Sea Song Poem Class 3 PDF notes?

The copyright status of these notes can vary. Always ensure that you use them for personal or educational purposes and respect copyright laws.

5. Can teachers incorporate Sea Song Poem Class 3 Notes into their classroom teaching of the poem?

Certainly, teachers can use these notes as a reference to plan lessons and ensure they cover the necessary topics related to the poem effectively.

6. How can I confirm that Sea Song Poem Class 3 Notes align with the CBSE curriculum for Class 3 English?

You can cross-reference these notes with the official CBSE curriculum for Class 3 English to ensure that they align with the topics and concepts taught in schools.

7. Where else can I find resources to teach or learn Class 3 CBSE English poems effectively?

Explore textbooks, educational websites, poetry anthologies, and consult with fellow educators or parents for additional resources to enhance teaching or learning in Class 3 CBSE English poetry.