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How Creatures Move Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 10 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 3 Chapter 10 How Creatures Move Revision Notes: Where To Find

Class 3 is an excellent phase to teach students English because they will be able to develop a better understanding of the subject. Not to mention that in their developing years, it is the easiest to learn a language like English. The best way to do so is through poems. Not only will the students learn the English language but poems have other details related to subjects other than English as well. For example, the 10th Chapter of the Class 3 English titled How Creatures Move talks about different animals and bugs while mentioning the way they move around in the world.

After reading the poem, students can also go through the revision notes and summary. These notes have been created by learned professionals of Vedantu. The language is very easy to understand and hence students will have no difficulty grasping the concept. How Creatures move revision notes will also help students prepare for their exams and achieve high marks.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 10 Poem - How Creatures Move Notes

How Creatures Move Poem Summary

  • The poem How Creatures Move shows us a way to understand how beings different from us move and live.

  • The title ‘How Creatures Move’ is a perfect description of what is in the poem.

  •  Various creatures move differently, like a lion walks with his paws, the squirrel hops around, flies climb up the wall, and seals dive into the water, among other things.

  • It also describes how a worm wiggles all over the place, a monkey swings from one tree to the next, and birds extend their wings and fly off to other locations.

  • The poem very truly describes why among all creatures, the boys and girls appear to have the most fun. 

  • As they can move in many ways such as leaping, dancing, walking, running about and going wherever they choose. They are lucky because other living species cannot perform all of the tasks that humans can.

Moral of How Creatures Move Poem

  • Class 3 How Creatures Move, the poem aims to explain that humans have the ability to move freely from one location to another.

  • And along with it they can perform various activities such as dancing, leaping, strolling, and running. 

  • They should be grateful for this and take advantage of it. 

  • We should enjoy and have fun with this ability.

New Words Meaning with Examples





Something that is covered in a soft material for protection.

Padded jackets are so comfortable in the winters.


A large branch or the arm and legs of an animal.

The Koala bear was seen hanging on a limb.


Move forward by pulling the body close to the ground or on the hands and knees.

The baby started crawling last month.


Jumping into the water headfirst.

In summers he loves to dive into the pool.


Moving in small but fast motions either sideways or up and down.

He was wiggling the stick. 

Techniques Used In the Poem

Rhyming Words:  A rhyme is when two or more words have similar syllables in the final focused syllables.

  • Around- Ground

  • Tail- Sail

  • Fun- Run

  • Limb- Swim

How Creatures Move NCERT Questions and Answers

Let’s Write

1. Match the words in Column A with those in Column B

Column A

Column B
















Lions- walk

Squirrels- leap

Flies- crawl

Seals- dive

Worms- wiggle

Monkeys- swing

Birds- hop

2. Now make sentences of your own using the matching words.

Example- The seals dive into the icy water.

Ans: 1. Lions walk around the jungle for their prey.

2. Squirrels leap around collecting nuts.

3. Files crawl around the leftover food.

4. Leo saw a worm wiggle on wet roads.

5. In the park, we saw a monkey swing from a tree to a building.

6. Birds hop around the temple grounds.

3. Arrange these movement words from slow to fast.






1. Crawl

2. Walk

3. Hop

4. Run

4. Underline the letters which are silent in the following words:








1. Walk

2. Straight

3. More

4. Caught

5. Calm

6. Talk

Solved Practice Questions

1. What is your favourite animal?

Ans: My favourite animal is a cat, they are so furry and cute. My friend has a pet cat and I always love to play with him.

2. How do you keep yourself active and moving?

Ans: I love to dance and I am so happy that while dancing I can jump and spin around.

3. Share a memorable experience with an animal.

Ans: Our pet puppy, Sheela is so small but very protective of all my family members. Once a stranger tried to enter while we were away and Sheela fiercely attacked and barked alerting everyone around.

Importance of Reading Class 3 Chapter 10 How Creatures Move Summary

The poem How Creatures Move Class 3 Chapter 10 is a very interesting read for young children. In this poem, students will observe how different animals and bugs tend to move around. They can learn how animals move differently from human beings. The poem discusses how the lion walks using his paws while the squirrel jumps around, and the flies crawl up the walls while seals have fun diving in the water.

Further in the poem, students learn how worms wiggle around and monkeys travel by jumping from one tree branch to another. They learn that birds have wings to fly to different places. However, the poem mentions that girls and boys have fun the most among all these creatures since they have feet to move around. They can leap, dance, walk, run, and do much more. The poem describes how human beings are more fortunate than other animals since they are capable of doing things that other animals cannot.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Revision Notes for Class 3 English Chapter 10, How Creatures Move

Vedantu's Revision Notes for Class 3 English Chapter 10, 'How Creatures Move,' are like helpful guides. They make learning about how animals move easy. With these notes, you can get ready for exams and understand the topic better!

  • This interesting poem talks about the mode of travel opted by most animals and insects in the world. Students can learn how living things different from them tend to move.

  • The revision notes help students grasp the concept of the poem a little better.

  • During examinations, students can read How Creatures move poem summary so that they don’t have to go through the whole chapter again.

  • Students can answer questions about the chapter confidently since all the details in the revision notes are accurate.


Grab the opportunity to download 'How Creatures Move' revision notes now. These notes are a helpful guide for scoring well in exams. In Class 3 English Chapter 10, discover the interesting ways animals move. These notes simplify the unique locomotion methods, making it easier for children to understand. Engaging content sparks curiosity and deepens comprehension of the fascinating world of creature movements. Use these notes to confidently answer exam questions and secure high marks. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your understanding and perform well in your examinations!


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FAQs on How Creatures Move Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 10 (Free PDF Download)

1. What creatures are being referred to in the poem?

The Poem How creatures move talks about different animals and how they move around in the world. The poem refers to animals such as a lion, squirrel, flies, seals, monkeys, worms, etc.

2. How should I study Class 3 Chapter 10 Poem?

The revision notes that are offered by Vedantu can be a huge help when it comes to studying for the exams. Referring to the revision notes can help you understand the poem better.

3. What is the main message that the poem has?

The poem sends a message that human beings are the most fortunate in the earth since we have so many ways to move around while animals only have one. We can dance, run, walk, leap, hop, and do so much more.

4. What key concepts are covered in Class 3 English Chapter 10 - "How Creatures Move"?

In this chapter, students explore various ways animals move, understanding the unique locomotion methods employed by different creatures. The focus is on developing a deeper comprehension of the fascinating ways animals navigate their environments.

5. How can I use the 'How Creatures Move' chapter notes effectively for exam preparation?

The chapter notes serve as a valuable tool for exam preparation. Review and understand the diverse movements of creatures, and practice answering questions related to the content. These notes aim to enhance your knowledge, ensuring you are well-prepared to score high marks in examinations.