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He is My Brother Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 9 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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He is My Brother Revision Notes: Do Faster Revision and Preparation

Class 3 English Unit 9 tells you a story about a girl named Meena. She is 12 years old and is described as carrying her brother on her back. It tells us that her brother is disabled and he cannot walk. She carries him on her back every day. He is My Brother summary depicts how she does not consider her brother as a load. She is happy to carry him.

Download He is My Brother revision notes and find it easier to comprehend the summary of this chapter. Understand what the author wants to describe and answer all the questions perfectly. Revise this chapter easily by following the simpler explanation given by Vedantu experts.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Revision Notes Chapter 9: He is My Brother Notes

He is My Brother Revision Notes

  • He Is My Brother class 3 chapter is based on a story by Sanat Kumar Bhatt, that shows the bond of siblings and humanity.

  • There was a small hill whose path went on to a holy place.

  • The hill had a route leading up it. It passed through dense, beautiful pine and fir forests.

  • Everybody trying to reach the holy place was climbing the hill through this path carefully and slowly.

  • Among them was a girl, of only twelve years of age, Meena. She was seen climbing the hill carrying a four-year-old boy.

  • Her walk was steady and both were happily making their way through the hill.

  • On noticing this, a man among them came to ask Meena about the boy and does she not feel the load of the boy she is carrying.

  • Meena with a wonderstruck look answered, “Load? Of course not! He is my brother!”

He is My Brother Summary and Moral of the Story

  • Even though Meena’s brother could not walk, she did not let it come in the way of visiting the holy place.

  • The chapter teaches the value of caring for others and the importance of accepting responsibility for those who are close to them. 

  • It depicts a lovely affectionate bond between a sister and her four-year-old brother.

  • One should not feel the burden or difficulty of doing something for someone they love.

New Words Meaning with Examples





To perceive the words and actions of others as intended.

You should be more clear for the students to understand.


Come or go up from a lower surface to a higher one. Climbed is the past form of ‘climb.’

This weekend hike was a long and a difficult climb.


Something of religious importance.

The principles of the Holy Bhagavad Gita are taught worldwide.


At a low pace.

He is slowly getting better at tennis.


A feeling of sadness about an undesired incident.

She felt sorry for her friend’s loss.


Carrying a heavy weight.

The young boy helped carry a load of firewood.

He is My Brother Class 3 NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. Where were the people going?

Ans: People were climbing to visit a nearby holy place.

2. What did the man say to Meena?

Ans: Meena was asked why she was carrying a tiny boy on her back by the man.

3. Why do you think Meena was carrying her brother?

Ans: Meena was carrying her brother, who was unable to walk, on her back because she loved and adored him.

Talk Time

Choose the correct answer.

1. What went up the hill?

(a) a path, (b) a street, (c) a road, (d) a rail line

Ans: (a) A path

2. What is the name of the girl in the story?

(a) Seema, (b) Beena, (c) Meena, (d) Nina

Ans:  (c) Meena

3. How old was Meena?

(a) Ten, (b) Twelve, (c) Nine, (d) Eight

Ans: (b) Twelve

4. How old was Meena's brother?

(a) Five, (b) Four, (c) Six, (d) Seven

Ans: (b) Four

Solved Example Practice Questions

1. Where was Meena carrying her brother?

Ans: Meena was carrying her brother on her back and climbing up the hill towards a holy place.

2. Why did the man feel sorry for Meena?

Ans: The man felt sorry for Meena thinking of the load she is feeling while climbing the hill carrying a small boy on her back.

3. Why did Meena not feel the load?

Ans: Meena did not feel the load because she was carrying her brother whom she loved very much.

Importance of CBSE Class 3 English Unit 9 He is My Brother

He is My Brother is an excellent prose piece where the author depicts how a young girl carries her brother on her back. She is happy to carry her brother and ride the mountains every day. Her brother is also very happy. He is just 4 years old.

When someone calls her brother a load, she denies it and shows her happiness. The rough topography of the hillsides did not shake her determination to carry her brother on her back. Even though she is 12 years old, she took her responsibilities very seriously.

When the man in the group asked her why she was carrying her brother, she did not say that her brother is disabled. She answered that he is her brother and she is happy to carry him. He is My Brother Class 3 tells the heroic story of this little girl in a beautiful way.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 3 English Unit 9 Revision Notes

The following points highlight the importance of Class 3 English Unit 9 revision notes.

  • This chapter is explained well by the experts in these revision notes. You can refer to these notes as study material before an exam. Get a glimpse of this chapter faster before an exam and prepare.

  • Find out how the experts have framed answers to all the questions given in the exercise of this chapter. Follow the approach and learn how to answer questions such as where was Meena carrying her brother.

  • Download the PDF and use it according to your convenience before an exam to recall all the important topics and answers.

Easier Preparation with Class 3 Unit 9 English Revision Notes

These revision notes help you find out the context of this chapter easily. Find out how the experts have maintained the standard of this curriculum to explain this chapter. You will be able to answer questions such as ‘where were people going?’ quite easily. Focus on how you can frame your answers using simpler language and enjoy scoring better in the exams.


Explore Class 3 English Chapter 9, "He Is My Brother," with Vedantu's helpful notes. Created by experienced teachers, these notes make learning easy. They break down the chapter into simple parts, helping you understand and answer questions quickly. By using these notes, you not only study better but also really understand the topic. In this chapter, learn about family and relationships through simple stories. Focus on basic words, and sentences, and understanding stories. With these tales, you'll get better at English, expressing feelings, and knowing why family is important. So, dive into the stories and make learning English fun!


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FAQs on He is My Brother Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 9 (Free PDF Download)

1. What did the man say to Meena?

The man in the group asked Meena why she is carrying her brother on her back. He inquired whether her brother is a load to her or not.

2. How did Meena respond to the man’s question?

Meena said that her little brother is not a load to her. She is happy to carry him on her back while crossing the hillsides to reach the holy place with others in the group.

3. Do you think Meena is courageous?

Meena is very courageous when it comes to carrying her brother. She boldly answered the man that her brother is not a load to her. She is very happy to carry him even though the roads are not easy. It tells us what determination and dedication towards responsibilities can do.

4. Why is it important to study "He Is My Brother" in Class 3 English?

Studying "He Is My Brother" in Class 3 English helps children understand the themes of family and relationships. It introduces basic vocabulary and sentence structure, building a foundation for language proficiency. The simple stories make learning enjoyable and relatable for young learners.

5. How can I use Vedantu's notes for "He Is My Brother" effectively?

Vedantu's notes for "He Is My Brother" are designed to simplify the chapter. Read the notes section by section, focusing on understanding the basic words and sentences. Use these notes to navigate through questions effortlessly, ensuring a better grasp of English language skills and the importance of family bonds.