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The Magic Garden Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Where To Find Class 3 Chapter 1 The Magic Garden Revision Notes

Class 3 English is a very interesting subject for students who want to learn the language and score high marks in their exams. However, to do that without proper preparation is next to impossible. So, the students that need some help can get it from the revision notes prepared by Vedantu experts. For example, in the 1st chapter of Class 3 English The Magic Garden Revision notes can help students gain a deep understanding of the chapter.

The revision notes for class 2 English Chapter 1 The Magic garden are now available at Vedantu. Prepared by expert teachers and guides according to the CBSE curriculum and guidelines, these revision notes can help students revise the entire chapter and score high marks in their examinations. These revision notes come in handy for cross-checking any answers or getting a detailed understanding of the chapter.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 1 - The Magic Garden Notes

The Magic Garden Summary

  • The magic garden tells the story of a magical garden in a school.

  • In this garden, all the students of the school loved to water and care for all the beings present there. 

  • It's a lovely garden full of golden sunshine, with lovely flowers like pansy, sunflower, rose, poppy and marigold.

  • The flowers are very happy and dance cheerfully when they see children.

  • The students take care by digging the ground, watering the thirsty roots of the flowers, and feeding bread to the birds.

  • Well-fed and cared for, the flowers and birds are happy.

  • They are always happy when the children visit.

  • The fairies with the flower dress and sunshine wings also came to talk and sing for the children.

  • All flowers, birds and plants of the magical garden were looking forward to playing with the kids the next morning!

Moral of The Magic Garden

  • The Magic Garden is a beautiful poem with many lessons about caring for others and enjoying nature.

  • We should take care of all living beings be it birds and animals or trees and plants.

  • When all the beings in the world around us are happy they provide the best for us.

  • A happy place becomes a magical place just like the magic garden where due to the actions of the children has become.

New Words Meaning with Examples





Tricks that appear impossible

I love watching Harry Potter because of the magic.


a plot of land where flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be grown.

The garden in society needs more flowers.


Someone who looks after a garden.

The gardener is pouring water over all the plants.


It is an outdoor space where children play.

I want to go to the playground with my friends soon.


The shine due to the bright light from the sun

I love the warmth of sunshine on cold mornings.


That's shining like gold.

My pet cat has golden eyes.


While sleeping, you may have thoughts or images that come to mind.

What are you dreaming about?

The Magic Garden NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. Why did the flowers love the little children?

Ans: Little children bring watering cans to the flowers, which they use to water their thirsty roots.

2. Why did the birds love the children?

Ans: The birds adore the kids because they offer them bread.

3. Name five flowers growing in the magic garden.

Ans: The five flowers that grew in the magical garden were marigolds, roses, sunflowers, pansies and poppies.

4. What sounds could the children hear in the garden?

Ans: The children could hear the fairies' lovely singing in the garden.

Solved Practice Questions

1. What is your way of taking care of nature?

Ans: I love going to the nursery every Sunday with my mother and watering the plants there. We love to enjoy a green day in nature.

2. Do you have a garden? 

Ans: There is a huge garden in our backyard. It was first started by my grandmother who still takes great care of it and always encourages me to do the same.

3. What is your favourite flower and why?

Ans: My favourite flower is Jasmine. I love Jasmine because they have the most beautiful scent and every morning my mother offers jasmine flowers to the Gods. 

4. Name two flowers that are yellow, red and white.

Ans: Yellow flowers- Sunflower and Pansy

Red flowers- Marigold and Roses

White flowers- Lily and Daisy

5. What was the origin of the name "Magic Garden"?

Ans: It was a magical garden because it also had fairies. Only the children could hear them dance and sing pleasant tunes. After some while, the fairies appeared and danced with the children too.

Importance of Reading Class 3 Chapter 1 The Magic Garden Summary

The first chapter of the English Class 3 syllabus is The Magic Garden Story. It is a very interesting read and students find it amazing to indulge in the chapter. The Magic Garden chapter has a lot of pictures that are enough to garner the attention of children. In the story, there is a magic garden in a particular school. The children of the school love the magic garden and they take care of it with enthusiasm. There are 5 flowers growing in the magic garden and these flowers are Marigold, Pensy, Poppy, Rose, and Sunflower.

The flowers dance when they see the children and the children water the flowers and dig the entire ground properly for the flowers to breathe and grow. They also bring bread for the birds. Hence, the students are loved by the flowers and the birds. The story also talks about the fairies in the flowers that sing beautiful songs that only the children can hear. Every single inhabitant of the magic garden waits for the morning every day to play with them.

Benefits of Revision Notes for The Magic Garden Class 3 Chapter 1 

Some of the benefits of reading the revision notes of the Chapter 1 Class 3 English are:

  • An easy understanding of the storyline and the concept of the chapter.

  • Students don’t have to read the whole chapter again during exam preparation as they can opt for the revision notes instead.

  • The students can practice from the revision notes and attempt The Magic Garden question answer exercises confidently.

  • Vedantu experts have prepared the revision notes and summary by taking care of CBSE guidelines and hence it can help students prepare for the examinations.


If you want to read the chapter and know who is a gardener, these revision notes can be of great help. For students that want to perform well in their exams, downloading The Magic garden Class 3 PDF revision notes will be a good idea. Anyone can visit the official website of Vedantu and have access to these notes.


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FAQs on The Magic Garden Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 (Free PDF Download)

1. Name five flowers growing in the magic garden?

In the 1st Chapter of the English syllabus for Class 3, the magic garden has 5 different flowers. These five flowers growing in the magic garden are Marigold, Pensy, Poppy, Rose, and Sunflower. The children of the school love taking care of the flowers.

2. Why do the birds love the children?

The birds love for the children comes from the fact that these children bring bread for the birds every single day.

3. Why should one read the magic garden story?

The syllabus of Class 3 English is filled with interesting stories and poems. One such story is The Magic Garden. This chapter is written in a very simple format and hence is very easy to understand. A thorough read of the chapter will give a better grasp to the students.