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A Little Fish Story Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Faster Preparation with A Little Fish Story Revision Notes and Solutions

Class 3 English Unit 4 tells us a story about a little fish. He is quite smaller than the bigger ones in the sea. His size causes frustration as he finds a bigger size ideal for sea life. Soon enough, his idea of being a small fish in a big sea changes drastically. Download and refer to the A Little Fish Story revision notes to find out why the small fish’s mind got changed.

The revision notes are compiled by the top experts on this subject. They have maintained the Class 3 standards and the prescribed CBSE guidelines to preserve the objective of this chapter.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 4 - A Little Fish Story Notes

A Little Fish Story Revision Notes 

  • A little fish story, as the name suggests, is about a small fish. Because of his size, the fish was very unhappy. 

  • The fish was quite unique and distinctive, but the fish did not believe it. 

  • He always wanted to be like the size of the other fishes. Suddenly, an incident occurred that altered the entire scenario. 

  • The little fish, along with a few other fish, was swimming in the sea one day. 

  • And they found themselves in the meshes of a massive net. It came as a complete surprise. 

  • However, due to his small size, the little fish was able to escape the meshes and free himself. Because of his size, his life was saved. 

  • That day, he felt so happy and was now grateful for his size.

  • He was so happy that he travelled everywhere content.

A Little Fish Story Summary and Moral

  • A Little Fish Story is about a small fish who is unhappy because of his size. He believes the big fish have a lot to be thankful for. 

  • However, his small stature soon proves to be a blessing in disguise.

  • We should be happy and content with our physical appearance.

  • We can be aware that there are positives and negatives on every side.

New Words Meaning with Examples





A larger number that equals 1000,000 which is a product of 1000 and 1000.

I want a million toys for my birthday.


To struggle or wobble clumsily in a water body.

The kids saw the gold wish floundering in the aquarium.


Like a fishnet, a substance composed out of a web of wires or threads.

The fishermen used the meshes for many years.


Pulling or dragging something with a lot of power.

She hauled her little brother out of the pool.


Happy and satisfied.

He contended with his score in the game.


Making liquid strike or fall in uneven drips on something.

The water was splashing in the 


Vacate space by removing its content or matter.

When the fish net was emptied the fisherman felt happy to see many fishes.


Turning and twisting at a quick pace.

The dog was wriggling his tail.


An awareness of possible trouble and danger.

The fishermen were upset that there was no warning of the heavy rain.

A Little Fish Story Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. How many fish are there in the sea?

Ans: The sea is very large and there are millions of fishes present there.

2. Why was the little fish unhappy?

Ans: The reason for the little fish’s unhappiness was his tiny size.

3. What happened to the fish one day?

Ans: While swimming in the sea with his friends one day, the fish became entangled in a large net.

4. Why was the fish thankful to be a little fish?

Ans: The fish was grateful for his small size because it allowed him to escape from the net.

Solved Example Practice Questions

1. Why was the fish unhappy and then happy with his size?

Ans: The fish was unhappy because he was unaware of the advantages of his size. He was happy with his size once he escaped an enormous fish net and realized that he could do so because of his little size.

2. What did the fish wish and believe to be true?

Ans: The fish always said that it was so difficult to be a little fish and that it would be so much better if he was of a bigger size. The fish believed that if it were big he would be happier as things would be easier.

3. Do you like aquatic life?

Ans: Yes I love being near any water body. There is an aquarium at our home and I love feeding the tiny goldfish.

4. What happened when the fish went swimming with the rest of the school?

Ans: When everybody went swimming, all of the school was caught in the meshes of the net and there was a struggle to escape as the net was hauled out of the water. On the other hand, the little fish escaped the net due to his size.

Importance of Class 3 CBSE English Chapter 4 A Little Fish Story

Unit 4 A Little Fish Story is a brilliant addition to the syllabus. In this chapter, we study about a small fish in the sea. He is not happy with his size and often thinks of the benefits of a bigger fish in the sea. Eventually, he was caught in a fisherman’s net with other bigger fish in the sea. The bigger fish struggled to get out but the small one easily wriggled out of the mesh.

His mind changed from that incident. He was thankful for his small size which saved his life. A Little Fish Story summary suggests that we need to be happy with what we are and what we have. This is why this story is very important for the Class 3 students as it teaches us an important life lesson. They learn how we feel frustrated looking at others’ features and possessions. We forget to be happy for ourselves and make our lives miserable.

Benefits of Vedantu’s A Little Fish Story Revision Notes PDF

Download the PDF of formats of the revision notes of Class 3 Unit 4 and get the below-mentioned benefits.

  • The experts have explained the summary of this chapter in a simpler version. It will become easier for you to comprehend the A Little Fish Story question answer.

  • Prepare using the precise explanation of the objective of this story in these revision notes before an exam.

  • Recall the answers to all the questions faster.

  • Understand the entire story well and be ready to answer unseen questions given in the exams.

  • Learn the meaning of targeted new words in this chapter along with their phonetics.

An Easy Comprehension of A Little Fish Story for Class 3

Download the A Little Fish Story PDF revision notes and complete your study material. Prepare using these notes and refer to the answers composed for all the questions in its exercise. Become more skilled at understanding a question of this unit and answering it accurately.


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The Class 3 CBSE English Chapter 4 notes, "A Little Fish Story," available as a free PDF download, offer a captivating literary journey for both students and educators. These notes immerse young learners in the enchanting world of storytelling through a charming tale. With clear explanations and engaging activities, they not only enhance comprehension of the story but also foster a love for literature and imagination. These free PDF notes encourage language proficiency and critical thinking. Moreover, they convey essential life values, such as determination and kindness, embedded within the story's narrative. In essence, "A Little Fish Story" Class 3 CBSE English notes inspire a lifelong appreciation for literature and its power to impart meaningful life lessons.

FAQs on A Little Fish Story Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 4 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why was the little fish unhappy?

The little fish was unhappy with his small size. He wanted to enjoy the benefits of bigger size like the other fish in the sea. He thought that being bigger would have been more elegant and beneficial.

2. What changed the mind of the small fish?

When all the bigger fish got caught by a fisherman but the little fish escaped due to his size, his mind changed completely. He started to consider his small size as a blessing. He got his life back as he escaped from the net easily.

3. What should I refer to prepare well for the CBSE Class 3 English  Unit 4 A Little Fish Story?

The NCERT solutions framed by the experts will be the best resource for preparing the questions given in the exercise. You will learn how to frame them from the approaches adopted by the subject experts. This practice will help you answer precisely and score more in the exams.