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Bird Talk Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 2 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Class 3 English Poem Chapter 2 Bird Talk Revision Notes

The English curriculum for CBSE Class 3 includes outstanding prose and poetry. The poem Bird Talk is one such intriguing addition to the curriculum. This intriguing poem describes a discussion between two birds. Students will readily comprehend the meaning of the poem after reading the synopsis.

The revision notes for the Bird Talk poem offered by Vedantu have been crafted by our experts in a very simple and easy-to-understand language for young kids. Students will be able to grasp the details and hence they can answer the questions and score high marks in their exams. 

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 2 Poem- Bird Talk Notes

Characters and Theme of the Poem Bird Talk

  • The poet in this Poem beautifully depicts the conversation between two birds namely “Robin” and “Jay”

  • The birds were talking about differences that exist between humans and them and activities they can do as birds and humans can't as they do not have the same features as them. 

  • The main theme of the poem is the differences that exist between humans and birds. 

Bird Talk Revision Notes 

The Bird talk summary is provided below:

  • The birds Robin and Jay, were talking about the humans and the differences that exist between them and humans.

  • Robin and Jay have feathers and they were surprised at the way Humans grow and the fact that they don't have feathers at all.

  • The birds were wondering that Humans do not grow wings like them and hence they cannot fly at all. Neither can they sit on the wires as Birds do with ease.

  • Humans, unlike birds, don't have wings and hence cannot fly and cannot do all the activities like a bird does. They neither have feathers like birds do nor any other features of birds.

  • The birds also said about the eating habits of Humans , that humans can not eat beetles like them. 

  • The birds however find it funny as the way humans look and do. 

  • The birds cannot relate to the fact that how someone can live or grow without having wings and feathers, or someone cannot eat beetles which birds eat. Since all these things are associated with birds it's difficult for them to imagine humans growing up without having wings and feathers and humans not being able to fly, sit on the wires and or eat beetles and hence they believe it is really funny to be that way as humans are. 

Moral of Bird Talk Poem

  • The moral of the story is that , this is Nature , this is how it works , all people have different ways of living , food habits , hobbies , dressing style , it not only varies from human to human , but from animal to animal. 

  • One should realize that their way of living is not the only way and one should not fee proud as every being has what they  need.

Words and their Meanings:





name of an insect or (a type of insects which usually birds eat) 

The beetles were near the blooming flowers.


to be in a particular position or ( one of the activities humans do while resting usually)

I love sitting by the beach and watch sunsets.


causing laughter or humor (also used for things difficult to understand or think off)

My bestfriend is very funny.


thin flexible rod or thread 

There were many wires passing through terrace.

Rhyming Words

Rhyming words are two or more words that have the same or similar ending sound. Rhyming words from bird talk class 3 are : 

  • Jay - day 

  • Grow - know

  • Things - wings

  • Jay - way 

About the Poet

  • Aileen Lucia Fisher the poet of Bird Talk poem was an American children's book author who wrote poetry, picture books in verse, prose about nature and America, biographies, Bible-themed books, plays, and magazine and journal pieces.

  • Fisher wrote non-fiction books in both rhyming and prose, with many of them focusing on natural history. Fisher wrote children's plays, often about holidays or with patriotic or historical themes. 

Class 3 English Chapter 2 Question Answer

The following is bird talk class 3 notes from NCERT. 

Reading is Fun

1. Name the two birds in the poem.

Ans: Robin and Jay are the two birds in the poem and are having a talk.

2. What are the three things that people can’t do?

Ans: The 3 things that the humans can't do are according to the poem are : 

  • Humans can’t grow feathers.

  • Humans can’t eat beetles.

  • Humans can’t grow wings.

3. Why do birds think of people ?

Ans: The birds find people funny and very different from them. For them it's very funny the way humans are without wings and feathers and not eating insects. 

Talk Time

1. Imagine what two elephants would say to each other about people. Let them talk about

– what people look like

– what they eat

– How they walk

Ans: Here is what the elephants would say to each other about people:

  • Look at them, they are so tiny

  • See they eat so little

  • Look at them without a trunk

2. Let’s find two things which you can do and the birds can’t do. Tell the class.

Ans: 1. I can think and have new ideas, birds can’t.

2. I can read, birds can’t.

Importance of Class 3 Chapter 2 English Poem Bird Talk Summary

The poem in the second chapter of the Class 3 English book is titled Bird Talk. In this poem, there are two birds, a robin, and a mocking jay, having a conversation with each other. The poem takes an imaginative turn as the readers can see the birds talking. Students can perceive the poem in their own way and develop their linguistic skills.

In the poem Bird Talk Class 3, two birds are talking about how they are different from human beings. One of the birds boasts that they have feathers while the humans don’t. They are amazed at the fact that humans don’t sit on wires and other things like birds do. These birds also believe that they have more freedom compared to humans since they can spread their wings and fly away anywhere they want. 

Reading the summary of this poem will enable the students to understand how birds can communicate with one another. They can easily interpret the meaning of the poem and then attempt the Class 3 English Chapter 2 question answer to further expand their knowledge about the chapter.

Benefits of Bird Talk Class 3 Notes

  • This chapter allows students to make their own interpretations of the languages that birds use to communicate. 

  • They can learn more about the anatomy of birds and how they are different from humans. 

  • The Class 3 English Bird Talk poem revision notes are created in a very simple language for students to understand better. 

  • Students can understand the chapter easily and practice the notes to get good marks in exams. 

Students need to have a proper understanding of Chapter 2 Class 3 English Poem, which they can get from the Bird Talk revision notes and solutions offered here at Vedantu. They can download these notes easily from Vedantu for free.


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Vedantu's Bird Talk Poem Class 3 Notes for CBSE English Poem Chapter 2 offer an invaluable resource for young learners to engage with and appreciate the beauty of poetry. With a free PDF download, these notes make learning accessible and convenient. Through this comprehensive material, students can delve into the world of birds and nature, understanding their significance in literature and life. The notes skillfully break down the poem's themes, literary devices, and meanings, fostering a deeper connection to the verses. Vedantu's commitment to quality education is evident, as these notes provide a holistic approach to learning poetry and nurturing a love for language and literature.

FAQs on Bird Talk Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 2 (Free PDF Download)

1. Name the two birds in the poem Bird Talk. 

The poem in the second chapter of Class 3 English depicts a conversation taking place between two birds. One of the birds is a Robin and the other one is a Mocking Jay. 

2. What are the birds talking about?

In the poem Bird Talk, the robin and the Mockingjay are talking about the differences between human beings and themselves. They boast about having feathers and more freedom than humans. Also, they are amazed to see that unlike them, humans don’t sit on wires and tree branches. 

3. Is the Class 3 English Poem Chapter 2 important for the exam? 

Yes, the Class 3 English poem in Chapter 2 is very important for the exam. With the help of these revision notes from Vedantu, students can attempt the Bird Talk Class 3 question answer exercises and score well in their exams. 

4. What literary devices are used in the poem "Bird Talk" to enhance its impact?

The poem may employ literary devices such as onomatopoeia (words that imitate the sounds of birds), alliteration, and rhyme to create a rhythmic and engaging experience.

5. How does the poem "Bird Talk" appeal to young readers?

The poem likely uses vivid imagery, simple language, and relatable bird sounds to appeal to young readers. The playful and musical tone of the poem may captivate their imagination.