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Nina and The Baby Sparrows Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 2 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 13th Apr 2024
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How to Download Class 3 Chapter 2 Nina and The Baby Sparrows Revision Notes

The revision notes for Class 3 English Unit 2 Nina and the Baby Sparrows will help the students understand the story in detail. Class 3 teaches young kids a lot about the English language. There are interesting chapters consisting of interesting poems and amazing stories. One such chapter is named Nina and the Baby Sparrows.

After reading the chapter, students can go through the revision notes to understand the chapter in more detail. The Nina and the Baby Sparrows revision notes can be very helpful in case students miss something while reading the actual chapter and need to cross-check some details. The revision notes have been carefully crafted by the experts at Vedantu who have an idea about the CBSE guidelines and curriculum.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 2 - Nina and The Baby Sparrows Notes

Nina and The Baby Sparrows Summary

  • Pratibha Nath writes a beautiful story of a sensitive and a caring child Nina.

  • Nina’s house was filled with joy and merriness as the entire family was leaving for a wedding in Delhi.

  • Nina along with her mother goes to the market to shop for a dress she can wear at the wedding.

  • On noticing Nina is upset, her mother asks the reason.

  • Upon hearing her worries about the baby sparrows not being able to eat when they all leave for Delhi, her mother came up with a solution.

  • The things from Nina's room were removed and the window was left open so the mama and papa sparrow could easily feed the baby sparrows.

  • When Nina came back to her home to see baby sparrows plump and flying around her room she was thrilled.

Moral of Nina and The Baby Sparrows

  • Nina and the Baby Sparrows teach us to love birds and to look after those who are unable to look after themselves. It also teaches us how to be sensitive to other people's difficulties.

New Words Meaning with Examples





A regular meeting of people for the purpose of purchasing and selling supplies. 

I went to the market for buying a gift for my friend’s birthday.


Make an effort to do anything or to feel worried about something.

The noise was bothering her when she was studying.


A challenging or unwelcome situation.

There is a problem with the electricity.


A piece of clothing for girls and women.

I like to wear a dress to the evening parties.


Someone feeling sad and dissatisfied or making someone feel that way.

I do not want anyone to be upset about this news.


Taking away something.

Let’s remove the furniture from this room.


Celebration of a marriage.

We have to go to a wedding next month.


Extremely beautiful.

The weather is indeed lovely.


Having a rounded full form.

The plump berries were sweet and delicious.

About the Author

  • Pratibha Nath is a freelance journalist and a children's book author. 

  • She enjoys a wide range of activities, the most prominent of which are nature, music, and gardening. She currently resides in New Delhi.

  • In several sections of the country, her novels are now recommended for the school curriculum. 

  • Pratibha has written 60 novels, which have been published by a number of prestigious publishers, including S. Chand, Oxford University Press, Puffin (Penguin), Pearson, Children's Book Trust, Rupa, and Madhuban. 

  • Her works are enjoyable for children to read outside of school. Pratibha agrees that youngsters should have the opportunity to enjoy reading in school.

Nina and the Baby Sparrows NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. Why was there great joy in Nina’s house?

Ans: Nina’s house was filled with great joy as there were celebrations awaiting in Delhi where all family members were going to her aunt’s wedding.

2. Why was Nina worried?

Ans: Since Nina had two baby sparrows in her room's nest. If all of the family members left and the house was closed, the papa and mama sparrows would be unable to feed the baby sparrows.

3. What did mother suggest?

Ans: Nina’s mother suggested a great solution to Nina’s worries. They will leave Nina's room window open so that the papa and mama sparrows can feed the baby sparrows. This way they can take everything out of Nina's room and lock it from the outside. 

4. What did Nina find when she came back from the wedding?

Ans: When Nina returned home from the wedding she was thrilled to find baby sparrows flying around and they looked plump and well-fed.

Talk Time

1. How do baby sparrows eat?

Ans: The parents, mama and papa sparrow feed their young sparrows into their beaks.

2. What new things would you like to wear for a wedding? You can say “I would like to wear...”

Ans: I would like to wear a pastel dress along with white wedges. I'd also like to wear a lovely pink and green salwar suit for other functions.

Solved Practice Questions

1. Do you believe that birds should be kept in cages? Why?

Ans: No, birds should never be kept in cages. They have wings and are designed to fly through the air. They are happiest when they can fly freely since freedom is vital to everyone.

2. Who is the speaker of the quoted line mentioned below and who are they talking about?

“And growing up makes them so hungry.”

Ans: Nina is the speaker of the above-mentioned quote. Nina is referring to her room's newborn baby sparrows.

3. When do you feel hungry and what do you do about it?

Ans: I feel very hungry just before noon and I go to my mother in the kitchen to ask when will the food be ready and if I can help her with anything.

Importance of Reading Class 3 Chapter 2 Nina and the Baby Sparrows Summary

The Class 3 English Unit 2 has a very interesting story about a little girl named Nina. In the story, Nina is very concerned about a couple of baby sparrows that are in the nest on her bookshelf. Nina’s aunt is getting married and her whole family is invited. However, she doesn’t want to go to the wedding as it will result in the house being locked and hence the sparrows won’t be fed by their parents.

The whole chapter is meant to provide a very important message to the students reading it. The story shows the true love that Nina has for the sparrows and how we should also love nature and all living things. The chapter also sheds a light on the love that parents and children share as Nina confides in her mother about the baby sparrow.

Benefits of The Revision Notes For Nina and the Baby Sparrows From Vedantu

  • Students will be able to understand the storyline of the chapter from the revision notes. They can find answers to questions such as what were the sparrow doing and how do baby sparrows eat.

  • Students preparing for their exams can take help from the revision notes so that they don’t have to go through the chapter again.

  • There are a lot of interesting and new words in the chapter that might be difficult for students of Class 3 to understand. However, these words have been explained with their meaning in the revision notes that the students can refer to.

  • After reading the revision notes, students will have no trouble understanding Class 3 English Unit 2 question answer.


Students who want to score high marks in their exams need to have a better understanding of each and every single chapter. With the help of Vedantu’s carefully crafted revision notes, students can have a detailed idea about the storyline and the central message of the chapter.


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FAQs on Nina and The Baby Sparrows Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 2 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why was Nina worried?

Nina was worried about the baby sparrows that lived in a nest on her bookshelf. She feared that going to the wedding would mean that all the doors and windows to the home would be locked and hence the sparrows won’t be able to feed their babies.

2. Where did Nina go with her mother?

Nina went to the market with her mother because her mother wanted to get her a new dress for her aunt’s wedding.

3. Why was there great joy in Nina's house?

It was an occasion of joy in Nina’s house because her aunt was getting married and the whole family was invited to go to the wedding.