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The Balloon Man Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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NCERT Class 3 Chapter 5 English Poem The Balloon Man Revision Notes

English poems are the best way to teach young kids the English language and new words. That is why there is a very interesting collection of amazing English poems covered in the syllabus of Class 3 English. These poems not only engage the minds of young readers but also make them learn about some important moral values. Here we have The Balloon Man revision notes, which is the 5th Chapter of the Class 3 English textbook. Students will get a lot of help with their exam preparation from these revision notes. 

The CBSE syllabus of Class 3 has the 5th Chapter titled The Balloon Man. In the poem, there is a little girl talking about the balloon man that she sees in the market often. She says the man carries balloons of various colors and sizes. The girl also has a wish that one day the balloon man would release all the balloons in the sky so that they can fly high. Reading The Balloon Man notes and summary will help students develop a good understanding of the poem.

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The Balloon Man Revision Notes 

Provided below are Class 3 English Chapter 5 The Balloon Man poem summary, new words meaning and examples, techniques used in the poem and question answer.

The Balloon Man Summary

  • A young girl describes a balloon man she sees whenever she goes to the market.

  • The balloon man always stands in the market square and carries a variety of balloons of all sizes and colours. 

  • The balloon man is busy even during lunch hours and does not think of eating.

  • The balloons are tied together and move together in a particular direction whenever the wind blows along with the tie strings.

  • The girl hopes that someday the balloon man will untie the balloons so they all sail high and everybody can see how pretty they will look when free in the sky.

Techniques used in the Poem

Rhyming Words: The words when the spoken end in a similar way is called rhyming words.

  • Days- Stays

  • Bunch- Lunch

  • Green- Between

  • Day- Away

  • Small- All

  • String- Anything

  • Go- Below

  • High- Sky

Imagery: Words in a poem or prose that creates a visual picture for the reader.

  • In stanza 2: a sunny day, the carts and people get between

  • In stanza 3: they tug and tug like anything

New Words and their Meaning





A number of the same things growing or kept together.

A bunch of people came running here.


An area that is open and surrounded by buildings or walls. 

The gallery square is for the library.


The bright light of the day due to the sun.

I hope tomorrow is a sunny day.


Pull something hardly and suddenly.

The kids are playing the tug or war game.

About the Poet

  • Rose Fyleman was a prolific English author who published over sixty books of fiction, poetry and plays. Fyleman was born in Nottingham, England, in 1877. She studied at Nottingham University College before pursuing training as an opera singer.

  • Rose Amy Fyleman was known for her children's books about fairy folk. Liza Lehmann, an English composer, adapted her poem "There are fairies at the bottom of our garden" to music.

The Balloon Man Question Answer

Reading is Fun

1. Where does the balloon man stand?

Ans: The girl sees the balloon man standing in the market square.

2. What happens to the balloons when there is wind?

Ans: When the wind blows, the balloons tug and tug all over the place.

3. What does the child like to see the balloon man do?

Ans: The child would like to see the balloon man someday let the balloons free so she can watch them from below as they sail high in the sky.

Talk Time

1. How high can balloons fly?

Ans: The balloons can fly really high as long as the wind supports them.

2. What do you like about this poem?

Ans: I like the same things that the child likes in the poem, the different coloured balloons which I would like to see sail high.

Word Building

1. Identify the words from the jumbled letters and write the word in the space provided.

llaboons _________ cunlh _____________

ulbe ____________ ploeep _____________

wolbe ___________ crat _____________

Ans: Llaboons - Balloons

Cunlh - lunch

Ulbe - Blue

Ploeep - People

Wolbe - Below

Crat - Cart

2. Put the words given in the box into the following groups:

(a) nature _____ ____

(b) food _______ ____

(c) colours _____ ____











Ans: a) sky, wind

b) pineapple, turnip, grass, rice

c) purple, green, white, yellow

Practice Questions

1. Mention the rhyming words of the following;

Sky, Bunch, Small

Ans: Sky- cry, dry, guy, why, ply

Bunch- crunch, punch, much, touch, such

Small- all, fall, call, wall, hall, mall

2. Why did the balloon man never think of lunch?

Ans: The balloon man never thought of lunch because he was busy in the market.

3.  Which colour of the balloon would you get from the balloon man?

Ans: I would like to get a big purple balloon from the balloon man.

Importance of Reading Class 3 Chapter 5 The Balloon Man Summary

By reading the summary of The Balloon Man Class 3 English poem, students can understand the story that it is trying to depict. Not to mention that they can also answer questions about the poem easily. In the summary, there is a little girl who sees a balloon man in the market. She recalls that he is there often with balloons of different shapes, sizes, and colors. She describes that the man has balloons that are blue, green, purple, and red in color. These colors seem very vibrant to her in a market full of people and carts.

She says that the balloons have different shapes and sizes and they are secured with just one thin string that looks beautiful every time the wind is blowing. Going further along in The Balloon Man Poem, the girl expresses her wish that the balloon man should release all the balloons one day so that they can sail higher in the sky. This poem is about an innocent desire of a child to see the balloons float high and how she wishes her simple dream could come true. 

Benefits of Revision Notes for Class 3 English Chapter 5 Poem

  • Students, after reading the revision notes as well as the summary will properly understand what the poem means and what message it is trying to convey to the readers. 

  • This poem is very interesting as it teaches the children about innocent dreams that young minds like them have. 

  • Students can confidently attempt The Balloon Man Question Answer exercises after reading the revision notes. Hence, they can score high marks in the examination. 

  • These notes are extremely easy to understand since the learned professionals at Vedantu have prepared them. 

Download The Balloon Man revision notes from Vedantu right now. Anyone with a link to the official website will be able to download these notes and study them to get the answers to questions from the chapter. 


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"The Balloon Man Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 5" provided by Vedantu introduces young learners to the enchanting world of poetry. These notes seamlessly align with the CBSE curriculum, offering clear explanations and interpretations of the poem "The Balloon Man." Vedantu's dedication to quality education shines through in these notes, simplifying the poem's themes and emotions in a child-friendly manner. By using these notes, young students not only experience the joy of poetry but also gain an understanding of its language and expression. This chapter encourages a love for literature and fosters creativity through the appreciation of verse, making learning a delightful journey.

FAQs on The Balloon Man Poem Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

1. Where does the girl see the balloon man? 

In the poem, The Balloon Man included in the syllabus of Class 3, there is a little girl who talks about seeing a balloon man in the market. She says that she meets the balloon man very often in the market that is filled with carts and people. 

2. What wish did the girl have? 

The girl wanted the balloon man to release the colorful balloon in the sky one day. When the balloon man does that, it will fulfill the girl’s wish of seeing the balloons sailing high in the sky. 

3. Why should I read the revision notes for The Balloon Man English Poem? 

If you are having some trouble understanding the meaning of the chapter, referring to the revision notes will be very helpful. It can help students in answering questions from the poem. 

4. Where can I access and download these Class 3 English poem notes for free in PDF format?

These notes can typically be accessed and downloaded for free on Vedantu's platform or website.

5. Is the poem "The Balloon Man" part of the CBSE Class 3 English curriculum?

Yes, the poem "The Balloon Man" is often included in the CBSE Class 3 English curriculum, and these notes provide insights and interpretations to help students understand it better.

6. Do these notes provide a summary or analysis of the poem?

Yes, these notes often include a summary and analysis of the poem "The Balloon Man," making it easier for students to comprehend.

7. How can these notes enhance my child's appreciation of poetry?

These notes aim to make poetry more accessible and enjoyable for young learners, fostering an early love for literature and language.