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The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Class 3 English Unit 5 The Yellow Butterfly Revision Notes: Convenience for Studying and Preparation

Class 3 English Unit 5 tells an excellent story to the students. This is about a small boy named Sonu. He is fascinated by a yellow butterfly in his garden. He tries to catch it but the butterfly manages to escape. In the course of incidents, the butterfly gets stuck in a black spider’s web. Sonu manages to save the beautiful butterfly from imminent death. Download the free PDF to read The Yellow Butterfly summary in detail.

Get The Yellow Butterfly revision notes to find out how the questions are answered for this unit. Find out how the experts have explained this chapter in an easier way for you to understand. Get a concise explanation of the entire chapter and find the objective of adding it to the CBSE Class 3 English syllabus.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 5 - The Yellow Butterfly Notes

The Yellow Butterfly Revision Notes

  • This is a story of a yellow butterfly that a young kid named Sonu, who first noticed in his garden. He wanted to capture the gorgeous yellow butterfly as soon as he saw it.

  •  He got closer to catching the butterfly, but it fluttered away from the garden and into the pond. 

  • The butterfly fluttered away as he dove into the water. The butterfly flew faster the more he attempted to catch it. 

  • From rose to lotus leaf to pink flower on a peach tree. 

  • However, after a while, he could no longer see the butterfly. He searched around and discovered the butterfly trapped in the spider's web. 

  • A hungry small black spider had trapped the butterfly in the centre of the web. When Sonu noticed it, he dashed towards the web to free the butterfly. 

  • He eventually got the butterfly, and it was lovely. He was finally content, but the butterfly did not appear to be. So he released the butterfly, which soared and landed on a rose, the peach tree to the lotus leaf before flying away merrily and free once again.

Moral of the Story

  • Sonu was trying to catch the butterfly and when he did he realized that it was sad and released the butterfly.

  • We can admire and appreciate nature, animals and birds that we find beautiful from far and let them be.

  • We should not hold anything tighter that we find beautiful as they may find it like a trap.

  • We should let the ones we love free and happy.

The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 New Words Meaning with Examples





To break free after being in control by someone or something.

The butterfly tried to escape from between the boy’s fingers.


Naturally or man-made small still waterbody.

We always play near a pond outside my grandparent’s house.


A downy pinkish-yellow exterior fruit that has yellow juicy flesh that grows on a peach tree.

Peach is my mother’s and my favourite fruit.


Going up from a lower surface like stairs or hill.

We have to climb a lot of stairs to reach the temple.


To get a hold.

He failed to catch the apples that fell from the tree.


In the centre or in between two different or even the same object.

He was in the middle of a road when he forgot his way back.


Strong feeling for needing food.

The baby cries whenever he is hungry.


Without sinking, resting or moving slowly on or near the surface of a liquid.

She found her doll floating in the tub.


A strong emotion expressed loudly.

Her mother was shouting at her for being late.


Moving in a way to catch something or someone.

She was chasing the squirrel as she adored little animals.


Lightly and quickly flapping the wings or anything.

The kids are by the pool fluttering their legs and enjoying the weather.


A change in direction; a curve; a bend; a turn

He was sad that he twisted his arm during the game and could not play.

About the Author

  • Nilima Sinha is a well-known author of mystery-adventure books for youngsters.

  • The Chandipur Jewels, Vanishing Trick at Chandipur, Adventure on the Golden Lake, and SOS From Munia are among her published works, all of which have won awards for Best Fiction. 

  • Her book, Before Midnight, was chosen for the White Raven List for libraries all around the world.

  • She's also authored historical fiction, fantasy, innumerable short stories, dramas, and biographies, among other genres. 

  • The Yellow Butterfly, So Can I, Rishabh in the Land of the Flying Magicians, and four novels in the Save the Earth Series are among her other significant works.

The Yellow Butterfly NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. Where did Sonu first see the yellow butterfly?

Ans: In his garden, Sonu first saw the yellow butterfly fly around.

2. Name three places where the butterfly rested.

Ans: The first place where the butterfly rested is on a red rose and then a lotus leaf after which he rested on a pink flower on the peach tree.

3. Why did Sonu chase the butterfly?

Ans: Sonu chased the butterfly in order to catch it and admire the beautiful butterfly.

4. Why did Sonu let the butterfly go?

Ans: When Sonu held the yellow butterfly in his hands, the butterfly looked sad. So, Sonu let it go as he wanted the butterfly to be happy.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now that you are familiar with The Yellow Butterfly summary let us solve a few questions.

1. Who was it that rescued the yellow butterfly?

Ans: Sonu found and saved the butterfly from the spider's web as the hungry spider was trying to kill it. 

2. Do you like chasing butterflies?

Ans: I love to chase little birds and animals to come close and admire them.

3. How did the yellow butterfly get trapped in the spider’s web?

Ans: The yellow butterfly was flying away from Sonu who was chasing to catch it when the butterfly was entrapped in the spider’s web.

Importance of CBSE Class 3 English Unit 5 The Yellow Butterfly

The storyline of this unit depicts how a young boy named gets attracted to a bright yellow butterfly flying around in his garden. He chases it and crosses almost all the hurdles but the butterfly manages to escape him every time.

The butterfly eventually gets stuck in a spider wave in the nearby bushes. A black spider starts approaching the butterfly to make it prey. Sonu, on the other hand, struggles to get his hands on the butterfly before the spider gets it. He then manages to rescue the butterfly, disentangle it from the web, and set it free. The Yellow Butterfly flutters its wings and hopped from one flower to the other in the garden. He wanted the butterfly to be happy.

This chapter shows how a butterfly can make a child happy. He did not want to catch it but rather play with it. He also crossed all the barriers to save the butterfly from the spider as he considered it his friend. Students of class 3 will also learn the value of protecting creatures from harm and enjoy them in freedom.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Revision Notes for The Yellow Butterfly

Referring to Class 3 Unit 5 The Yellow Butterfly will bring you the following benefits. So, download the free PDF now!

  • A precise and simple explanation of the storyline is provided.

  • Easy grasping of the objective of this yellow butterfly chapter is ensured.

  • Answering the questions of this chapter’s exercise becomes easier from the suggestions given by the experts.

  • It also tells us why Sonu actually wanted to catch the butterfly and how much effort he made to save him.

  • This chapter teaches new words, phonetics, and an interesting lesson. Your comprehension skills will be escalated by following the revision notes framed by the subject experts.

Download The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Revision Notes

Discover the easiest way of preparing this chapter with the revision notes. Learn how the experts have answered all the questions given in the exercise. Follow the approaches and learn how to answer precisely in the exams to score well.


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"The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 5" provided by Vedantu are an excellent resource for young learners to engage with literature and enhance their language skills. These notes align seamlessly with the CBSE curriculum, offering clear explanations and interpretations of the chapter "The Yellow Butterfly." Vedantu's commitment to quality education is evident in these notes, which simplify the chapter's content in a child-friendly manner. By using these notes, young students not only improve their reading and comprehension but also develop a deeper appreciation for storytelling. This chapter encourages imagination and fosters a love for literature, making learning an enjoyable experience.

FAQs on The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why did Sonu chase the butterfly?

Sonu wholeheartedly wanted to play with the butterfly. He wanted to catch it and release it in the wild. It was his sole intention to play with it and make it his friend.

2. How can you find out the best The Yellow Butterfly question answer?

Download the NCERT solutions for this chapter and get the best answers for all the exercise questions. Learn how the experts have framed the answers and then try to solve the questions on your own.

3. Why did Sonu save the butterfly from the spider?

Sonu did not want his friend, the yellow butterfly, to die in the hands of a spider. He rescued it and set it free. All he wanted was to play with it or watch it fly in his garden.

4. Where can I find and download these Class 3 English chapter notes for free in PDF format?

These notes can typically be found and downloaded for free on Vedantu's platform or website.

5. Is "The Yellow Butterfly" a part of the CBSE Class 3 English curriculum?

Yes, "The Yellow Butterfly" is often included in the CBSE Class 3 English curriculum, and these notes provide insights and interpretations to help students understand it better.

6. Do these The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Notes provide a summary or analysis of the chapter?

Yes, these notes often include a summary and analysis of the chapter "The Yellow Butterfly," making it easier for students to comprehend.

7. How can these The Yellow Butterfly Class 3 Notes enhance my child's understanding of the chapter?

These notes aim to simplify the chapter's content, making it more accessible and enjoyable for young learners and helping them develop better reading and comprehension skills.