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The Enormous Turnip Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 3 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Quick and Easy Preparation with Class 3 English Chapter 3 The Enormous Turnip

Class 3 English has excellent chapters with beautiful storylines to teach new concepts of comprehension. Students will find Unit III very interesting as it is about a huge turnip growing underneath the ground. The struggle of the old man to pull that full-grown turnip along with the passersby boy, girl, and woman is a story with a beautiful lesson. To understand the objective of this chapter, download and refer to The Enormous Turnip revision notes compiled by the experts of Vedantu.

The revision notes are compiled following the Class 3 standards and the CBSE guidelines. These notes will help you get a precise summary of this unit and will help you answer questions concisely.

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 3 - The Enormous Turnip Notes

Summary of  The Enormous Turnip

  • The story centres on a farmer, an old man, who discovered a massive turnip in his garden.

  • He couldn't pull it out by himself, so he requested the help of others. 

  • An old woman first offered to help the old man but they could not pull the turnip from underground.

  • Later with the help of a boy and a girl they were able to pluck the turnip out of the ground as a group.

  • Now they can enjoy food together. 

  • Teamwork makes completing a task easier and a lot more fun.

  • We should appreciate everyone around us and should always assist someone in need, even if we believe our assistance is little.

Moral of The Story

  • The Enormous Trip teaches the necessity of teamwork and unity.

  • This lesson can enhance children's understanding, needs, and interests. 

  • Without the assistance of the elderly woman, the girl, and the child, the old man would be unable to lift the large turnip from the ground. 

  • One should not feel small or sad when one can not do things alone. When required one can ask for help.

New Words Meaning with Examples





Extremely huge in quantity or size.

That is an enormous house.


A root vegetable that has edible leaves. It is white and round in shape.

Turnip is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable.

Old woman

A woman of an older age usually 60 years of age and above.

I like to talk to older women, they have so many fun stories to share.

Old man

A woman of an older age usually 60 years of age and above.

I saw an old man passing by with a fruit basket.


To force something towards own direction.

I was trying to pull the hanging wire without hurting anyone.

The Enormous Turnip NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. What did the old man plant? 

Ans: The turnip seeds were planted by the old man.

2. Why was it difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip?

Ans: From the turnip seeds planted by the old man an enormous turnip grew from it. Due to its huge size, the old man had difficulty pulling it up.

3. Who helped him to pull up the enormous turnip?

Ans: An old woman and two little helpers helped the old man and all four could finally pull up the enormous turnip.

4. Who ate the enormous turnip?

Ans: The ones who pulled the turnip out enjoyed the enormous turnip.

Solved Example Practice Questions

1. Have you ever helped anyone in need?

Ans: I was waiting for the school bus and an old man was unable to cross the road due to traffic and I helped him carefully reach the other side of the road.

2. What fruits and vegetables do you like to eat and have you tried to plant their seeds?

Ans: My favourite fruit is mango and I always go with my grandfather to the farm to plant the mango seeds. It takes a long time to enjoy the fruits from the tree but it is very sweet.

3. Why did the boy and the girl join the old man and woman?

Ans: The girl first joined the old man and woman to help them pull the turnip. The three of them could not pull it out, upon seeing this the boy also helped them pull the turnip.

4. Write the antonyms or opposite of the following words.

Enormous, Old, Pull, Up, Big

Ans: Enormous- Tiny

Old- Young

Pull- Push

Up- Down

Big- Small

Importance of CBSE Class 3 English Unit III The Enormous Turnip

The following points highlight the importance of Class 3 English Unit III The Enormous Turnip.

  • This chapter tells us how hard work pays off. The old man has planted some turnip seeds and one of them became a huge turnip plant. It was his care that resulted in a huge turnip. It also teaches us that working together can lead to bigger results.

  • The old man was unable to pull The Enormous Turnip out of the ground. It required the help of three other persons. They were watching the man struggling and pitched in to help. It depicts how we should help each other to achieve better goals for the greater good.

  • There are questions included in this chapter that checks the comprehension skills of the students. The story depicts an incident with a proper illustration. Students will have to extract information from the story and write the answers accordingly.

Benefits of Vedantu’s The Enormous Turnip Revision Notes

Students of Class 3 will get the following benefits by referring to the revision notes of The Enormous Turnip.

  • An easy explanation of the incident in the revision notes lets you understand the context and help to comprehend the answers to all the questions given in the exercise.

  • You will also be able to learn and answer who ate The Enormous Turnip at the end and give a conclusion.

  • Download The Enormous Turnip story PDF to access it anywhere anytime for quick reference and discussion of queries.

The Enormous Turnip question answer will also enable you to find how the experts have composed them properly. Find out the easiest way to write answers for this chapter and memorise them for scoring well in the exams.

The Enormous Turnip Revision Made Easier

Revise the chapter and its questions faster with the revision notes and complete your preparation before an exam. Download The Enormous Turnip Class 3 PDF and refer to it to resolve your doubts on your own. Find out how the experts have simplified this English unit for you.


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Vedantu's "The Enormous Turnip" Class 3 Notes for CBSE English Chapter 3 provide a valuable resource for young learners. Offering a free PDF download, this comprehensive material helps students grasp the essence of the classic story and enhances their understanding of essential concepts such as teamwork, perseverance, and cooperation. With engaging content and interactive exercises, these notes foster a love for reading and language development among students. Moreover, the user-friendly format and accessible language make learning enjoyable and accessible for all. By utilizing these notes, students can effectively consolidate their knowledge, cultivate critical thinking skills, and build a strong foundation for academic success in English and beyond.

FAQs on The Enormous Turnip Class 3 Notes CBSE English Chapter 3 (Free PDF Download)

1. What did the old man plant?

The old man planted a few turnip seeds on his piece of land. He took care of the seedlings and waited for the turnips to grow.

2. What happened to one of the turnip plants?

When the time was right, he wanted to pull out a turnip from the ground. To his surprise, he was unable to lift a turnip plant and pull it out. It got huge in size and gripped the ground strongly. This is why three other persons helped him to pull that enormous turnip out.

3. What do we learn from The Enormous Turnip comprehension questions?

We learn how to find out information from the chapter and frame the right answers. Refer to the NCERT solutions to check how the experts have answered and easily find out the context of all the exercises in this chapter.

4. Can students relate to the characters in the story?

Yes, students can relate to the characters in the story as they represent a diverse group of individuals with unique skills and abilities. The story encourages students to recognize the importance of each person's contribution in achieving a common goal.

5. How can "The Enormous Turnip" be used for educational purposes?

"The Enormous Turnip" can be used for various educational purposes, including developing reading comprehension skills, teaching moral lessons, promoting teamwork, and encouraging creativity through storytelling or drama activities.