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Good Morning Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 1 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Download Good Morning Revision Notes English Poem Class 3 Chapter 1

There are some excellent chapters in Class 3 English syllabus that can help students read and understand English poems without any trouble. With Class 3 Chapter 1 Good Morning revision notes, students can get an idea about the summary of the poem along with other important details that the poem entails.

English is considered to be a very high-scoring subject but it also requires proper understanding. Class 3 is a very important phase in the life of a student when they can master the English language by learning new poems and their meanings. Reading the revision notes of Chapter 1 for Class 3 titled Good Morning will help students get a proper understanding of the poem. 

Download CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 English Chapter 1 Poem- Good Morning Notes

Good Morning Revision Notes

  • Fannie R. Buchanan’s Good Morning poem class 3 is a simple and joyful way to teach children how to greet and have a good start to a day.

  • The poem starts by saying Good morning to the sky the sun, winds, birds, trees, brownie bees, and creeping grass.

  • Good morning poem will help in learning greeting words to be said in the mornings, evenings, and night. Let us see how one can greet, 

Time of the Day



Good morning


Good afternoon


Good evening


Good night

  • The child continues to ask them, how did they know that night was gone and the day has come. The sun is shining bright and the sky is clear saying that the night goes away when the sun rises.

  • After waking up, the child is excited to go out and play with birds, trees, bees, and grass.

Moral of Good Morning Summary

  • The poem teaches us the importance of starting the day happily by using greeting words. For example; in the school when teachers say, ‘good morning all of you’ this means that you should begin each day with a grateful and generous heart. 

  • A good morning poem is ideal for brightening children's spirits and excitement. The ideal time of the day is in the morning when the mind is fresh and more sensitive to new ideas.

New Words in the Poem




Creeping grass

Something that grows in a bent manner

The creeping grass meant spring is here.


Someone who is not asleep

He was awake till 11:00 PM.

Gone away

Something that has passed or gone by

The climate change risk has not gone away.

About the Poet

  • Fannie R. Buchanan was an American musician and writer. She established music programs for people in rural Iowa, USA. She was born in Victor, Iowa, USA in 1875. 

  • Buchanan was honoured in the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame after her death in 1984.

Class 3 English Chapter 1 Question Answer

The following are class 3 English chapter 1 notes questions from the NCERT textbook. Let us answer a few.

Reading is Fun

1. Why is the child in the poem happy?

Ans: As the morning has come the child is happy to play under the sun with trees, birds, grass and bees.

2. To whom does the child say ‘Good Morning’?

Ans: The child says good morning to the new day by greeting the sun, sky, trees, winds, birds, grass and bees.

3. What does the child want to do?

Ans: The child wants to play with everything that he greets, the sun, sky, trees, winds, birds, grass and bees.

Talk Time

1. In the morning I say, “Good morning”

At night I say, “Good night”

A dog says, “Bow-wow”

A cow says, “Moo-moo”

Say ‘Good morning’ in your own language to

i. Your friends

ii. Your teacher

Ans: The student can use their mother tongue to answer the question. 

2. How would you wish them when you leave school in the evening?

Ans: We can wish them “Bye-bye, Thankyou for a wonderful day”.

Practice Questions for Students

1. Find the rhyming words for the following 

bee, day, too

Ans: Bee- He, She, Tea, Free, Sea, Three

Day- They, Away, Say, Play, May

Too- Two, Who, You, To

2. What do you like to do in the morning on holidays?

Ans: I like to wake up early to see the sunrise. My friends and I meet to play in the lawn garden.

3. What do you like about the mornings?

Ans: The mornings make me feel fresh and hopeful. It is like a new chance of living another day. 

Importance of Class 3 Chapter 1 Good Morning English Poem Summary

The 1st Chapter or Class 3 English textbook reveals a very exciting and interesting poem for students to read called Good Morning. In the poem, the child seems to be very excited to wake up in the morning. She is greeting the sun, the sky, the birds, and others with a very good morning. Morning is definitely the best time of the entire day and this poem properly describes the excitement that the child is feeling, waking up to a new day. 

After reading the Good Morning summary, one can understand that every single morning brings new hope and a fresh start. This amazing poem fills the reader’s mind with the aspiration to start their day and take on whatever is coming their way. 

With the help of the revision notes provided by the experts here at Vedantu, students can easily understand the intention of the poem and answer different questions on the basis of their understanding. 

Benefits of Class 3 English Chapter 1 Notes

  • The chapter sends a very important message of optimism and hope for students about the new day and a fresh start. 

  • After reading the chapter, students can attempt class 3 English chapter 1 question answer exercises to get a detailed understanding of the poem. 

  • The revision notes for the chapter have been designed by learned experts at Vedantu and that too in a simple language for students to comprehend. 

  • Revision notes for Good Morning Sky poem can help students recall anything that they might have missed in the class. 

If you are looking forward to reading and understanding the Good Morning All of You Poem from Class 3 Chapter 1, the revision notes from Vedantu can be very helpful. Download the notes now for free and prepare for your exams in the best way. 

FAQs on Good Morning Class 3 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 1 (Free PDF Download)

1. Is Class 3 English Chapter 1 notes important? 

Reading the Good morning poem Class 3 revision notes and summary can help students prepare for their exams in a better way. Students can learn the summary of the poem and answer the questions to understand the chapter better.

2. Who is the child saying good morning to?

In the poem Good morning which is included in Chapter 1 of Class 3 English Syllabus, the child is saying good morning to the sun, sky, birds, and all the other friends. 

3. What message does the Good morning poem send?

The good morning poem sends a very optimistic message to the readers that with the morning, a fresh new start can be expected. It is a poem of hope and aspiration that will make the reader excited for their day.