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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 3 Hindi with Solution 2024-25

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 3 Hindi with Solution - Free PDF Download

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 3 Hindi available on Vedantu are designed specifically to help students improve their grasping skills in Hindi Examinations. Students should ensure doing thorough revisions and utilizing relevant solved papers to have the best chance at scoring good marks in their exams. There is no better way of doing so than making use of Vedantu’s Sample Papers. Get access to premium Sample Papers incorporated with the most reliable and detailed information on the core chapters of Class 3 Hindi. 

Every sample question paper for Class 3 CBSE Hindi generally revolves around the Class 3 Hindi syllabus. The Class 3 CBSE Hindi syllabus covers a wide range of chapters to help students excel in their Hindi speaking and writing skills. Students must ensure having a good understanding of each of these chapters to improve their chance of doing well in their exams. Our PDFs are designed exclusively to help students find the right path to studying for their Hindi Exams. 

Download CBSE Class 3 Sample Papers 2024-25 PDF

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Benefits of Revising from CBSE Sample Papers for Class 3 Hindi

Class 3 Hindi syllabus is rather comprehensive and requires in-depth revisions. Here are some of the focal benefits of revising from Vedantu’s sample PDFs. 

  • Gain exclusive access to questions and summaries of each chapter of Class 3 Hindi. The Sample Papers are incorporated with the previous year's questions to help students enhance their grasping skills. 

  • Every question incorporated in the PDFS is done so only after prior research and extensive understanding. Our experts carry a systematic approach towards designing the Sample Papers. 

  • Every CBSE sample question paper for Class 3 involves easy-to-understand language so that students can learn with maximal comfort. 

  • All the questions are designed as per the guidelines and syllabus of the CBSE. 

How Vedantu Prepares Students for CBSE Class 3 Hindi Exams?

Vedantu is India’s leading e-learning platform which only has the best material on its portal. It has Hindi experts from all over collaborating for its platform and so, has the most quality material.  It has a lot of relevant Hindi matters for students belonging to Class 3 and has Sample Papers designed for the sake of practice. It has free of cost material on its website so that the students do not think twice before getting access to any of those.  Vedantu prepares each of the students by providing them with free study material as well as by guiding them throughout. The writing, as well as speaking skills in Hindi, improve with time and the confidence of the students also gets boosted.


Vedantu is a leading platform that recognizes every student’s potential and ensures offering its expertise to help students excel in their exams. With the right knowledge and study material, students can organize their study schedules with ease and learn to enjoy learning altogether. Now download the latest sample PDFs of Class 3 Hindi.

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FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 3 Hindi with Solution 2024-25

1. Where do I find questions on CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter- 14?

You can find all relevant matters in the chapter if you go to CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2024-25 ). These Sample Papers are available on Vedantu and are a sure shot method of scoring well in the exams. All the questions on the chapter have been solved and are as per the CBSE Class 3 Hindi syllabus. These papers should be revised before sitting for exams as they will act as a comprehensive guide for the students. All questions have been covered.

2. Where can I find detailed information on CBSE Class 3 Hindi?

Detailed information on the above will be found on Vedantu if you click on CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2024-25)

These Sample Papers have been solved by Hindi teachers and will act as a guidebook for the students of Class 3. Since the different questions asked in the papers have covered all elements of the chapter, just going through them before tests will be sufficient. As you practice from these papers, your time of completing tests and your accuracy in the subject will also improve.

3. Is CBSE Class 3 Hindi very complex?

No, CBSE Class 3 Hindi is in fact, quite simple if the students have the right study matter at their disposal. They can log into Vedantu and then look for the study material that they need.  Hindi is a subject that needs to be understood well. The spellings need practice and the topics also demand written methods of preparation.  You can even go to CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2024-25) and then solve these. They will help you in understanding the concepts well since they have been made in tandem with the exam papers.

4. Is Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 3 Hindi essential?

Yes, Chapter 3, also known as Chand waali Amma is a fun chapter as well as an essential chapter. Selective studying is not an option especially when it comes to the junior classes and so, one should not skip any of the chapters. If you are struggling with this chapter, you may solve worksheets on Vedantu if you type CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2024-25). These worksheets will see to it that you have prepared for this chapter well. The questions will make you interestingly revise the chapter.

5. Is CBSE Class 3 Sample Paper designed systematically for the students?

Yes, very much so. All the papers on Vedantu have been made in consultation with the top experts of a particular field and so, they are systematic. They have been designed from the perspective of the student and the level of comprehension for each of these is quite simplified. The questions from all the chapters have been covered and ideal examples have been used in these papers. You must log into Vedantu and then look for CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2024-25).