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The Naughty Boy Class 4 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 9 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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The Naughty Boy Revision Notes for Class 4 English Preparation

Class 4 English has an interesting syllabus. One of the chapters describes a naughty boy. He wanted to see Scotland and found that everything at that place is the same as back home. He was an English boy who admired seeing Scotland and did not find it as amazing as he thought. The Naughty Boy summary describes how the poet depicted a young boy’s wish to see the country.

To understand the context of this poem, follow the simpler description given by the subject experts of Vedantu in The Naughty Boy revision notes. The inner meaning of this poem will become clearer to you. Resolve your doubts using these notes and study this poem well.

Download CBSE Class 4 English Chapter-wise Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

The following table shows the chapter-wise solutions for Class 4 CBSE English Marigold textbook and the revision notes related to each individual unit and its chapters. We would request students to go through the syllabus properly to have an idea of how they should go about studying and revising for their upcoming English exam. You can also download the notes, chapter-wise, from the links given below.

Access Class 4 English Revision Notes Chapter 9: The Naughty Boy

The Naughty Boy Revision Notes

  • ‘The Naughty Boy’ by John Keats is a poem that talks about a naughty boy and his adventures.

  • Once there was a boy and he was extremely naughty.

  • He ran away to Scotland to see the people there.

  • In Scotland he saw that the ground was as hard and the yard was as long and the songs were as merry as they were in his native land.

  • In Scotland, the naughty boy found that the cherry was as red and the lead was as heavy and the four scores were as eighty. He also found that like in England, doors in Scotland were also made of wood.

  • The naughty boy stood in his shoes and kept wondering about the similarities that he found between England and Scotland.

Moral of the Poem

  • The poem ‘The Naughty Boy’ draws a comparison between things from two different places. It is human nature to think that ‘Grass is always greener on the other side.’ We always feel that things are better in a land far away.

  • This poem busts the myth that a new place has everything different and better.

  • The naughty boy realises that the basic things in the new land are exactly similar to the things that he experiences in his homeland.

New Words Meaning with Examples of The Naughty Boy Class 4





Someone (especially a child) who does not behave well or is not obedient to elders.

Rajesh is an extremely naughty boy.


The firm and hard surface of the earth

The ground cracked after the massive earthquake.


Happy or lively; in good spirit.

The streets are always merry during Christmas.


A kind of fruit, sweet in taste and red in colour.

Put this cherry on top of the pastry.


Something which is very heavy.

This is a weighty desk.


Something which is made of wood.

Wooden chairs are good for the back.


It is a unit of measurement which is equal to eighty. 1 score = 20, so four score = 80 

My grandfather passed away at fourscore.

Techniques Used in the Poem

Rhyming Words: Same sounding words when spoken together are called rhyming words.

  • He- See

  • Found- Ground

  • Hard- Yard

  • Merry- Cherry

  • Red- Lead

  • Weighty- Eighty

About the Poet

  • John Keats was a young English romantic poet. He, unfortunately, died of tuberculosis at a very young age of twenty-five.

  • He did not receive much appreciation from the people while he was alive but after his death, he grew in stature and his writings inspired many poets in the future.

  • Poems like ‘Ode to a nightingale’, ‘Sleep and Poetry’, etc composed by John Keats are extremely famous even today.

The Naughty Boy class 4 NCERT Questions and Answers

Reading is Fun

1. From where did the naughty boy come?

Ans: The naughty boy came from England.

2. Where did the naughty boy go?

Ans: The naughty boy went to Scotland.

3. Why did he go there?

Ans: The naughty boy went to Scotland because he was curious to know how things were in Scotland.

4. What did the boy wonder about? 

Ans: The boy expected things to be different in Scotland than in England. But he found that basic things were absolutely the same. So he wondered how come things are similar in two different places.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of ‘The naughty Boy’ Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Was the boy talked about in the poem curious?

Ans:  Yes, the naughty boy was curious. He was eager to know how things were in Scotland. So he ran away to Scotland.

2. Write at least two rhyming words of the following words

Boy, Shoes, Wandered

Ans: Boy- Joy, Toy, Ploy

Shoes- News, Clues, Choose

Wandered- Pondered, Cornered, Conquered

3. Where are England and Scotland located? Are they very far from each other?

Ans: England and Scotland are located in Europe. They are not far from each other. In fact, they are neighbouring countries.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 English Chapter 9 The Naughty Boy

The poem describes a small boy who wanted to see Scotland. He lived in England. He wanted to visit the neighbouring country and wanted to find out what was different there. In this poem, he is described as quite naughty. He might have not listened to anyone and went to Scotland anyway.

After reaching there, he found that the ground was as hard as that of England. In fact, the same things were present there with no difference as such. He was disappointed and wondered why he came to the country at the end of the poem.

The inner meaning of The Naughty Boy poem dictates how the naughty boy did not refrain from visiting the new country. Eventually, he was confused to find that everything looked similar to the things in his home country.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 4 English Chapter 9 Revision Notes

  • The boy was naughty and curious at the same time. He was fascinated to visit Scotland and wanted to check out different things. To his disappointment, everything including the people is all the same. To understand the context of The Naughty Boy, refer to the revision notes.

  • The notes have been compiled following the CBSE Class 4 standards. You can easily comprehend the meaning of the lines and find more describing words.

  • It will also be easier to find out the meaning of words used in the poem to describe things and people.

  • Focus on the story and use the revision notes to form accurate answers to fundamental questions such as ‘why did he go there?’

Download Class 4 English Chapter 9 PDF Revision Notes

Get the free PDF version of the revision notes of this poem. Add them to your study material to discover the right answers to all the exercise questions. Resolve doubts on your own and figure out the best ways to answer questions for scoring better marks in the exams.

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FAQs on The Naughty Boy Class 4 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 9 (Free PDF Download)

1. Where did The Naughty Boy go?

The naughty boy ran away to Scotland. He did not listen to anyone and wanted to check how different things were there.

2. What was he wondering at the end of the poem?

In this poem, the boy found that the people, doors, lead, and even a yard are similar to what he had seen in England, his home country. He was wondering why there was a difference between England and Scotland when everything was the same. He could not find the answer to his question and was observed wandering at the end of the poem.

3. What disappointed the boy?

The boy was disappointed that the two different countries were actually similar to each other. The ground and even the units of length were the same. Refer to the revision notes to understand the way answers to such questions can be written.