NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 4 - The Enemy

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Class 12 English NCERT Solutions Vistas Chapter 4 - The Enemy - Free PDF Download

You must have heard that the best way to achieve success is to never give up. This saying applies to students who wish to score high marks in their final English examination. English is one of those subjects in which a student cannot expect to get good grades until he or she possesses the skills of using this language. However, some students struggle to learn English in a few months. This situation can easily be rectified if students decide to practice every day. Students must solve questions to gain a better understanding of where they need to improve. One can also refer to Class 12th The Enemy NCERT Solutions Ch 4 to understand how one must write answers in the final examination to get full marks.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Who was Dr Sadao?

Answer: Dr Sadao was a Japanese surgeon and scientist. He owned a house near the shore during the World War. He was a gentleman who remained faithful to the oath that he took as a doctor even during the time of war.

Question 2. Do you Agree with the Final Decision that Dr Sadao Made in Regard to the Man Who Washed up to his House on the Shore?

Answer: The answer to this question can differ from student to student. Some students might believe that Dr Sadao was right in choosing to follow his oath that he took as a doctor to save lives. Other students might believe that Dr Sadao should have put his country first and gave up the prisoner to the local authorities.

Question 3. How can I Download the Solutions?

Answer: The solutions are available in a PDF file. Students will first have to install the Vedantu app. After that, students can click on the link to download the questions.

Question 4. What was the Moral Dilemma that was Discussed in the Chapter?

Answer: The moral dilemma was faced by Dr Sadao. He had to decide whether he should save the life of the man who had washed up to his house on the shore or he should give up the man to the local authorities.

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