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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 5 - Should Wizard Hit Mommy

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Class 12 English NCERT Solutions Vistas Chapter 5 - Should Wizard hit Mommy - Free PDF Download

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Ncert Solutions consist of answers to all the questions asked in the chapter. Students will find  Ncert Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 pdf  really helpful to get an in-depth understanding of the chapter as they can learn and revise all the key points covered in the chapter by referring to these Solutions. The Ncert Solutions of the chapter Should Wizard Hit Mommy are prepared by experienced teachers according to the CBSE guidelines to help students  in their exam preparation and understanding of the chapter.


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Chapter 5 - Should Wizard Hit Mommy


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Access NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English Chapter 5 – Should Wizard Hit Mommy

1. Who is Jo? How does she respond to her father’s storytelling?
Ans: Jo is the abbreviation for Joanne. She is Jack and Clare's four-year-old daughter. Her father, Jack, has been telling her bedtime stories for the past two years. Because these stories are based on the same core story, the characters and plot twists remain the same. She was a bright and inquisitive child. Her mind was racing with questions about all she had heard or seen. Her reactions to the stories were a strange mix of emotions triggered by the identification of the familiar. She was also eager to investigate the unknown components woven around her father's fundamental story. Jo, who was eager, wanted the story to move along quickly, but she couldn't since her head was filled with contradictory notions and unanswered questions. She was also a keen observer of what was going on around her. She also liked to correct her father whenever she thought he was making a mistake. Her body language and facial expressions conveyed the depth of her interest in the story. She empathized with the protagonist and dismissed anything that did not fit into her limited universe. Her restlessness to assert her point of view and her eagerness to understand kept her awake. She was even willing to fight her father and persuade him to conclude the story in her favour. Her comments suggest that she had begun to form her personality.

2. What possible plotline could the story continue with?
Ans: From Jo's perspective, the narrative should have concluded on a cheerful note with Roger Skunk finally getting rid of his terrible odour and being able to play with all of the other kids. However, the story may not have such an innocent fairy tale ending from Jack's perspective. Throughout the novel, it was clear that Jack was reminiscing about his childhood and mother. As a result, he added his viewpoint. His sense of belonging to his mother, as well as his experience dealing with reality, led to a mature and compromising conclusion, in which reality limited the scope of fiction. He evaded the tough issue of identity conflict and blaming his mother by associating himself with Roger Skunk from his story.

3. What do you think was Jo’s problem?
Ans: Little Jo had become accustomed to the cheerful endings of Roger's stories, in which the magician aided him in achieving his goal. The magician had turned his foul odour to that of roses at Roger Skunk's request. Other little animals enjoyed it and cheerfully played with Roger Skunk. She couldn't get over the finale of the extended story, in which Roger Skunk's mother smacked the wizard in the head and forced him to transform Skunk's odour back to the previous awful one. Jo retaliated against her mother's obstinacy by punching Roger Skunk, a well-wisher for her son. Jo insisted that her father tell her the same story the next day, but with a different ending. The magician should smack that obstinate mummy across the head and leave Roger Skunk smelling like roses. Fairies and wizards are more real than reality in the wonderful realm of a child's imagination. The harsh truths of life were too much for her to bear. She despised the callous mother who assaulted her son's sponsor.

4. What is the moral issue that the story raises?
Ans: The narrative explores moral dilemmas at various stages of development. There is a significant difference between an adult's viewpoint on life and that of a small child. Children are symbolic of innocence. In their world, hatred and injustice have no place. The infant skunk in the story was only able to make pals after smelling like roses. In Jo's opinion, the joy of being able to make friends was greater than anything else. As a result, she is unable to determine why the mother skunk pressed her youngster to reestablish his previous terrible body odour. On the contrary, Jack attempted to justify the skunk's mother, urging Roger to follow his mother's advice, even if it meant smelling terrible once more. Jack, like every other father, wants his daughter to believe that parents are always right and know what's best for their kids. As a result, the story raises the topic of whether parents should always be obeyed without inquiry.

5. How does Jo want the story to end and why?
Ans: Jo was not satisfied by the story's conclusion and persuaded her father to retell it the next day, this time following a preset course that she had established. Neither Roger Skunk nor the wizard, she claims, made a mistake in the story. Jo refused to accept the ending, in which Roger Skunk's mother hit the wizard without being hit in return. She wanted the story to finish with the magician slamming his magic wand into the mother skunk's head.

6. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?
Ans: Jack has a typical parent's demeanour. He believes that parents know best what is best for their children. He repeatedly asserts parental power to silence Jo and squelch her protests and revisions to his story about the foul-smelling Skunk. He supports Roger Skunk's mother's behaviour. Roger's odd, unkink-like odour does not sit well with her. She describes the roses' pleasant scent as "terrible." Earlier, the small skunk smelled exactly as a small skunk should. She wants the bad odour, which is a natural trait, to be restored. He claims that she was aware of what was right. Second, the baby skunk adored his mother more than any of the other animals. As a result, he accompanied his mother to the magician. She smacked the wizard in the face and demanded that he convert the scent of roses to a foul odour before. He insisted on this conclusion to emphasize the importance of parents' concern for their children and their part in raising them properly.

7. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?
Ans: Jack believes he has been caught in an unattractive middle ground in terms of his physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The woodwork all around them, a cage of mouldings, rails, and skirting boards, was half old tan and half new ivory. He was aware of his responsibilities as a father and a husband. Bobby had already fallen asleep. His attempts to lull Jo to sleep proved exhausting. She continued interrupting him, asking for clarifications, pointing out mistakes, and offering alternate solutions. Jack didn't like it when ladies took things for granted. He liked it when they were nervous. So he continued the story, even though he was in a hurry to get downstairs and assist his pregnant wife with her difficult task of painting the woodwork. The result of the story's extension was fruitless and unpleasant for Jo, Jack, and Clare. Jo requested that he alter the story's conclusion. Clare expressed her dissatisfaction with the length of his story. Jack was exhausted and didn't want to talk to his wife, work with her, or even touch her. He was stuck in an awkward middle ground, unable to bridge the gap between the old and the new generation.

8. What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk story?
Ans: Given Jo's young age, both endings appear to be a little unreasonable. She will undoubtedly be learning from whatever she hears and sees at this age. If the story finishes the way Jack wants it to, Jo will never be able to question anything she thinks is wrong in her life because the finale emphasizes that elders are always correct in everything they do. In addition, the story depicts the skunk's mother striking the magician for no apparent reason. The magician had only completed the task at hand. This may be frightening to Jo, who is four years old, because it teaches that mothers, as elders, have the authority to hit anyone, even if they are not at fault. On the contrary, if the plot follows Jo's wishes, she will lose faith in and respect for her elders. She might even come to believe that hitting elders are ok. A balanced viewpoint could be presented in an appropriate ending, in which the mother either does not hit the wizard at all or sees her error quickly.

9. Why is the adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child?
Ans: A child's speech and path of thought, as well as his behaviours and reactions, are all-natural and uninfluenced by external factors. He speaks from his heart, based on what he believes to be ethically correct. A grownup, on the other hand, has a lot to think about before speaking or reacting. As a result, society's influence regulates and dominates his views. Jo says what she thinks is correct in this chapter. But Jack, an adult caught in a dilemma, kept thinking about the consequences of accepting his daughter's story's ending and what society has taught him over time. Changing trends, growing individuality, women's liberation from male dominance, and eroding human values all refer to the world of an adult. A youngster, on the other hand, is unaware of all of this and judges the world from his or her perspective.

Chapter 5: Should the Wizard Hit Mommy?

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 pdf covers the entire chapter with all the questions answered in a simple and effective manner to help you score better in the exam.  Ncert Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy pdf can be downloaded free of cost from Vedantu. By referring to these Ncert Solutions students will get an idea of the types of questions that are to be expected in the examination. This will be a major confidence booster for them in their exams. Managing the time is of utmost importance while attempting the lengthy English question paper in Class 12 board exams. Practising these Ncert Solutions will help the students to quickly answer the questions  during the exam.  

Solutions Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5

The story revolves around Jack who recites bedtime stories to his 4-year-old daughter Joanne. The basic plot of every bed-time story he told his daughter always remained the same where an animal by the name of Roger (Roger Fish, Roger Squirrel) found himself in a problem and went to the wise owl for help. The wise old owl sent him to the wizard who helped Roger and asked for payment more than what Roger had had. Also, the wise owl told him where he could get the extra money.

Jack started this story with Roger skunk, who stinked a lot, and for that nobody liked to play with him. He sought advice from the owl who sent him to the wizard. The wizard made him smell like roses and then everybody accepted roger skunk. Later, when he returned home his mother did not agree to this and took him back to the wizard to make him smell the same way he used to. Jo is unhappy and instead wants the wizard to hit the mommy back and make Roger skunk smell like roses again so that he gets to play with his friends. Jack was trying to teach his daughter the importance of accepting oneself but Joanne was rather reluctant. 

Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas

Weightage Marks of Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12

The paper comprises 3 sections - Reading, Writing, and Literature making a total of 80 marks. In the literature section, you will find -

  1. Short answer type question-2 marks

  2. Long answer type question-6 marks

This being an important chapter you will definitely find one question from this chapter. Therefore, it is advisable for students to go through the Class 12 English Should Wizard Hit Mommy Ncert Solutions to make sure you understand the chapter and can write a comprehensive answer if it comes for 6 marks. This is a good chance for students to score well from ch 5 vistas class 12 Should Wizard Hit Mommy. 

Benefits of Ncert Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Should Wizard Hit Mommy

The Ncert Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Should Wizard Hit Mommy are prepared by the team of Vedantu experts to maximize retention and an in-depth understanding of the chapter. You will find –

  • Comprehensive explanation to all the questions in the Ncert Solutions for Class 12 English pdf. You can download this pdf file for free.

  • The answers are written in an easy to understand language with the help of teachers with years of experience, so referring to these answers will help you score well in the English paper of your Class 12 final exams.

  • While going through these solutions, all your doubts will be catered to much like one on one teaching, owing to the fact that constant improvements are made in the pdf with the help of feedback and input from students.

  • You will be more proficient in writing answers during the examination.

Why is Vedantu the Best Choice for Students of Class 12?

When young learners study from the books that are prescribed, they tend to lose interest and experience boredom within a few hours. This is most likely because they are not completely able to understand the complex sentences and meanings used in the text. Vedantu is the best online platform for students preparing for Class 12 English. It is well-known for its study materials that enable students to explore different subjects from new perspectives. Students get the opportunity to learn from highly qualified teachers in their flexible timing. Thus, students develop a keen interest in studies and learn easily.

When it comes to English, sometimes it becomes challenging to understand and analyse the message intended by the writer in the story or poem. This is mainly because of the difference in writing styles; some authors or poets prefer writing in a simple manner, while others approach the text in a more symbolic tone. The NCERT Solutions created by our expert academicians provide a very easy remedy to all these problems. Teachers take special care in decoding the text in a simplified way. They ensure that simple language and explanations are provided so that every child can easily work their way through the topics and chapters, irrespective of their intellectual acumen.

Students can download the PDF form of the solutions for free or sign up for the live classes on Vedantu for a better learning experience. Head to our website or download the app to be prepared to score excellent grades in your exam.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 5 - Should Wizard Hit Mommy

1. What is the moral issue that the story raises?

The story revolves around the question of societal acceptance, how the society makes norms and if anything alters, terms it as the odd one out. Here Roger skunk smelled bad and due to that reason, none of his friends wanted to play with him. The story also invoked the need to accept yourself first to be able to be accepted by other people be it your physical appearance or gender orientation and also ask us to accept people as they are.

2. How does Joanne want the story to end?

Joanne wanted the wizard to hit the mommy and let Roger skunk smell like roses so that he was accepted by his friends and could get to play with them. As a child to be able to play with her friends and being accepted by them is very important to Joanne. She was genuinely sad for Roger’s skunk and wasn’t happy when Roger’s mom hit the wizard and made him smell back to how he used to. She thought if Roger skunk would not smell of roses anymore, nobody would play with him.

3. What is the moral issue that the story raises?

The story “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?” attempts at drawing parallels between the perspectives of children and adults wherein there exists a difference in opinion about hatred and injustice between adults and children. Jo was more interested in the outcome of the story and wanted the story to end differently as this version of the story did not represent the justice she wanted, whereas Jack wanted to emphasize the logic behind any parent’s actions.

4. What is the explanation of “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?” in English?

It basically revolves around a dad who would tell bedtime stories to his daughter in an attempt to make her understand different views of the world. The daughter in turn would listen to these stories and try to contemplate the means and ask multiple questions to her dad. The author tends to draw parallels between the perception of justice and world affairs by kids and by adults and in this case, between the daughter and her father.

5. Do you agree that Mommy should hit the wizard?

This depends on different perspectives. The definition of justice is different for children and adults. Hence, they contemplate this idea in their own different ways. In this story, the wizard wanted to give a bit of happiness to the skunk as it was very upset with its odour but its mother was unhappy about it and confronted the wizard. This was because she cared for her child. As for skunks, their body odour protects them from predators. In case of solutions related to other questions, do visit the Vedantu site ( and the app.

6. Where can I find the solutions for NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 5 Should Wizard hit Mommy?

The solutions for the same can be found on the Vedantu site and can be downloaded free of cost. The link for the same is NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Chapter 5. The solutions have been prepared by the experts at Vedantu in a very simple language and in an elaborated form so that you can grasp the idea of the solution easily yet effectively. Do visit the Vedantu site for other solutions or modules related to this subject or any other subject as well.

7. Is English Chapter 5 Class 12 easy?

Practice can make it easy for you. Speaking English with your peers can help you improve your skills. Engaging in creative writing can help you enhance your English writing skills. Learning the grammar and reading the textbook literature is not enough; you must also constantly practice the language to get a high level of competence. Otherwise, English is a fun language and comparatively easier to score than others.