NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 - Dost Ki Madad

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Hindi Class 2 Chapter 5 can be considered as a perfect example of the presence of mind and friendship. In order to understand the context of this chapter, you can follow the Class 2 Chapter 5 solution prepared by the experts of Vedantu. All the answers in the solution are prepared following the standards prescribed by the CBSE board. Download the NCERT solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Dost Ki Madad in PDF format on your computer so that you can use it offline to study the chapter well. 

Hindi Chapter 5 Class 2 is a brilliant chapter based on friendship and wittiness. The story revolves around a tortoise and a fox. They were good friends despite being the differences in their habitat and food choices. The story takes a turn when they are attacked by a leopard. The fox then showed his wittiness to save the slow tortoise from getting killed by the leopard.  

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What did the fox suggest to the leopard?

As per the NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Dost Ki Madad, the fox suggested the leopard throw the tortoise in water to make the shell soft. It will help the leopard to break the shell and enjoy eating the tortoise hiding inside.

2. What did the leopard do after listening to the fox?

In Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Dost Ki Madad, the leopard blindly believed what the fox suggested to him. He threw the tortoise in the pond to soften the hard shell. When the tortoise vanished inside the water, the leopard understood that the fox fooled him.

3. How can you prepare the best answers for Dost KI Madad?

Study the chapter well. Proceed to the exercise and answer the questions. Compare your answers with the NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5and find out what changes need to be done. In this way, you can make the best answers for this chapter.