NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 - Dost Ki Madad

Hindi Class 2 Chapter 5 can be considered as a perfect example of the presence of mind and friendship. In order to understand the context of this chapter, you can follow the Class 2 Chapter 5 solution prepared by the experts of Vedantu. All the answers in the solution are prepared following the standards prescribed by the CBSE board. Download the NCERT solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Dost Ki Madad in PDF format on your computer so that you can use it offline to study the chapter well. 

Hindi Chapter 5 Class 2 is a brilliant chapter based on friendship and wittiness. The story revolves around a tortoise and a fox. They were good friends despite being the differences in their habitat and food choices. The story takes a turn when they are attacked by a leopard. The fox then showed his wittiness to save the slow tortoise from getting killed by the leopard.  

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Dost Ki Madad

Dost Ki Madad: Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Summary

Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 is a beautiful story of a friendship between a tortoise and a fox. The fox lives in a den and the tortoise leaves in the pond nearby. They gossiped together and were very good friends. The den was located in the banks near the pond. One day, a leopard suddenly attacked. Both of them were gossiping with each other on the bank of the pond. The fox was quick. He quickly went inside his den and the leopard was unable to catch him. The tortoise was not as fast as the fox. He hid in his shell but the leopard used his sharp teeth and nails to grip tightly on it. The tortoise was unable to break free from the strong jaws of the leopard.

Following the NCERT solution of Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5, you will find that the fox knows that the tortoise will not be able to break free. He was worried about his friend. Without losing time anymore, he then approached the leopard from his den. He said to the leopard that if he dips the tortoise in the water, the hard shell will soften. He can then enjoy eating the tortoise. The leopard believed in the suggestion given by the fox. He then dipped the tortoise in the water. Immediately, the tortoise came out of his shell and swam away from the leopard. Ch 5 Class 2 Hindi tells us how the presence of mind of the fox saved the tortoise’s life from danger. The fox was able to save the tortoise from the leopard.

Why Should You Download Class 2 Hindi Ch 5 NCERT Solutions?

The story in Chapter 5 Class 2 Hindi is quite fascinating. It is the perfect example of a friendship between two different species. Despite their differences, they were good friends and lived close to each other. If you follow the CBSE Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 solutions, you will find out how the fox used his wittiness to save his friend from the deadly grip of the leopard. 

This chapter can be prepared well if you use the solution as a reference to find the right answers to the exercise questions. Your preparation time will reduce to a minimum. You will also find all your doubts cleared in no time. There is no need to worry when you have this solution with you. Revise the chapter easily before an exam and score well.

Using the Dost Ki Madad Class 2 NCERT solutions will increase convenience and flexibility. Follow the answering formats used by the expert teachers to frame answers on your own and score well in the exams. Your study schedule will become more efficient when you use this solution offline. Download the file on your computer and use it at your convenience. Your preparation will become better. In fact, you will also develop better answering skills to ace the exams.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What did the fox suggest to the leopard?

As per the NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Dost Ki Madad, the fox suggested the leopard throw the tortoise in water to make the shell soft. It will help the leopard to break the shell and enjoy eating the tortoise hiding inside.

2. What did the leopard do after listening to the fox?

In Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5 Dost Ki Madad, the leopard blindly believed what the fox suggested to him. He threw the tortoise in the pond to soften the hard shell. When the tortoise vanished inside the water, the leopard understood that the fox fooled him.

3. How can you prepare the best answers for Dost KI Madad?

Study the chapter well. Proceed to the exercise and answer the questions. Compare your answers with the NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Chapter 5and find out what changes need to be done. In this way, you can make the best answers for this chapter.

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