NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 2

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CBSE Class 12 English NCERT Solutions for Vistas Chapter 2 - The Tiger King

NCERT solution of Class 12th English, The Tiger King is available with a brief explanation that can enable students to learn and score better. Class 12 The Tiger King NCERT solutions are equipped with the professional's touch. At the end of the chapter, all the test paper questions with solutions are enlisted for the students who have the difficulties to solve them and can easily revise them. Download CBSE NCERT solutions of the chapter The Tiger King Class 12 to improve the grades.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Does the Maharaja Kill the Tiger?

Ans. The story 'The Tiger King' describes the arrogance of those in power. The storyline goes as a man is born, who will be becoming the king. When the king was a newborn of ten days, an astrologer predicted, however, that a tiger in the forest would kill the king. As he belongs to the royal family, this prediction is not accepted by the king because of his superiority. After he was crowned as the king, he started to kill all the tigers in the kingdom. He also banned tiger hunts in his kingdom. He wanted to prove the prediction wrong. He was killing all the tigers in his kingdom tirelessly. He had killed 99 tigers and was looking for his 100th kill.

2. Why Does the Maharaja want to get Married?

Ans. When he was too young, just ten days, an astrologer predicted that a tiger will kill him, in the purpose of to prove the prediction lie he started tiger hunting at such a rate that within a few years there were no tigers left in Prabitibandapuran. Hence, he decided to marry a girl belonging from a new royal state, where the most tiger available, so he can fulfil his target. This is the actual reason for the king to get married.

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