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NCERT Solutions for English Chapter 2 The Tiger King Class 12

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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NCERT Class 12 English Vista Chapter 2: Complete Resource for The Tiger King

NCERT solution of Class 12th English, The Tiger King is available with a brief explanation that can enable students to learn and score better. Class 12 The Tiger King NCERT solutions are equipped with the professional's touch. At the end of the chapter, all the test paper questions with solutions are enlisted for the students who have the difficulties to solve them and can easily revise them. Download CBSE NCERT solutions of the chapter The Tiger King Class 12 to improve the grades.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12


Class 12 English

Subject Parts:

Part 3 Vistas

Chapter Name:

Chapter 2 - The Tiger King


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English and Hindi

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A Brief Introduction to the Chapter 2 - The Tiger King

The fable of the Tiger King satirises those in positions of power for their obstinacy and intolerance. The story's author transports us to a time when kings ruled. The plot revolves around the Maharaja of Pratibandapuram, who attempts to deny his fate, which was predicted by the renowned astrologers to be killed by a tiger. 

As a result, he seeks to disprove the prophecy by effectively hunting down 99 tigers. However, despite not being composed of flesh and blood, the 100 tigers kill him. 

The narrative depicts the state of the nation and its rulers in those days. The story portrays the ruler as being ruled by the British. Furthermore, the monarch remained apathetic in assisting the people, preferring instead to engage in stupid pastimes. They twisted the law to suit their needs.

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Mastering Class 12 English Vista Chapter 2: The Tiger King - Q&A, Summary, and Tips for Success

1. Who is the Tiger King? Why Does He Get That Name?

Ans: The Tiger King is Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, the king of Pratibandapuram. When the prince was born, astrologers predicted that he would have to die one day. The ten-day-old prince asked the astrologers to divulge the method of his death. The wise men were perplexed by this miracle. According to the chief astrologer, he will be killed by a tiger. 'Let tigers beware!' hissed the young prince, hissing ominously. He decided to kill a hundred tigers. As a result, the moniker "Tiger King" was bestowed upon him.

2. What Did the Royal Infant Grow Up To Be?

Ans: The royal newborn grew up to be Pratibandapuram's king, who was enthralled with the concept of killing a hundred tigers. He desired to do so to defy the prophecy that his death would be brought about by the hundredth tiger. As a result, he slaughtered all of Pratibandapuram's tigers. For the sake of his ambition, he even married. He earned the moniker "Tiger King."

3. What Will the Maharaja Do To Find the Required Number of Tigers To Kill?

Ans: The Maharaja would instruct his dewan to select a suitable female for him to marry to kill the required number of tigers. A suitable female for matrimony should not only be from a royal family, but also a state with a significant tiger population. Because there were no more tigers in Pratibandapuram, a region belonging to his father-in-law would undoubtedly offer him the opportunity to kill more tigers and achieve his goal of killing one hundred tigers.

4. How Will the Maharaja Prepare Himself for the Hundredth Tiger Which Was Supposed To Decide His Fate?

Ans: When dealing with the hundredth tiger, which was said to be the cause of his death, the Maharaja would be extra cautious. When he comes across the hundredth, he will carefully aim at the tiger and shoot it. He'll be overjoyed when it collapses into a crumpled heap, and he'll rush out of there.

5. What will now Happen to the Astrologer? Do You Think the Prophecy was Indisputably Disproved?

Ans: Before the king of Pratibandapuram had a chance to slaughter a hundred tigers, the astrologer dies. The king's existence appears to be solely to disprove his prophecy. Everything else for the king takes a backseat to slaughter a hundred tigers. The prophecy can't be proven false because the king was eventually murdered by a tiger, though not a real one or the hundredth. No one would have guessed that the hundredth tiger, which was feeble, aged, and almost lifeless, would escape the king's bullet by fainting from the shock of the bullet speeding by. The death of the Tiger King was brought about by the toy shop's "small little wooden tiger."

6. The Story is a Satire on the Conceit of Those in Power. How Does the Author Employ the Literary Device of Dramatic Irony in the Story?

Ans: "The Tiger King" is a brilliant example of dramatic irony. The term "dramatic irony" refers to a situation in which the audience may see the full impact of a character's words or actions but the character is unaware of it. The character behaves irrationally in light of the circumstances or expects the polar opposite of what fate has in store for him. In the story, Kalki employs a deft use of dramatic irony. The King flaunts the dead body of the first tiger in front of the astrologer to demonstrate that he is more strong than the tiger. The astrologer, on the other hand, cautions the king to "be careful with the hundredth tiger." The king decides to prove the astrologer incorrect once more by attempting to kill a hundred tigers in a desperate effort. Thus, the Tiger King believes he has killed the hundredth tiger by shooting at the old tiger. However, the reader, as well as the king's officers and subordinates, quickly discover that the malnourished tiger is not murdered, but has simply fainted. The king is pleased with himself for killing the tiger, but he is unaware of the ironic fate that awaits him. A sliver on the wooden tiger's body which was the toy of his child causes his spectacular death. Ironically, the hundredth tiger kills the king instead, proving the astrologer's predictions correct.

7. What is the Author’s Indirect Comment on Subjecting Innocent Animals to the Willfulness of Human Beings?

Ans: The author has accurately depicted how humans have forced innocent animals to untold suffering and death to satisfy their whims and fancies through this satirical novel. The maharaja's indiscriminate shooting of tigers resulted in the extinction of the species in several states, but the maharaja was unaware of the serious ramifications of his actions. The maharaja went on a killing rampage to display his authority over the helpless animals to prove an astrologer wrong. He used his abilities to murder a hundred unlucky tigers to demonstrate his superiority as a human being.

8. How Would You Describe the Behaviour of the Maharaja’s Minions Towards Him? Do You Find Them Truly Sincere Towards Him or Are They Driven by Fear When They Obey Him? Do We Find a Similarity in Today’s Political Order?

Ans: The Maharaja's servants were obedient and adoring. The majority of them feared Maharaja and tried to please him by obeying his instructions so that they could save their jobs or perhaps their lives. The astrologer was frightened of forecasting his death, but Maharaja had insisted that he speak freely. Dewan, who should have counselled the king against killing the tigers, instead chose to support him in his marriage to a princess whose father realm had a great number of tigers. He provided an old tiger to appease his Maharaja's demands because he was frightened of losing his job. Similarly, the hunters elected not to alert him of the 100th tiger's survival and instead killed it themselves for fear of losing their jobs. Even the shopkeeper who sold the king a cheap wooden toy tiger raised his price to avoid being fined under the emergency laws. As a result, the king's servants were motivated by fear rather than any genuine feelings for their ruler. Today's political system is no exception. We all know that many people in positions of power are there because of their influence and power, not because of their competence. Furthermore, others pander to them for personal gain rather than the sake of the country.

9. Can You Relate Instances of Game-Hunting Among the Rich and the Powerful in the Present Times That Illustrate the Callousness of Human Beings Towards Wildlife?

Ans: In recent years, there have been a few incidents of game hunting. Even the wealthy have been involved in incidents demonstrating human callousness towards nature. Salman Khan is involved in a poaching case involving blackbucks. Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi is involved in an antelope lawsuit. Salman Khan is a well-known Bollywood actor who enjoys hunting. He snatched three Chinkaras in a row on two occasions. The blackbuck is a critically endangered animal. Even though he was aware of it, Salman killed them. He was charged with a crime, but he was judged not guilty. Nawab Pataudi, the great cricketer, was also in the news for assassinating rare antelope species.

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Summary of the Story

The Maharaja Sir Jilani Hung Bahadur of Pratibandapuram is the subject of this tale. While he was only 10 days old, astrologers prophesied his future. According to astrology, he will be killed by a tiger. The boy was reared in the same manner as every other royal kid. For example, sipping white cow's milk while being cared for by an English nanny and enjoying English movies.

He succeeded to the throne at the age of 20 and learned of the prophecy concerning his demise. As a result, he began slaughtering tigers and declared a moratorium on tiger hunting in his state. Even if he successfully kills 99 tigers, astrologers advise him to be cautious with the 100th tiger.

When a high-ranking British officer came to visit his kingdom, he expressed an interest in going on a tiger hunt. The maharaja, though, turned down his request. In need to shield the state from the British deputy's hostility the officer's spouse received 50 diamond rings from the maharaja.

Throughout a decade, the maharaja had successfully hunted down and killed 70 tigers. However, there were no tigers left in Pratibandapuram after that. As a result, in order to achieve his goal of killing a hundred tigers, he marries a girl from the royal state, which has more tigers. He makes it a point to kill 5-6 tigers every time he visits his in-laws in the wild.

He was able to slaughter 99 tigers in this manner, but he has been unable to locate the 100th tiger. When the maharaja failed to find the 100th tiger, he became enraged and ordered the Dewan. To avoid the king's wrath, the Dewan borrowed an old tiger from the zoo and placed him in the wilderness with tremendous difficulty.

He informed the Maharaja of the tiger's existence. As a result, the maharaja embarked on a hunt and shot the tiger. But, on the other hand, he had no idea that his bullet had missed and that the tiger was still alive, and he had just collapsed from fright. No one had the courage to tell the king the truth, so the tiger was slaughtered and carried in a spectacular procession.

Finally, the maharaja exuded delight and happiness. As a result, for his son's birthday, he purchases a wooden tiger. The toy had jagged surfaces, and he got a scratch on his hand while toying with it, which subsequently turned into an infection. He died as a result of it. As a result, the 100th tiger, while being made of wood, took his revenge and murdered the king. 

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The NCERT Solutions provided by Vedantu for Class 12 English and specifically for the story "The Tiger King" offer comprehensive guidance and understanding of the text. These solutions assist students in grasping the key themes, character analysis, plot summary, and literary devices used in the story. Vedantu's solutions enable students to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills by providing in-depth explanations and interpretations of the text. By utilising these solutions, students can effectively prepare for examinations, improve their comprehension of the story, and develop a strong foundation in English literature.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for English Chapter 2 The Tiger King Class 12

1. Why Does the Maharaja Kill the Tiger?

The story 'The Tiger King' describes the arrogance of those in power. The storyline goes as a man is born, who will be becoming the king. When the king was a newborn of ten days, an astrologer predicted, however, that a tiger in the forest would kill the king. As he belongs to the royal family, this prediction is not accepted by the king because of his superiority. After he was crowned as the king, he started to kill all the tigers in the kingdom. He also banned tiger hunts in his kingdom. He wanted to prove the prediction wrong. He was killing all the tigers in his kingdom tirelessly. He had killed 99 tigers and was looking for his 100th kill.

2. Why Does the Maharaja want to get Married?

When he was too young, just ten days, an astrologer predicted that a tiger will kill him, in the purpose of to prove the prediction lie he started tiger hunting at such a rate that within a few years there were no tigers left in Prabitibandapuran. Hence, he decided to marry a girl belonging from a new royal state, where the most tiger available, so he can fulfil his target. This is the actual reason for the king to get married.

3. Is Vedantu the Best Reference for Achieving a High Grade?

Yes, of course, it is one of the best references as well as the study material for one exam preparation. It gives strong guidance and helps to become an expert in each subject. The answer or pdf provided by the app will prepare you for a good and revised lesson for many times. After that, you can write an answer instantly in the exam. Its emphasis on the important points and concepts in every chapter instead of reading out the whole; this ultimately helps you to capture the depth of the topic and helps to gain the knowledge as a whole. Besides, pdfs for all subjects, Vedantu also offer  Live online classes where all chapters are taught properly and clear the problem to make the whole concept easier for the students. So, no doubt it is one of the best references to their students to score well in the near exam.

4. Where can I find NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 of Class 12 English?

Students of Class 12 can download NCERT Solutions of Chapter 2 of Class 12 English online. Vedantu is a learning website for students where expert teachers prepare solutions for all NCERT textbook questions. All answers are written in simple language so that students can understand the chapter easily. All answers are available in PDF format for students to download the PDF file and save it on their computers. These solutions are available free of cost and students can access them anytime. Also, all these are available on the Vedantu app as well.

5. Why did the Maharaja fear losing his throne?

The Maharaja did not allow the British officer to hunt tigers. The request was not granted even when the Durai did not want to kill the tiger. Durai only wanted to click a photograph of himself holding a gun and standing on the carcass of a tiger, which could have been killed by the Maharaja himself. The Maharaja was anxious because he did not permit the British officer to fulfill his wish, and thus feared that he would lose his throne.

6. Explain the ‘ring episode’ in Chapter 2 of Class 12 English Vistas.

The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram called a popular British jewellery company in Calcutta to make samples of expensive diamond rings of different designs. They sent about 50 rings. The maharaja sent the rings to the British officer’s good lady. He thought that she would choose one or two rings, but instead, she sent a letter of thanks and kept all the rings. This event revealed human weaknesses, greed, pride, flattery, and cunningness.

7. Why was the Maharaja afraid when he had to kill the 100th tiger?

The chief astrologer had warned the king to be careful while killing the last tiger. He dreamt of killing the tiger at night. The Maharaja had already killed 99 tigers and had to kill one more tiger to disprove the prophecy of the astrologer. Then, he would have no fear of tigers. He planned on giving up tiger hunting after killing the 100th tiger.  Therefore, the maharaja feared when he had to kill the last tiger of his life.

8. What are the tips for scoring full marks in Chapter 2 of Class 12 English?

English is an important subject for Class 12 students. They have to study hard to score good marks in Class 12. The best way to score full marks in Class 12 English Chapter 2 is to read the chapter properly and underline the important points from the text. Students can also study Vedantu’s NCERT solutions prepared by experts for this chapter. These solutions are available free of cost and are 100% reliable. These are available at free of cost on Vedantu’s website( and mobile app.