NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter-1 Poem

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Class 12 English NCERT Solutions Chapter-1 Poem - My Mother At Sixty-six - Free PDF Download

Class 12 students can access all the Ncert solutions of English Flamingo Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty Six. Poetry is a complex subject that requires in-depth analysis and thinking ability. Many students usually find it hard to crack the hidden meaning behind this English poem, so consult the guidebook created by Vedantu's NCERT subject experts. The solution provided in the study material resolves the problem students face while studying NCERT English poetry My Mother at Sixty Six. Students preparing for the 12th board exam can score well after referring to NCERT solutions Class 12 English Flamingo My Mother at Sixty Six.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 1 Poem part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Kind of Pain was the Poet Feeling While Departing?

Ans. When the poet was leaving home, seeing her mother's pallid face filled her with a lot of pain. According to the poet, the 'ashen' face of her mother indicates washed away life and colour. It was similar to a corpse in the poet's view that makes it painful for her. Thus, she realises that her mother grew old and is getting near to death. Further, such painful thoughts make her remember the fear and the grief she felt of not having her mother around in childhood. Her smile also was a sign of how powerless she was to handle the inevitable reality. All these views increased her sadness of going away from her mother.

2. Describe the Comparison Made Between the Mother's Face and 'the Late Winter's Moon'.

Ans. In the poem, the poet compared her mother's face with the late winter's moon as her face was losing its radiance. Here, the mother is seen as the late winter's moon because the moon turns dim, dull, and gloomy during this time of the year. Similarly, the mother's face is looking withered. The pale face of the mother signifies the ebbing of life, according to the poet. Hence, the moon actually is giving an impression of the nearing end.

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