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Biotechnology Jobs

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Introduction on Biotechnology

It is the field in which exploitation of living organisms is done to make technological advancement in every field for the sustainable development of mankind. This technology has its application in both medical and agriculture fields. We have been using the biological processes of living beings for the last 6000 years to make various essential or useful products like cheese, alcohol, breads, etc. 

Because of all these reasons it is known to be a multidisciplinary field as it is a combination of biological science by using modern technologies to make products which will help us in improving various systems and providing various Biotechnology jobs (biotech jobs) like: agriculture, environment, healthcare, food products, and many more. 

Biotechnology Scope

Biotechnology is a discipline that focuses on combining biological and technological systems to create a product or process. Biotechnology's results aid in the solution of a wide range of problems in a variety of industries. Biotechnology's interdisciplinary design results in a wide range of products and technologies.

Medical biotechnology, plant biotechnology, food biotechnology, cellular biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, fermentation biotechnology, and bioinformatics are all examples of biotechnology career and biotechnology scope.

Scope in B.Sc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an increasingly growing industry wherein a significant number of large corporations and multinational corporations are investing capital, raising the market for B.Sc Biotechnology graduates and thus providing Scope in bsc biotechnology.

Job opportunities for biotechnology graduates of the Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Biotechnology) programme, includes:

  • Assistant Manager - Marketing Biotech

  • Territory Manager - Genomics Business Development

  • Marketing Manager - Domestic

  • Manager/Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Process/ Biotech

  • Research Associate in - vitro Biology

  • Sales Officer - Institutional Sales

  • Sales Manager - Lab

  • Assistant Research Analyst

  • Research Associate - Cancer Biology

  • Analyst-Biotech Product

Agricultural Biotechnology Jobs

Agriculture employs biotechnology in a variety of ways. Agricultural biotechnology firms aim to provide farmers with resources that will help them enhance the growth of plant and animal products thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

Plants including orchids for ornamental purposes and plants which could be used for fuel production are examples of agricultural biotechnology (biofuels).

Below mentioned is the list of Agricultural biotechnology jobs:

  • Laboratory Assistant

  • Greenhouse or field Technician

  • Molecular Biology Technician

  • Research Associate

  • Genomics Technician

  • Lecturer

  • Plant tissue Culture Technician

  • Research Investigator

  • Trainer

  • Project Assistant

Food Biotechnology: The demand for food grows in lockstep with the human population. Food biotechnology overcomes the challenges of food production, distribution, and preservation. Biotechnology makes alternative food sources visible. Single cell proteins derived from different microorganisms and the production of value-added food products are the greatest example.

Biotechnology has often aided in the introduction of technologies aimed at improving food production, distribution, packaging, and preservation. In this area, biotechnology's potential is unlimited.

Plant Biotechnology: Plants provide much of the world's raw materials and food. The fact that humans are dependent on plants is not recent. Biotechnology aids in bringing out the best in people. Low crop yield, infestation, weeds, crop quality degradation, loss of soil fertility, biotic stress, and Abiotic stress are just a few of the issues that have plagued agriculture. Genetically Modified Crops (GMC) developed as a result of genetic modification assisted in the development of abiotic and biotic stress tolerant crops as well as improved crop quality. 

A typical example of an insect resistant plant is BT cotton. Recombinant technology has resulted in the Flavr Tomato crop (quality enhanced crop).

B Tech Biotechnology Jobs

Students with B Tech Biotechnology jobs will work in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, food manufacturing, animal science, nutrition, and environmental protection. Not only in terms of prospects, but also in terms of pay packages for biotechnology professionals.

  • Research Scientist

  • Environment Control/Waste Management

  • Drug/Pharmaceutical companies

  • Bioprocessing (Agriculture/Food)

  • Bioinformatics/Information Technology

Jobs after M.Sc Biotechnology

M.Sc Biotech (Masters of Science in Biotechnology) is a postgraduate Biotechnology programme. It is a branch of applied biology concerned with the bioprocesses and use of living organisms in fields such as technology, medicine, engineering, and other industries that include bio-products.

Below mentioned are some of the Jobs after M.Sc Biotechnology:

  • Pharma Marketing Companies

  • Clinical Research Centers

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

Biotechnology Government Jobs

Below mentioned are some of the Biotechnology government jobs:

  • Govt NCCS Biotech Jobs

  • Govt TNPSC Research Job

  • Govt Bureau of Police R&D

  • DRDO – DEBEL Biotech 

Biotech Companies:

Below mentioned are some of the Biotech companies:

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Pvt Ltd

  • Gene store India Pvt. Ltd

  • DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd

  • Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

  • United Biotech Pvt Ltd

  • Panacea Biotech Ltd.

Scopes of Job in Biotechnology:

After doing graduation in biotechnology, we have a diverse variation of biotech careers both in private and government sectors. It’s totally up to you in which sector you want to go. Sectors in which you can do jobs are: Agriculture, Environmental Conservation, Health care, Medicines, etc. As this stream has great demand in today's world as there are countless Biotechs. Industries and they are growing at innormus rate. 

List of Job Opportunities:

  • Pharmaceutical research and Chemical industries

  • Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists or Technicians

  • Waste management and Environment control systems

  • Forensic Science Technicians

  • Biomanufacturing Specialists

  • Biochemists and Biophysicists

  • Greenhouse or Field Technician

  • Biotech and Research Industries

  • Genetic and Biomedical Engineers

  • Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

  • Epidemiologists and Microbiologists

  • Forensic science laboratories and other medical laboratories

  • Health Care

  • Recycling plants

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Agriculture industries

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Bio-processing industries

  • Food processing industries

  • Department of Horticulture

  • Clinical Research Association

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FAQs on Biotechnology Jobs

1. Explain Three Main Areas in Biotechnology?

Ans. Four main area of biotechnology are discussed below:

Health care (medical), crop production and agriculture, non food (industrial) uses of crops and other products (e.g. biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels), and environmental uses.

2. Explain a Few Benefits of Biotechnology?

Ans. In this growing world, biotechnology plays a very crucial role like in environmental protection, higher yields, and improvements in human health. 

  •  It has the potential to improve health while also reducing hunger.

  • It allows the food chain to be more flexible.

  • It has the potential to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

  • It provides opportunities for medical development.

  • It enables us to conserve natural resources.

  • It assists us in reducing or eliminating waste materials.

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