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Adolescence and Puberty

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We all are aware that after a certain age we start noticing changes in our body like in our physical appearance, voice, hormonal changes, etc when we all hit our teenage years. Have you ever thought about this, what does it actually mean? We will cover all these changes in our body in puberty and adolescence. 

Both puberty and adolescence are connected to each other giving links about how these changes are happening inside our body at the teenage age. Puberty and adolescence are linked with each other but are not the same as puberty tell us about change in our physical appearance whereas adolescence tells us about physiological and behavioural changes happening inside our body whether it be girl or boy. When we all hit puberty age it leads to adolescence and these changes may vary from person to person. 

Variation in Period of Puberty And Adolescence

Phases of puberty and adolescence are not always the same as they vary from person to person. In the case of girls, puberty starts before adolescence age only which is known as preadolescence phase and some other developments in them occurs till the age of twenty. Similarly in case of males also their growth occurs till the age of twenty. 

Thus defining the exact age of puberty and adolescence is not easy and we can only make a rough estimate of age. According to WHO ( World Health Organization ) study, adolescence hits between the ages of 11 years to 19 years. The human body undergoes so many changes during this time like development is at a faster rate, development of reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. 

The characteristics which are inborn are known as primary characteristics like the penis in men and vagina in females whereas the characteristics which are developed during puberty are secondary sexual characteristics like hair growth in the pubic region and change in height. 

Difference Between Adolescence and Puberty

During the adolescence phase, so many changes take place inside our body which causes maturity in the reproductive process. Perfect age of beginning adolescence is 10 years and it may last until 18 to19 years and this phase is called the teenage phase. 

The process of change in body structure is called puberty and puberty indicates the beginning of adolescence. When both puberty and adolescence ends it indicates the sign of maturity. 

What are Secondary Sexual Characters:

Changes in the body which occur during puberty due to hormonal disbalance is known as secondary sexual characters. Few changes are similar in both genders while few are different in male and female as these changes are gender-specific. All these changes are happening due to a change in hormonal balance or hormone secretion in the body during puberty as these changes are seen in girls earlier than boys. 

Examples of Sexual Secondary Characters:

1. Most common change which happens during adolescence is the change in individual height. This change occurs due to the release of growth hormone and bone growth hormone at a faster rate than earlier.

2. Outburst of pimples and acne in adolescents is due to an increase in the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands. 

3. Growth of hair under the armpit and pubic area. 

Changes Occur in Male During Adolescence:

Some of the physical and behavioural changes occurring in male during adolescence are listed below:

1. As maturation of testis starts it leads to produce sperms.

2. Hair growth around the chest area.

3. Increase in size of Adam’s apple.

4. Increase in the size of the voice box leads to a much deeper voice. 

Changes Occur in Female During Adolescence:

Some of the physical and behavioural changes occurring in females during adolescence are listed below:

  • Breast development due to the growth of mammary glands.

  • Hips get rounded in shape

  • Ovary starts to release a mature ovum

  • Start in ovulation and menstruation process

Reproductive Phase In Human Body:

When females reach the puberty stage, the thickened uterine lining sheds off along with the eggs in the form of bleeding known as menstruation.

Facts regarding menstruation:

  • First menstrual flow is termed as menarche.

  • At the age of 45 to 50 menstrual cycle stop being known as menopause.

  • The menstrual cycle occurs every 28 to 30 days.

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FAQs on Adolescence and Puberty

1. Which All Hormones are Secreted By Male and Female During Puberty?

Ans: Male bodies release testosterone hormones which are produced by testes of males and in female bodies estrogen is released in ovaries which is responsible for all kinds of changes occurring inside the male and female bodies. 

2. What All Steps Should Be Taken to Maintain our Reproductive Health?

Ans: The steps that should be taken to maintain reproductive health are:

  • Females should intake more iron-rich food for the formation of RBCs to maintain proper bleeding during menstruation.

  • Due to the increased activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, proper hygiene needs to be maintained, else teenagers might end up having various skin ailments.

  • Physical exercise is important to maintain good reproductive health.

  • Avoid the use of drugs and the smoking process.

  • Avoid having so many sexual contacts without preventive measures as they cause HIV. 

3. Write a Few Examples of Secondary Sexual Characters?

Ans: Few examples of secondary sexual characters are listed below:

1. Change in individual height due to the release of growth hormone and bone growth hormone at a faster rate than earlier.

2. Outburst of pimples and acne due to increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands. 

3. Hair growth under the armpit and pubic area.