NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antra Chapter 8 Uski Maa

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Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Antra Chapter 8 Uski Maa

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NCERT solution for Class 11 Hindi Antra Chapter 8 brings along perfect material to assist students in understanding the chapter 'Uski Maa' in detail. The said book brings along effective resources that can be an asset in your exam preparations. Experienced teachers and teaching professionals have put in their expertise in offering perfect solutions for every topic, as mentioned in the book. 

Students can avail of the benefit of this book for getting solutions to all the questions, as mentioned in the NCERT textbook, as prescribed by CBSE for Class 11 in schools.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antra Chapter 8 Uski Maa part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Was Lal's Behaviour Actually Against the Government?

Lal was a freedom fighter who was making efforts to free his country from the atrocities and rule of the British government. This was the reason why the British government had termed him a traitor though Lal had never conspired against the country. Thus, we cannot call him a traitor who was working against the government of the country.

2. Though the Story Does Not Involve "Janaky" as the Central Character, Then Why Has the Author Made Her the Title of the Book?

Janaky was not involved in any conspiracy against the government. However, for every mother, her child is precious. The mother is far away from concepts such as freedom struggle or conspiracy against the government. She is only concerned about the safety of her child. This is the main personality trait of Janaky, and thus, the author has kept the title of the chapter after her.

3. The Chapter Portrays Two Mindsets. One as Portrayed by Lal and One by His Uncle. Which Mindset Do You Support?

As per our thinking, Lal's mindset would be correct. The reason being that Lal wanted to lead the way of his country's freedom struggle. He loved his country and wanted to see it free from the shackles of the British government. However, if we support his uncle's mindset, the country would still have been under the rule of Britishers.