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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Hindi PDF - Free Download

NCERT, responsible for the publication and distribution of textbooks approved by educational boards in India, largely oversees the prescribed school syllabus for Hindi as well. Following the latest directive issued by CBSE, portions of the curriculum in the class 11 Hindi book have been subsequently reduced to facilitate easier learning for students.

The syllabus for Hindi Core and Hindi Elective collectively includes four NCERT books in Hindi for class 11. These are Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan, and all of these are available as downloadable versions. Studying from the class 11 Hindi book PDF will not only make learning more relaxed but also more accessible and less time-consuming.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Why should you study from the Hindi book class 11 NCERT PDF?

Ans. The NCERT Hindi books for class 11 feature stories, poems and prose that strictly comply with the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. All of these study materials aim to reduce the stress and load that students generally experience, and instead make learning fun, interactive and meaningful.

Every chapter in the NCERT Hindi books features a question bank at the end. These are thought-provoking and encourage students to have a more in-depth understanding of the ideas presented in the books.

2.What are some important chapters for Hindi Class 11 Exams?

Ans. Some essential chapters of the Hindi syllabus for class 11 from exam point of view are:

  • Idgah

  • Dopeher Ka Bhojan

  • Torch Bechnewaale

  • Gunge

  • Namak Ka Daroga

  • Miyan Nasiruddin

  • Galta Loha

Students must, however, not miss preparing for other chapters as well based on their weightage for class 11 examination.

3.How many chapters are covered in the NCERT Class 11 Hindi book PDF?

Ans. CBSE offers students of class 11, two choices in Hindi: Hindi Core and Hindi Elective. The syllabus for Hindi Core and Hindi Elective includes four NCERT books for students of class 11. These are Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan, and all of these are available in downloadable PDF formats.

4.Is the NCERT Class 11 Hindi Book PDF available on Vedantu?

Ans.  All four books comprising the Hindi syllabus for class 11 are available for PDF download on the official site of Vedantu. Sample test papers, reference notes, solutions to questions and previous years' Hindi question papers are also available for use.

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