NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 13 Poem Pathik

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Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Aroh Chapter 13 Poem Pathik

NCERT solution Class 11 Hindi Pathik is available at Vednatu’s official website. It is an important aspect of preparing Chapter 13 of Hindi as it contains a lot of important questions that come in the exams. All the exercise questions given at the end of Ch 13 Hindi poem Aroh Class 11 are solved for the students. Download CBSE NCERT solutions class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 13 poem pdf available below to score excellent marks in your exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 13 Poem Pathik part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How the Poet's Feeling was Expressed About Nature in the Poem?

Ans. In the poem 'Pathik', the poet vastly discusses the beauty of nature, and he just wants to stop the time as he keeps enjoying himself on the bank of the river. Here the poet is spellbound by the extremely beautiful site of nature. Here nature turns the poet more humane so that he imagines himself at the top of the cloud, and he wants to be seen by the beauty of the sky, and the blue sea beneath. In the whole poem, the poet was mesmerized, by the fragrance of the wind, the roar of the sea. The poet stated that there is no such similar happiness and he also advises his loved one to appreciate it.

2. What Type of Questions Come from this Poem in the Board Examination?

Ans. As the poem is all about the beauty of nature, descriptive types questions come in exams such as a summary of the poem, justification of the title, and the poet's analysis about nature describe nature's beauty briefly, etc. The summary has to read attentively to know the whole aspect of the poem perfectly as one reads carefully he will be able to solve a short type of question also.

3. Is Vendantu Suitable for all Kinds of Students?

Ans. Vendantu is favourable for all types of students. The students who usually find it difficult to understand any subject can also learn from the app easily. The solutions provided by the experts in the form of animated videos, solved answers included in the pdfs will clear all kinds of doubts  that you had for a long time. Sometimes, it is not possible for the particular teacher to clear all the doubts of all the students in the class or sometimes students are too shy to ask. So, the concept of the text remains complex to the students and they are unable to attempt those questions in the exam. For that reason, students are advised to attend the Vendantu live online classes and revise it repetitively, so they can easily solve it during the exam.

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