NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 Jamun ka ped

Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Aroh Chapter 8 Jamun ka ped

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 Jamun ka Ped prepared by our highly experienced faculty make the perfect study resource for acing Class 11th Hindi exams. These NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 make a systematic approach for students to learn this chapter. With these clear and concise NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi Jamun ka Ped Vedantu experts have strived to cover all the concepts covered in this chapter. When in doubt, students can also reach out to our experts and get their doubts cleared at the earliest.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 Jamun ka ped

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 – Free PDF Download

It is very beneficial for students if they have Jamun ka Ped Class 11 NCERT Solutions in handy for their revision. They can download the CBSE Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 Solutions PDF from Vedantu. It is an excellent means of a quick revision of the main points covered in this chapter. You can download these NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 8 PDF from Vedantu for free of cost. Once you download and go through the solutions, you will be able to answer all the questions given from this chapter. The downloaded solutions will help you to revise this chapter.

Chapter 8 – Jamun Ka Ped

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Chapter


Krishna Chandar Ji was born in 1914 and passed away in 1977. During his lifetime he has won many awards including the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award. Few of his popular work includes Eucalyptus ki daali (collection of stories), Sadak wapis jaati hai, Aasman Roshan hai, Hum vahashi hain, Meri yaadon ke kinare (novel), and bawan patte.

After Munshi Premchand, Krishna Chander is one of the most important Hindi authors who uplifted story-writing to new heights in this language. He was strongly related to the union of progressive writers which is evident in his writings. Krishna Chandar is one of the writers who made writing his means of living. 

He did his preliminary studies in Punj (Jammu and Kashmir), and for higher studies, he went to Lahore. Then he went to Punjab to pursue masters in English. Though he has written many novels, plays, and essays, he is primarily known for his story writing. One of the prime reasons for his fame is that he has earned a special place owing to his poetic romance and diversity of writing style. 

Jamun Ka Ped

Jamun ka ped is a famous comical satire by Krishna Chandar. For writing comedy and sarcasm, writers must bloat up incidents out of proportion. Hence, the incidents here might seem unbelievable and full of superlative words but do not be surprised with that. Being real and believable is not the criteria for judging such a style of writing. In the chapter presented here, you would laugh out loud at the ways government offices work which is termed as bureaucratic. The story also portrays the system to be emotionless and inhuman.

A big storm hit the city, and the big tree of Jamun (Indian blueberry or black plum) fell down on the lawn of the secretariat, and a man had got crushed beneath the tree. The gardener saw and told this to the peon, the peon went and told this to the clerk, the clerk went to the superintendent to recite this incident, and finally, everyone got to know of this mishap. All accumulated around the Jamun tree and lamented over its fall. They were bothered about how juicy the fruits of this tree were and how they would fill up their bags with the fruit for their whole family. No one was bothered or talking about the man who was lying under the tree. 

Some thoughtful young men thought of cutting the tree and taking out the man from there, but the superintendent says that this is under the jurisdiction of the agriculture department, and they can not cut the tree without their consent. This episode then reaches the agriculture department who hands it over to the horticulture section since that Indian blueberry tree was bearing a lot of fruits every year.

Amidst all this, it comes out that the man who is crushed under the tree is a poet. As this news spreads the matter reaches the cultural department. The man who was lying beneath the tree was writhing in pain and waiting for his fate to be decided by all these departments. 

The forest department was about to cut the tree when they received this information that the tree had been planted by the Prime Minister of Petunia ten years ago. The foreign department felt that if the tree was cut, then their relationship with Petunia would be endangered. When the Indian Prime Minister came back from his foreign tour, then he took up this matter in his own hands. Meanwhile, the man under the tree was losing his battle with life.

When the Prime Minister finally passed the order to cut the tree, it was too late, and the man crushed beneath the tree had died. A man lost his life because of the unemotional and cruel rules and regulations of the government system. 

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class Hindi Chapter 8

The Class 11 Hindi Aroh Ch 8 NCERT Solutions prepared by the team of subject experts at Vedantu will help students to understand the chapter in a comprehensive manner. The key features of these NCERT Solutions are as follows.

  • These detailed easy-to-understand solutions make a reliable study resource for your exam preparation.

  • The ch 8 Hindi Aroh class 11 solutions are available in PDF format on Vedantu. Students can download these NCERT Solutions for free. This makes it absolutely easy for students to revise the chapter even when they do not have an internet connection.

  • Our subject-matter experts prepared the Aroh class 11 chapter 8 solutions in-line with the CBSE curriculum. Therefore, these NCERT Solutions will help students to prepare for their exams more effectively.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. The man who was crushed beneath the tree was a poet, how did everyone get to know this, and what effect did it have on the whole episode?

In the night when the gardener was feeding the crushed man, he informs him that the matter has been escalated and it will be resolved by the next day. Upon hearing this, the crushed man recites a poem, and the gardener realizes he is a poet. The news was then told to all by the morning. This information delayed the matter further because his file was then sent to the cultural department for decision. This delay caused the man to die in the end.

2. Why did the agriculture department pass the file to the horticulture department for deciding on the tree being cut?

The agriculture department said that they were responsible for taking decisions concerning crops and farming. The Jamun tree was bearing fruit till the time it fell down. Hence it came under the jurisdiction of the horticulture department.

3. What are the achievements of the writer?

Including the Sahitya Academy Award, Krishna Chandra Ji has won many awards in his lifetime. He is one of the most renowned writers of Hindi Literature after Munshi Premchand. The subject matter experts at Vedantu have devised a complete study guide that includes the summary, revision notes, important questions, and NCERT solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh to all the exercises of the textbook.  The students can refer to the solutions in PDF format free of cost.

4. Why would you laugh out loud while reading this story?

The story portrays the government offices to function in an emotionless and sarcastic way. This is the reason why the people who are reading it out loud may laugh. The Vedantu Study guide offers the student a chance to score high in their exams by using the materials provided for free. The experts at Vedantu have provided the NCERT solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh to all the exercises chapter-wise. They can be downloaded for free from their official website (

5. Why was no one bothered about the man lying under the tree?

When a big storm hit the city, due to the falling of the big Indian Jamun tree, a man got stuck underneath it. A gardener recited this to the peon and the thread was passed on to the clerk and superintendent. No one was bothered about the man lying under the tree as they were only bothered about the juicy fruits that they could collect and enjoy with their whole family. 

6. Who is the man crushed under the tree?

The man who was crushed under the tree was a poet. This news reached the cultural department. He was in so much pain that he let the departments decide his further fate. As the tree was planted by the Prime Minister of Petunia about ten years ago, by the time the order was passed by him, the man under the tree met his fate and died. Detailed answers and a summary is provided on the official website of Vedantu (

7. What happened to the man lying under the tree?

Due to all the cruelty of the government offices that occurred due to the regulations of the system, the man crushed under the tree died.  As the tree was planted by the Prime Minister of Petunia about ten years ago, it took time for the orders to be passed by him and hence, the man under the tree met his fate and passed away.  The summary of the chapter and other perks are included in the Vedantu study guide. All the study material can be accessed from the vedantu app.

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