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NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Hindi Aroh

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh - Free PDF Download

Class 11 Hindi Aroh has 20 chapters based on masterpieces written by famous authors and poets. These chapters need the utmost attention from the students to prepare. For this, they will need the Class 11 Hindi Aroh question answer for all chapters compiled by the experts. These solutions have been designed by following the latest CBSE guidelines to aid students to score more in the exams. They can be used as a guide and revising material to study the chapters of Class 11 Hindi Aroh.

NCERT Board has 4 prescribed textbooks for Class 11 Hindi: Antra, Aroh, Antral, and Vitan. The four books are an array of prose and poetry that would greatly impact a student’s mind and improve the language. Aroh is one of the four books, with an incredible set of literary prose and poetry that has been accumulated for the students of class 11. This book consists of 20 chapters. Out of these 20, the first 10 are stories and prose while the remaining 10 are poems. Students would greatly benefit from reading this book diligently, as this book provides plenty of exposure to great literary pieces throughout its course. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh 

NCERT Solution for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapters - Free PDF Download

The table below includes the names of all the chapters covered in the NCERT Class 11 Hindi Aroh.

Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapters



Chapter 1 - Namak ka Daroga

Chapter 11 - Kabeer ke Pad

Chapter 2 - Miyan Nasirudden

Chapter 12 - Meera ke pad

Chapter 3 - Apu ke Saath Dhaai Saal

Chapter 13 - Pathik

Chapter 4 - Bidai Sambhasan

Chapter 14 - Weh Ankhe

Chapter 5 - Galta Loha

Chapter 15 - Ghar ki Yaad

Chapter 6 - Spiti me Baarish

Chapter 16 - Champa kale kale akshar nehi chinhati

Chapter 7 - Rajni

Chapter 17 - Gazal

Chapter 8 - Jamun ka per

Chapter 18 - Hey Bhukh! Mat machal, Hey mere juhi k phool jaise eshwar

Chapter 9 - Bharat maata

Chapter 19 - Sabse Khatarnak

Chapter 10 - Aatma ka taap

Chapter 20 - Aao milke bachaye

Each of these 20 chapters is equally important for the CBSE Class 11 Hindi Examination. To know in detail, students can visit the respective NCERT Solutions for each of the chapters that are given below.

Learning Hindi or even taking the Hindi exam can be a very enjoyable activity. However, the fun will only be there if students are familiar with the content of the subject. It is also important for students to possess the necessary required for tackling various sections of the exam like writing, grammar and unseen passage. If a student wants to be prepared, he or she must start practising questions months before the exam. Further, it is suggested that students should download the files containing Hindi Class 11 NCERT Solutions Aroh.

The major benefit of downloading CBSE Class 11 Hindi Aroh Solutions is that it would ensure uninterrupted learning. What we mean by this is that if a student faces any issues while solving questions, then he or she can simply refer to Aroh Class 11 PDF solutions.

To help in such situations students and enable them to score better marks, Vedantu’s NCERT Class 11 Hindi solutions can be used. These solutions include answers for every question and class 11 Hindi Aroh chapters’ summary, given in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. All of them have been formulated by professionals who have been in the field for a considerably long period. They follow the NCERT guidelines very closely, so students need not worry too much about it while reading. Every answer is thought of and drafted, making sure that all points are covered while following a systematic approach. 

NCERT Solution of Class 11 Hindi Aroh - Free PDF Download

Hindi is one of those subjects in which a student cannot score good marks if he or she fails to practice regularly. This is why if you are a student who has taken up Hindi as a subject in Class 11, you must download Class 11 Hindi Aroh solution PDF.

Downloading Aroh Class 11 Solutions will allow students to have a chance to practice questions and check whether the student has got the answers correctly or not. If the answer written by the student is incorrect or lacking in any respect, then the student should make notes of those points. This will prevent the student from making the same mistakes while taking the exam.

NCERT Solutions of Hindi Class 11 Aroh

Hindi Aroh Class 11

Hindi Aroh is a book that is recommended to Class 11 students who have taken up Hindi as a subject. In this book, students can find various class 11 Hindi Aroh chapters summary and unseen passages. This book falls under the literature section. This is why it is suggested that students should go over the stories or the chapters mentioned in the book a few times. This would allow the student to remember the plot of the stories and details about the characters that were introduced in the book. It is also a great idea to practice the questions mentioned in the exercise section of the book. This will help students in being better prepared for their upcoming exams.

Marks Weightage of Class 11th Hindi Aroh

The Hindi Aroh book includes various chapters and unseen passages. This makes this book a part of the literature section, which is for 44 marks. Apart from that, the skills that students will learn from this book will also help the students to solve other questions that would be a part of the Hindi final exam.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Aroh Class 11 PDF

What would students get from downloading Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions Aroh? If you have been wondering about the answer to this question, then you are in the right place. We have formulated a list of all the benefits that one can get from downloading the solutions PDF from Vedantu. The list is mentioned below.

  • All solutions are written by talented, experienced and qualified educators.

  • All solutions are written in a manner that is compliant with all the guidelines set by CBSE and in a way that would make it easier for students to memories the solutions.

  • The answers are included in a PDF document. This document can be downloaded easily by clicking on the link.

  • These solutions allow students to practice questions and get better marks in their examination.

  • All solutions are presented with a detailed explanation.

  • By regularly reading and solving all the questions and their answers from the solutions given by Vedantu, students will see a drastic change in their way of answering. This would leave a positive impact on the examiner, allowing students to score higher marks. Students can access these solutions without any tension of having to pay high prices as these are available free of cost. The solutions are also available offline in the form of a PDF. 

These benefits ensure that students can get better marks in their exams. Do you also wish to score better marks? If yes, then download the Vedantu app right now and open your arms to fun learning!

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antra

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Antral

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Vitan 

How Would Vedantu Study Material Help in becoming Better Learners?

We, at Vedantu, have set out on a journey to provide students with a learning experience that is both fun and rewarding. We actively encourage students to solve questions and refer to solution PDF files on our website to check their knowledge. We also suggest students join discussions and take part in live classes at Vedantu. This ensures that students have a clear knowledge of concepts and can understand the questions.

We also have some of the best teachers in the entire country. Our in-house teaching staff shares our dreams and visions. Further, the teachers at Vedantu are always ready to help out students with their queries at all hours of the day and all days of the week. All of these features make sure that students are able to score better marks and get the top positions of their class. If you wish to experience all these benefits, then go ahead and download the Vedantu app today.

With so many benefits for students, learning this language has never been simpler. So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to the website and start studying.

Importance of CBSE Class 11 Hindi Aroh Book Solution

The complete study material for Class 11 Hindi Aroh must contain the solutions to all the exercises given in the chapters. Students will need accurate answers to all the exercise questions to benefit their study sessions. This is where the solutions compiled by the Vedantu experts will be very useful.

These solutions will act as the perfect guide to finding the precise answers to fundamental questions. Students will be able to understand and study the context of all the chapters included in the syllabus. These solutions will aid in the development of Hindi comprehension skills too.

Students can also use these solutions as a perfect revision guide to follow and complete studying the chapters in an exam syllabus. The study sessions will become more productive and time efficient. Students will also learn how to focus on answering exam questions and use the exam time efficiently by practising answering using these solutions.

Benefits of Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi Aroh

  • The solutions can be used as a medium to find the easiest explanation of the context of all exercise questions. Hence, it will be ideal to add these solutions to the 11th Standard Hindi Aroh notes for better preparation.

  • Resolving doubts related to the chapter exercises will not be a hassle anymore when you have these solutions in your hands. You can refer to them whenever according to your study time and progress with the syllabus preparation.

  • Check the answering formats developed by the experts to answer the exercise questions. These formats will be the best technique to answer exam questions accurately and score more.

  • Understand the NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi Aroh Overview and use the simpler explanation of the questions as a tool to develop your concepts related to Class 11 Hindi Aroh chapters.

Download Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi Aroh PDF

Get the free PDF version of all the exercises included in this syllabus and complete your study material. Follow the solutions to prepare accurate answers and practice. This step will help you finish an exam syllabus faster and recall what you have studied in no time. Develop your answering skills and stay ahead of the competition.

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Hindi Aroh

1. Can Vedantu Help me Catch up with the Rest of the Students in my Class if I Have Missed Many Classes?

We, at Vedantu, believe that nothing is impossible for a student if he or she sets his or her mind. Since you have missed a lot of your classes, the best solution will be to join live learning sessions. You should solve NCERT questions and download the PDF of solutions from Vedantu. If you come across any doubt, then you can post those questions on the platform. One of the teaching experts will reply to you with the answer to the question as soon as possible.

2. I Have an Unreliable Internet Connection. Can I Still View the Solutions PDF?

The solutions are available in a PDF file that you can download on your device. The size of the PDF is small, so even if you have an unreliable internet connection, you would still be able to download the file.

3. How Many Marks will the Literature Section Grant?

The literature section is for a total of 44 marks in the final exam.

4. Where can I get Online NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh Part 1 for free?

You can get the Online NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh Part one for free on the Vedantu website and on the Vedantu app, along with the downloadable PDFs. You can either refer to these solutions online or download the PDF Solutions to refer offline, according to your convenience. At Vedantu you will find proper explanations for all the topics. These solutions are thoughtfully prepared by a group of experts and are presented in a very simple manner for easier understanding.

5. How do I download NCERT Class 11 Solutions for Hindi Core आरोह भाग 1 PDF?

If you want to download CBSE Class 11 NCERT Hindi Solutions for  Core आरोह भाग 1 PDF, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the page NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh.

  • The next page will contain a list of exercises. Find the one for which you want the

  • solutions and click on it.

  • It will redirect you to the next page where you will find the link to download.

6. Is Hindi Class 11 difficult?

Literature as a subject can come off as a bit difficult for a few students. In-depth knowledge and understanding need to be there to write proper answers and do well in the examination. Literature subjects usually have metaphorical meanings where the students need proper guidance to comprehend those. It is very easy to refer to Vedantu solutions and take the proper guidance for your examinations and learning both in online and offline mode for free.

7. Can I score full marks in Hindi?

If you constantly practise the NCERT Solutions, then you will understand the pattern of answer formation, also you will get to decode the tricks of impressing the examiners. Practice and regular reading will also give you an understanding of the CBSE question pattern and this will help you write and answer accordingly. This will make your answers perfect and there will be very scopes for examiners to deduct any marks.

8. Is it possible to complete the Hindi syllabus before the exam?

It is true that the Hindi language syllabus is a huge one and can become unmanageable at times. Students might find it difficult to cover all the topics in the syllabus before the examination and might panic. To avoid such situations one must keep practising the NCERT Solutions of Class 11 Hindi Aroh throughout the year and not keep anything pending. Apart from this, the students must crack the tactics for both smart and hard work with the help of Vedantu.